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Friday, December 31, 2010

2 Light-increasing Gifts ~ Download of NEW "little Book of ForGIVEness", Dr Eugene Callender audio

Dear Earth Grid Masters,

As the earth frequency increases, we work to enlighten our own personal grid and increase our capacity to hold and transmit light and the increasing frequencies and vibrations.

Here are 2 holiday gifts to celebrate this Holiday Season of Light and help raise your vibration.

1.  Enjoy this inspirational gift of ForGIVEness to help restore you to a place of harmony, peace, and happiness within yourself.

This is the NEW 3RD EDITION ~ Sneak Preview!

"The little Book of ForGIVEness" by Pat Crosby and the Angels of ForGIVEness

2.  Audio Interview Download

A ForGiveness Message from Dr. Eugene Callender

 - friend of Martin Luther King ~ Eugene helps Alex Haley publish roots ~ forgiveness freed him to express his love ~on 5 US Presidential commissions, many honors.

Eugene has raised a lot of frequency on this planet - as you will hear in this profound discussion.




Sunday, December 12, 2010

Portal and grid news updates and links

Gaia (Pepper Lewis)  and Kryon (Lee Carol) in this duo audio channel describe what happens when we walk the earth crystalline grid, our parents as true lightworkers, species come and go, more...

75 hours of (f) ree Kryon channels here


Barbara Hand Clow - a Mayan and cosmic perspective on world events - through analysis of the astrological star grids interaction with planet earth and your own unique grids.

Barbara does not seem to have an email list - so you may want to bookmark her site and check in regularly if you like her perspectives.


Our 8 month chakra clearing online course is going extremely well.  People are clearing massive core soul wounds and issues.

To be notified of the next series opening start up date, enter your email at

You can read a few messages from people taking the email class and what is happening to them from their involvement here...


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 Restore your heart structure sacred geometry with the Elohim Angels thru the sacred portal of Lake Titicaca, Peru with this gift audio meditation from the portal and Elohim


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Happy Light Filled Holy-Days!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Birth of a New Humanity. Earth Grids, Consciousness Grids, Pyramid Technology 3rd and 4th Dimensions... much more...

From Sedona, Arizona

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Birth of a New Humanity from Ritchy Niburu on Vimeo.


Tools for Your Ascension Journey

Forgiveness - Energetic Cleansing Assist from the Galactic Portal of Lake Titicaca in Peru.  Simple yet Profound

Unblocking the Inner Sacred Pathway of Knowledge and Light - with Archangel Michael

Essential Oils for Multi-dimensional Support, Clearing, and Empowerment

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2012 Event Horizon: (2) Prophecies and Science - Earth Grid, Pyramid Power, Forgiveness, The Golden Age

 by David Wilcock

This is ONE of FOUR videos - you can see them all on YouTube next to this video.

In this video,  David Wilcock explains why forgiveness is essential to the planetary grid - among many many other topics.

This explains for me another reason why the guides of the Lake Titicaca Portal in Peru insisted to me on my vision quest there that forgiveness is the most needed energy on the planet right now.


You can access the light encoded forgiveness meditation from Peru, as well as read about the two sacred journeys there  - linked from this page


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Monday, September 27, 2010

CLASS ONE: The ROOT RED CHAKRA - Healing, Balancing, Ascending. Bring peace, joy, abundance and divine harmoney into your daily life and relationships. Pat Crosby

CLASS ONE:  The ROOT RED CHAKRA - Healing, Balancing, Ascending.  Bring peace, joy,  abundance and divine harmony into your daily life and relationships.

First class in a series of 8 classes - each one focusing on a chakra (energy center) in the human energy system.

chakras - 2 people facing.jpg
This class is an interactive application and self study course to help you really understand how and why the chakras - or human energy centers - are so important in daily life.

You can attend live by telecast and/or by audio replay.

Each registrant will receive an audio replay, email reminders of the chakra empowerment exercises for the month, plus subsidiary support resources.

Each of the 8 classes will focus on one of these chakras.

You will come to understand what the human energy centers or chakras are, why they are important, and how to clean them up and balance them so your life and health can proceed much more smoothly with increasing  abundance and prosperity as energetic blocks are dissolved.

