Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Lemurian Council discusses the significance of the Chinese DNA with the Lemurian Grid activation in the sacred journey to Peru in 2013. Join Pat Crosby, Mel Morishige and the Lemurian Council in this enlightening conversation.

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As our upcoming grid trip to Peru in 2013 comes closer and closer (after the clearings of 2012 winds down) during which we connect and activate the Lemurian grid with the crystalline and galactic grids, this new information on the  process and scope of this project and what happens to the humans involved was revealed yesterday in this new message from the Lemurian Council.

This short audio also discusses how the Lemurian grid is composed of interweaving flower of life patterns. 

Also discussed is the significance of the Cosmic Cross at the center of the grid for dissolving dimensional membranes ~ further making multi-dimensional consciousness more widely available on our planet. 

Additional information is given about the role of the DNA of grid trip participants in activating the grid, downloading the grid, and receiving energetics back from the grid in this co-creative process of activating a cosmic grid into the new earth matrix as the The New Dream begins in 2013.

This discussion focuses on those carrying codes from Chinese DNA patterns. The information on the Lemurian Badge of Honor applies to everyone involved with the trip.

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