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Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Report of Energetic Movements of 9-9-9. Reshel Light Grid group through Pat Crosby

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Report of Energetic Movements of 9-9-9  aka 09-09-09

The Reshel Light Grid Group through Pat Crosby



WE greet you in new watersheds of light.

For today was indeed a watershed day.  So many golden-hearted souls gathered together in a symphony of ecstatic joy, ecstatic envisioning of the vision of manifesting a renewed golden future for all of man and womankind.  

Many of our beloved earth brothers and sisters brought forth and combined their highestthoughtforms and prayers for a renewal of the life-giving energy of sanity, tolerance, and perseverance for the common good and the common upliftment of all of your species.

This is indeed a remarkable achievement.  And a new benchmark on your planet for the fulfillment of unending dreams that have been gifted onto your planet from many great souls from many great dimensions.

Humanity - those who have the awakened ears and awakened love consciousness - excelled in sending forth their waves of love and their waves of enlightened thought forms to make your world a better place.

As the heavenly regions opened their flood gate and a torrent of golden light rushed onto your planet, the lightworkers opened themselves up to receive this divine flow of abundance and circulate it through the energetic grid system of your planet.

Our participation from the higher etheric realms connected these grid lines with the higher frequency bands and dimensions.

Similar to a team of electricians wiring up a house and a neighborhood, we were all collectively wiring up our section of the universe to a higher frequency broadcasting station. 

And, of course, those of you who study these galactic spiritual matters, do understand quite well by now that we are indeed all connected through the gossamer galactic strands of light - the great web of love spun by the grandmothers - as your indigenous like to speak.  These strands of light are pure gossamer strands of energy - a syntax of mind (intention) with matter.

Yea, they speak in truth.  For their vision is purified, and they see accurately.  AccuGalacticVision they have.  Those of you who have awakened spiritual eyesight can also see these beautiful grids of light that are spun forth from your minds during these cosmic event marker days... such as this one called 9-9-9- in your reckoning systems.

Just as two or three gathered together in the great Name have greater force than two or three separate individuals, so it is that your collective intentions magnify the intent by geometrical expansion.  

One man and one separate women remain one and one.

Put the one man together WITH the one woman and the potentiality of new life can now manifest.... with unlimited chains of unfolding life forms manifesting.

So it is with collective intentions - such as are created on these days of conscious group cooperation to collect and magnify streams of divinely inspired energy escalations.  

More and more of you are working consciously with those of us who are also intimately connected with your earth system - even though we do not currently possess earth bodies.  Yet our consciousness and our well wishes are for the betterment of the earth and the upliftment of the earth humanity consciousness.

Thus we report to you  embodied ones our vision today of a new reception of the unending waves of central core energy from source that were pounding and pulsating your planet today... just as waves of the incoming tide will pound and pulsate on the beaches of your world.

We note with pride the communications sent forth into the human group conscious communication today the message of cleansing your planetary consciousness about money and the spiritual use and understanding of this exchange system.

We note with pride that your leader Mr. Obama chose this day to address the great nation - and hence the world - on the re-arrangement of the gifts onto your planet and its people that all may be treated equitably and fairly - in particular his speech before Congress on the utilization of the money resources of your society for the implementation of health care for all citizens of that great nation.

We watch and observe your energy bodies swell up and then stretch as they hold new quanta of light within the confines of your physical systems.

It is a day of great achievements, great attainments, and great new thresholds of light manifesting in form attained.

We salute you, Dearest Earth Hearts - those of you formed of clay and matter and divine spirit, and hold you in our highest respect, esteem, love, and admiration.

We remain close at your side to help, assist, and inspire you on your collective march towards greater and greater enlightenment.

Please continue to call on us.  We remain in delighted service to this earth project of enlightenment.

We are,

Your Friends in Light,

The Reshel Grid Team.


Reshel is the feminine aspect of Lord Metatron, that sees that the creation is done in Love.

Message delivered through Pat Crosby on the conclusion of  9-9-9 


 John Wesley Powell, scientist geographer, put it best when he said that a watershed is:
"that area of land, a bounded hydrologic system, within which all living things are inextricably linked by their common water course and where, as humans settled, simple logic demanded that they become part of a community."