The energy of the course will actually help heal deep-seated issued and assist you in moving forward in many aspects of your daily life and relationships.

Here are some symptoms of non-balance in the 1st root Red chakra, located near the base of the spine.

Do you feel tired, lack, negativity towards others, hateful feelings?  Are you impatient?  Feel alone?  Spacey? Ungrounded?

Balancing this root red chakra can lead to increasing feelings of strength and being in truth.  You can feel powerful in thought, action, and deeds.  You develop strong self discipline.  Abundance and security come naturally to you.  You learn to live in integrity, truth to your own self.

Are you tired of feeling dragged around by unseen unknown forces?  
The energies of the root chakra effect all these areas.  And more.  

In the 1st class on the Root Chakra, we will be seeing how the positives and negatives of our fathers and mothers, and mates effect us in our daily life.

We will see what patterns we learned in childhood and see what themes play over and over and over again in our lives.  

Who has tried to control you?  When have you given away your power?  Do you do nothing because you fear failing?  Do you blame others?  Do you hide out?  Dumb down?  Hide your true skills and success potential? Limit your possibilities?  Let fear rule your life?

Do you use illness to get things from other - unconsciously?  Do you see others using illness to get things from others?  Or controlling them?

What beliefs keep you limited?

Where is the red energy of fear and lack stuck in your body?

What do your relationships show you about your issues?  What are your power struggles?  Do you manipulate others? Do you manipulate?

Who do you resent?  Why?

What triggers depression?

When are you able to be in win-win in relationships?

Do you have fear of survival?  Scarcity?  Loosing things?  Loosing everything? Crashing with the economy?  Loosing your home?

In CLASS ONE on the red root chakra we will examine these issues.  You will have the opportunity to examine and record your own issues and those of your relationships.

Through guided work on the root red chakra, you can experience the healing and balancing of restoring the pristine energetic balance here.

This program is overlighted by Archangel Michael, the Angels of Forgiveness,  plus your own spirit guides, masters and angels.

We will do a guided meditation with the Angels of Forgiveness, and you will receive a free ebook version of the forgiveness booklet with a simple, powerful, and effective forgiveness meditation that you can use anytime.  

First class is LIVE TELECONFERENCE on TuesdayA Sept 28, 2010
7:30 - 9:30 PM Eastern time.


Audio Replays will be emailed after each class for review and further study.  These 8 audios will be a timeless assist on your journey to joy, peace, and happiness in everyday life and success in all your relationships.
To help you master your human energy system,  you will receive an online form to fill out (voluntary) for each class recording your answers - so you can track your progress and see where you have come from and where you progressing, and which areas of your life are ripe for uplifting now.

Our class will be uplifting and energizing - as older heavy energies are brought into the light and transmuted into the higher frequencies of love and happiness.

This is a transformative energetic healing class.  Your participation and interaction with the exercises will move you forward through many stuck places and issues in your life.

Email support is also included between classes.

You will receive short email reminders to keep you ontrack and focused on the ongoing focus of each chakra for each month.


The class will also have guided meditations for healing and energizing the red root chakra, and releasing through forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the letting go of old energies that no longer serve you.


Learn more at

You may enroll now, and receive the audio recordings of the previous classes to use them when and as you need them.

These recordings will be timeless assists to help you balance your life and live more smoothly.

Those needing a sliding scale, or using a donation system or payment system due to a financial condition may make a donation on the donation box at

Bio of Class Teacher Pat Crosby


RecommendedTextbook is
"Scripting Your Destiny" by Ronna Herman
Available at

Please forward this invitation to others you think might be interested in this type of learning.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Message and Offering of Comfort, Support and Grace during the coming Great Shift Eye of the Needle through the guidance of Archangel Michael with Pat Crosby.

A Message and Offering of Comfort, Support and Grace during the coming
 Great Shift Eye of the Needle
 through the guidance of Archangel Michael with Pat Crosby.

Angel - Golden - holding torch.jpg

Dear Ones,

YES!  The Great Shift is here.  We feel it.  We are aghast at the changes ~ wild, raw, magnificent, awe-inspiring.  


The forces of Mother Nature and Gaia reshape the earth in front of our eyes.  We watch in fascination and some horror on the news headlines every day at how fast the shift is changing things.

Our human systems tremble in anticipation, and in aligning to the new magnetics and connections of new dots on the great cosmic plan.

Crop circles install new energetic patterns into our planetary matrix... our psyches and energetics are effected.

Our soul delights in the ever increasing light and frequency.  Our soul missions are coming into fulfillment.

And our bodies, minds and emotions go through various kinds of crashes.  Rather they experience physical traumas, purging of old energies, scars, wounds, and ailments, mental exhaustion and fatigue, emotional turmoil and upheavals as the hurricane of change and the underground volcanoes rip  through our life.

It is the compassion of our great friends of light that we are offered assistance to hold hands and receive personalized comfort and support during this upcoming passage through The Great Shift Eye of the Needle.  All that is not of high frequency is being squeezed from us as we are re-shaped and re-configured to exist in higher light frequencies and vibrations.

Pat Crosby is offering an 8 session personalized series of hand holdings with guides Archangel Michael, Reshel (the feminine aspect of Lord Metatron who sees that all is created in Love), the Elohim Spirits of the Lake Titicaca Peru portal, plus your own spirit guides and angels to support, assist, comfort and help you internalize the rapid shifting changes, make sense of them, bring comfort to your mind in understanding the changes.  The light being friends will be answering questions, and explaining the changes in human terms.   They will be weaving new energetics into your system as is beneficial for you at each stage of your journey.

There will be structured journaling, record keeping, email support, plus one personal consult included during the 8 month of tele-classes.  The group is small, and interactive, with plenty of time for questions, and personal directive messages to guide you through this upcoming intense period of rapid change.

Each registrant will also receive an emailed copy of the channeled booklet direct from the sacred portal of Lake Titicaca, Peru on how to release and let go with the grace of the Elohim Angels of Forgiveness for personal study and reflection and aid in discharging the hurts and bundles of the past.

The content of the classes is inspired and channeled by our spirit guides and archangels present at each session.  Each class will also include a unique channeled guided meditation specific to each step through our passage way.

You can attend the teleclasses live or receive the MP3 replays of each class.  All who register will receive the audio replay of each class.  So you can participate even if you cannot attend the session live.

All participants will receive light flow energetics from the spirit guides, masters, guardians and angels overlighting, directing, inspiring and empowering this series of support classes for the next 8 months as we navigate the choppy waters of the Shift ahead.

Register and get more information at

Sliding scale is available for those in need.  No dedicated lightworker is turned away for lack of funds.

Topics include - but are not limited to:

1.  How the shift is playing out in your personal life - family, relationships, health, jobs, moving, etc. ~ Learning to rebalance energetically and vibrationally after each power surge.

2.  How your psyche and emotional balance are being effected by the changes underway in the shift.

3.  How to tell if you are going crazy - or shifting!

4.  Monitoring your health and physical balance.

5.  Learning to receive and understand messages from your dreams, meditations, and quiet walks.

6.  Personal empowerment meditations channeled directly from the guides during each session.

7.  How to balance and rebalance your energy during each jolt of the shift.

8.  Coping with things falling away.

9.  Decluttering and erasing chaos to make room for the new good coming into your life.

10.  Problems, challenges and ways of letting go of the past - that which was and is no more.

11.  Owning your full soul power to navigate the shift and your role in the shift.  Your soul mission.

12.  Empowerment to find your own answers, remove blocks, and communicate with beings of higher frequencies to receive your own guidance, inspiration, and good luck.

These comfort and support session are under the guidance and overlighting of Archangel Michael.  They allow us to go in depth into the teachings and channellings being offered by Ronna Herman and Archangel Michael during this same 8 month time period of the coming Great Shift Eye of the Needle passage.

Is this  Support and Comfort Series  for you?
Please contact Pat directly for a no-cost discussion of the rightness for you.

Follow the nudging of your soul if this is right for you.


Live teleclasses held on Tuesday evenings, 7:30 to approximately 9:30 PM Eastern Time (New York).  Replays available for each class if you cannot attend the class live.  There is also individual email support for each registrant between teleclasses included in your registration.

Series begins Sept 28, 2010 - for 8 months - usually on the last Tuesday of each month.  