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09-090-9 Grid Cleansing & Empowering Today... Cleanse the Money ... Emerald Activation with Tyb

Dear Morning Message Community       Sept. 8, 2009

These are exciting times and we have the wonderful opportunity to truly make a difference. The date 09-09-09 offers a gift, a portal, an activation and transmission of cosmic consciousness. We the collective have the opportunity to partner with the celestial realms to focus our awareness and intention for the highest and the best to unfold in our own lives and in the lives of others. This is a day to claim and own our power. To engage our magnificent heart chalice as well as our awareness to anchor and focus this energy       for the good of all. 

This offering to "Cleanse the Currency" is only one of the many group intentions taking place around the world. My gratitude and deep love to each of you, blessings, Peggy

Below is the entire invitation, all information about the free telecasts and the Prayer to Cleanse the Currency.  Please join with me and the "team" on the telecasts if possible or in the sacred space of your heart as we do this service together.

Cleanse the Currency on 09-09-09

I am Peggy Black and this is a Call to Action, I invite you to participate, as we set a powerful intention to energetically clean all the currency and money. Together we will shift, heal and transform the matrix of the monetary system. Please network this invitation everywhere.

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Live Wednesday, September 9, 2009 8:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time Call in phone number for live Freedawn Radio, (347) 308 - 8137 or listen to us on the web at:  also has info of audio broadcast

Live audio broadcast with Peggy on 09-09-09 Hosted by 

We live in a sea of vibrations, everything and everyone is frequency. We are becoming aware of our true power to influence the quantum field with our words, emotions and intentions. This truth is especially powerful when we join together as a conscious collective with one common goal and one focused intention for global change.
Imagine that all currency/money carries a frequency and vibrational contamination of lack, scarcity, fear, and greed that is energetically attached to the money that we receive and use each day. 

Think of all the places this money has traveled and all the individuals who have touched this currency leaving an energetic trace of their emotional state and beliefs. Be very aware that you bring this contaminated energy into your wallets and your life. You have the opportunity to use your power of intention to energetically clean and clear all the money that comes into your life with every monetary transaction.

Together on 09-09-09 I invite you to go to your bank or financial institution, or in the sacred space of your mind/heart and with earnest intention offer this service to the quantum field. Envision yourself connected to Divine Source, the money matrix and all others doing this sacred service. When at the bank or in your imagination invite Angels, Archangels, Masters and Celestial Beings to assist in this process of clearing the currency/money of all energetic discordance, so that the currency/money now goes out blessing everyone and everything it touches. Imagine the shift in the monetary system when you join with other conscious, enlightened beings offering this transforming service to humanity in a 24-hour period.

This service of cleaning/clearing the currency can be done anytime and any place as often as possible. As you hold money in your hand and envision its connection to the entire matrix, energetically clean it and bless it with gratitude. Do this service each day. This transforming process include all aspects of your personal financial matrix, the money you earn, spend, save, and the money you owe. Be creative with your magnificence and power as to how you cleanse the currency and your financial matrix. Together we will create a world of shared abundance.

Prayer to Cleanse the Currency  

I call upon the beloved I AM, the All That Is the Divine Source, Angels, Archangels and the Celestial Realms of Love and Light to support and assist this process.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with others as we unite to transform the matrix of our financial reality as we cleanse and clear all currency of any energetic discordance.

With clear intention I envision the currency and money being energetically cleansed. I envision this currency now going out blessing everyone and everything it touches. 

I envision the power of the Pure White Light and the Violet Flame of Transmutation, moving through all banks and financial institutions uplifting and cleansing the entire monetary reality of the world. With this action of sacred service I join with others to transmute anything unlike the highest and the best financial well-being for all.

I allow this transforming process to include all aspects of my personal financial reality, the money that I earn, spend, save and the money I owe. All my financial beliefs and transactions are blessed and uplifted. 

It is with gratitude that I now accept the Divine blessings of abundance of in my life and in the lives of the global family. Abundance of prosperity, health, peace, joy and financial grace I now accept for myself and all humanity.   So Be It and So it is

Peggy Black and
The "We Are Here" Team of Morning Messages
You may make copies of this prayer and distribute. Please make no changes and credit the source.
Blessings to you, Peggy
Transducer, Scribe and Witness
Share freely, pass this site on to others, and
stay in your joy, gratitude, and appreciation.

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