Please join us 

I Hold YOU In the Creator's Light 
Pat Crosby


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Healing Meditation Today - Archangel Michael Sept 18, 2PM Eastern

Special free monthly webcast with Archangel Michael and Ronna Herman. Sat 9-18 2:00 Eastern. Powerful enlightening meditations.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fractals, Realities, Dimensional Walls.... + Cool Mind-Expanding Video on Civilizations

Inexplicable Superconductor Fractals Hint at Higher Universal Laws

What seemed to be flaws in the structure of a mystery metal may have given physicists a glimpse into as-yet-undiscovered laws of the universe.
The qualities of a high-temperature superconductor — a compound in which electrons obey the spooky laws of quantum physics, and flow in perfect synchrony, without friction — appear linked to the fractal arrangements of seemingly random oxygen atoms.
Those atoms weren’t thought to matter, especially not in relation to the behavior of individual electrons, which exist at a scale thousands of times smaller. The findings, published Aug. 12 in Nature, are a physics equivalent of discovering a link between two utterly separate dimensions.
“We don’t know the theory for this,” said physicist Antonio Bianconi of Rome’s Sapienza University. “We just make the experimental observation that the two worlds seem to interfere.”
Unlike semiconductors, the metals on which modern electronics rely, superconductors allow electrons to pass through without resistance. Rather than bouncing haphazardly, the electrons’ movements are perfectly synchronized. They flow like a fluid, but without viscosity.
For most of the 20th century, this was possible only in certain extremely pure metals at temperatures approaching absolute zero, cold enough to quench all motion but that of quantum particles, which interact with each other in ways that defy the classic laws of space and time.
Then, in the mid-1980s, physicists Karl Muller and Johannes Bednorz discovered a class of ceramic compounds in which superconductivity was possible at much higher temperatures. The temperatures were still hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit below zero, but it wasn’t even thought possible.
Muller and Bednorz soon won a Nobel Prize, but subsequent decades and thousands of researchers have not yielded a theory of high-temperature superconductivity. “High temperatures should destroy the quantum phenomenon,” said Bianconi, who decided to investigate another odd property of these materials: They’re not quite regular. Oxygen atoms roam inside, and assume random positions as they freeze.
“Everyone was looking at these materials as ordered and homogeneous,” said Bianconi. That is not the case — but neither, he found, was the position of oxygen atoms truly random. Instead, they assumed complex geometries, possessing a fractal form: A small part of the pattern resembles a larger part, which in turn resembles a larger part, and so on.
“Such fractals are ubiquitous elsewhere in nature,” wrote Leiden University theoretical physicist Jan Zaanen in an accompanying commentary, but “it comes as a complete surprise that crystal defects can accomplish this feat.”
If what Zaanen described as “surprisingly beautiful” patterns were all Bianconi found, the results would have been striking enough. But they appear to have a function.
In Bianconi’s samples, larger fractals correlated with higher superconductivity temperatures. When the fractal disappeared at a distance of 180 micrometers, superconductivity appeared at 32 degrees Kelvin. When it vanished at 400 micrometers, conductivity went quantum at 42 degrees Kelvin.
At -384 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s still plenty cold, but it’s heading towards the truly high-temperature superconductivity that Bianconi describes as “the dream” of his field, making possible miniature supercomputers that run at everyday temperatures.
However, while the arrangement of oxygen atoms appears to influence the quantum behaviors of electrons, neither Bianconi nor Zaanen have any idea how that could be. That fractal arrangements are seen in so many other systems — from leaf patterns to stock market fluctuations to the frequency of earthquakes — suggests some sort of common underlying laws, but these remain speculative.
According to Zaanen, the closest mathematical description of superconductive behavior comes from something called “Anti de Sitter space / Conformal Field Theory correspondence,” a subset of string theory that attempts to describe the physics of black holes.
That’s a dramatic connection. But as Zaanen wrote, “This fractal defect structure is astonishing, and there is nothing in the textbooks even hinting at an explanation.”
Image: At left, the organization of oxygen atoms (blue dots) within the superconducting metal; at right, measurements of superconductivity temperature according to the distance (x- and y-axes) at which fractal organization was still evident./Nature.
See Also:
Citations: “Scale-free structural organization of oxygeninterstitials in La2CuO41+y.” By Michela Fratini, Nicola Poccia, Alessandro Ricci, Gaetano Campi, Manfred Burghammer, Gabriel Aeppli & Antonio Bianconi. Nature, Vol. 466 No. 7308, August 12, 2010.
“The benefit of fractal dirt.” By Jan Zaanen. Nature, Vol. 466 No. 7308, August 12, 2010.
Brandon Keim’s Twitter stream and reportorial outtakes; Wired Science on Twitter. Brandon is currently working on a book about ecological tipping points.

  • Posted by: JTumbo | 08/11/10 | 1:29 pm |
    “When the fractal disappeared at a distance of 180 micrometers, superconductivity appeared at 32 degrees Kelvin. When it vanished at 400 micrometers, conductivity went quantum at 42 degrees Kelvin.”
    When expressing a temperature in Kelvin, the word “degrees” should not be used. “…at 42 Kelvin.”
  • Posted by: morselli | 08/11/10 | 2:12 pm |
    Anti de Sitter space!?! DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!
  • Posted by: Chad_Is_Rad | 08/11/10 | 2:29 pm |
    “That fractal arrangements are seen in so many other systems — from leaf patterns to stock market fluctuations to the frequency of earthquakes — suggests some sort of common underlying laws”
    – Very interesting! Is it just me, or does it sometimes feel we truly are just computer simulations? I’m a science enthusiast, not a scientist. And, I’m an atheist (not that it really matters). I only mention that because this comment would involve a “higher” power in that it would require a “coder/creator” …. although I wouldn’t put this being on a supernatural level, as that assumption is not needed. After reading the above, quoted phrase … I couldn’t help but think of the “Through the Wormhole” episode I watched a few weeks back. There was a scientist who truly believed we were all living in a simulation. One of his more intriguing points was how if we think about how everything in our universe breaks down into smaller and smaller particles if you keep looking closer and closer (similar to digital pixels.) Again, as an atheist, I’m often quite bored with the creation myths put forth by it’s followers. But, I must say that the “computer simulation” idea was the first one that made me ponder … maybe there is something beyond our notions of the natural. — Thoughts?
  • Posted by: technophile | 08/11/10 | 2:41 pm |
    chad, everything breaking down into smaller and smaller particles seems to me to be a refutation of the idea that we’re in a simulation. At some point we would reach the fundamental unit of computation and find that we can’t go any smaller.
    I think it is much more plausible that reality is just a fractal. Think about it: from a very simple mathematical function we can get all the complexity of the mandelbrot set, with fractal patterns repeated at every scale from the largest to the tiniest you care to look for. We observe the same thing in reality in the patterns, the elements, the chemicals, and the behaviours of materials and people. At the same time while we see an infinite variations on the basic pattern, the types of things we can experience are limited by the nature of the fractal.
    And, most importantly, a mathematical fractal exists without the necessity of having a man or god create it. It is a consequence of pure logic.
    If our reality is a mathematical fractal, then it shares those features.
  • Posted by: BigTuna | 08/11/10 | 3:03 pm |
    @Chad: I first heard of that theory about 8 years ago and it immediately struck a chord with me, being of similar mind and a computer programmer to boot. The popularity of games like Second Life and the Sims lead me to believe that it’s entirely possible that we’re an advanced simulation written by people who themselves could be a simulation, and so on.
    @technophile: I don’t see that as a refutation at all, as we’re perhaps on the brink of discovering that strings *are* the fundamental computational unit. If the theory holds true, the same energy construct can represent any of the subatomic particles simply by vibrating at a different frequency. Perhaps your fractal theory and the simulation theory are not as far apart as they first appear to be.
  • Posted by: Chad_Is_Rad | 08/11/10 | 3:05 pm |
    But wouldn’t existing within a fractal only put us in an infinite regression of explaining which part of it we experience, what’s outside the limits of our perception and how that relates to our known universe? Is this a theory that’s being explored? Another point the scientist made (one I glossed over because I didn’t quite get it) was that he showed how some of our interactions with matter will fluctuate based on how we are perceiving it. He did an experiment (much beyond my comprehension) but again brought in a basic analogy that it correlated with how we experience certain environments in a video game. Sometimes the backgrounds will render funny, slowly, or at different perspective points … much like the observation in his experiment. I think I’m butchering it, but I would try and google the episode if interested. It was quite fascinating and a perspective that I’ve never heard put forth before.
  • Posted by: Alimas | 08/11/10 | 3:06 pm |
    A fractal is exactly what our reality is.
    I can’t believe I never thought to describe it in that way, but that’s a perfect description.
    Thank you for that.
  • Posted by: thousandsun | 08/11/10 | 3:58 pm |
    Fun Fact: Almost all of the elements on the periodic table become superconducting when cooled to a sufficiently low enough temperature. Three elements which don’t become superconducting are copper, silver and gold which is interesting since they are some of the most conductive elements on the table.
  • Posted by: future2day | 08/11/10 | 5:01 pm |
    Stephen Wolfram, PhD, would be proud.
  • Posted by: technophile | 08/11/10 | 5:13 pm |
    Being an egotistical maniac, Stephen Wolfram, PhD, is already proud.
  • Posted by: rfrancis1980 | 08/11/10 | 5:25 pm |
    Fractals, schmactals. I bet graphene turns out to be the highest high temperature superconductor discovered when it’s all said and done and graphene is only a single layer of carbon atoms.
  • Posted by: curio50 | 08/11/10 | 5:25 pm |
    morselli – “don’t make me laugh?” I’m curious, would you mind elaborating?
  • Posted by: Someguywithakeyboard | 08/11/10 | 5:54 pm |
    I think I need to go read a story about Lindsay lohan so I can feel smart again.
  • Posted by: eddlemsg | 08/11/10 | 6:19 pm |
    Chad are you sure that you ought to be an atheist? If our universe exists as code within some super computer and we are running in a simulation then wouldn’t that mean the author of the code is our deity? I believe that the writer of the code would pretty much fill the definition of a supreme being and deity to us simulants, after all I guess the programmer could install a patch and remove you from the simulation. lol
  • Posted by: JohnStClair | 08/12/10 | 12:10 am |
    In the subspace tetrahedral manifold, where the tetrahedron is circumscribed by the sphere, the electron wavelength reflects off the sphere and returns as the electron mass. The electron then reflects off the dual Wheeler curvatures of space as well as the sphere, and returns as the proton mass which reflects off the sphere and returns as the proton wavelength. Thus the electron is the proton which makes the electric charge identical for each particle. Because the paths are in opposite directions, the electron and proton have opposite electric polarity. The reason we see two particles is that the single particle enters and leaves the Planck box in different locations. The Planck box is bounded by the Planck mass and the Planck wavelength. Here we are plotting the natural ln of mass against natural ln of wavelength. The swing has twice the radius of the rafter curvature in this diagram. So it is not surprising that the protons of the oxygen atoms are affecting the electrons because they are one and same particle. The diagram is interesting that a circle of proton wavelength, centered on the Planck mass at the base constant (h/c) is tangent to a line, at the Cabibbo angle of 12.7 degrees, that intersects the up quark mass at the down quark wavelength. Because Planck’s constant h is not a constant, it can be varied so that an object can go out of dimension, showing, as alluded to in the article, that there are hyperspace co-dimensions.
  • Posted by: fiction | 08/12/10 | 12:12 am |
    Awesome. Really exciting stuff. Now we just need to have a few other teams confirm this before we all blow our existential loads.
  • Posted by: motapilo | 08/12/10 | 8:07 am |
    If you want something that’s more real. How about that Asteroid with the size of Texas with a chance to hit earth on 2024?
  • Posted by: juliec | 08/12/10 | 10:01 am |
    Great story and great comments! I’ve always thought fractals are the physical representation of infinity – as it approaches zero (smaller than a quark) and as something that encompasses the Multiverse. It’s good to see that we have evidence of this phenomenon literally in our hands…and that it’s baffling our intelligentsia.
  • Posted by: Moonies | 08/12/10 | 2:18 pm |
    The universe…. a series of grooves…
  • Posted by: Mute_MonaRch | 08/12/10 | 4:30 pm |
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  • Posted by: zeroexcelcior | 08/12/10 | 7:23 pm |
    @ Chad and BigTuna
    Perhaps the computers we make are just another iteration of the fractal.

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