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Monday, December 17, 2012

12-21-12 Celebration, Channel and Ceremony in New York Catskill Mountains Sacred Portal

12-21-12 Celebration 
The closing of one great cycle of time ~ and the opening of a new cycle
The Great Shift of the Ages is Here
Come Celebrate!

12:00 noon ~ 9:00 PM


Celebrate on this day of inspiration and co-creation of the golden new reality ~ what the Mayans call 

The New Dream ~ Beginning in 2013

Join us as we bid adieu with great fondness for the past 26,000 year era and now extend our blessings, welcome and visions for the New Dream Beginning as we enter the galactic alignment.


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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Lemurian Council discusses the significance of the Chinese DNA with the Lemurian Grid activation in the sacred journey to Peru in 2013. Join Pat Crosby, Mel Morishige and the Lemurian Council in this enlightening conversation.

Read this post online at

As our upcoming grid trip to Peru in 2013 comes closer and closer (after the clearings of 2012 winds down) during which we connect and activate the Lemurian grid with the crystalline and galactic grids, this new information on the  process and scope of this project and what happens to the humans involved was revealed yesterday in this new message from the Lemurian Council.

This short audio also discusses how the Lemurian grid is composed of interweaving flower of life patterns. 

Also discussed is the significance of the Cosmic Cross at the center of the grid for dissolving dimensional membranes ~ further making multi-dimensional consciousness more widely available on our planet. 

Additional information is given about the role of the DNA of grid trip participants in activating the grid, downloading the grid, and receiving energetics back from the grid in this co-creative process of activating a cosmic grid into the new earth matrix as the The New Dream begins in 2013.

This discussion focuses on those carrying codes from Chinese DNA patterns. The information on the Lemurian Badge of Honor applies to everyone involved with the trip.

1421: The Year China Discovered America. Gavin Menzies

Evidence of Chinese oceanic voyages in 1421

The Ancient Americas: migrations, contacts, and Atlantis. David Pratt. 
Part 1:4 Transpacific Contacts

Exploring the Americas: 1400 - 1625
Overview of various European civilizations and their global explorations.

Gold and Silver: Spain and the New World
Spain and the Americas
Includes discussion of Chinese connections in Pacific

Old Worlds - New Worlds. 1400-1600
p 28: China's Glory


BLOG: Background and Understanding Resources

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ancient Lemuria Arises ~ Join Pat Crosby on "Healing Conversations"

The Resurfacing of the Lemurian Grid from the Ancient Continent and 
What it Means for us Today

Pat Crosby appears on Healing Conversations Fall Series 2012 on 
Tuesday, October 16, 2012
3pm Pacific / 4pm Mountain / 5pm Central / 6pm Eastern / 11pm GMT

FREE Registration for the entire fall series: 

Hello Everybody,

Here’s another wonderful opportunity to join together in UNITY and hear the latest from world-renowned new-paradigm thinkers, healers, authors and spiritual teachers. 

I've been invited to join 23 other speakers on Healing Conversations Fall Series 2012.  

My interview on Healing Conversations with Media Host Lauren Galey
is on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

  • 3 PM Pacific
  • 4 PM Mountain
  • 5 PM Central
  • 6 PM Eastern
  • 11 PM GMT

Some of things I’ll be talking about include: 
Ancient Lemuria, meeting Lemurians on Mt Shasta, how to create unconditional love and the magenta arc to heal relationships, the relationship between Hawaii~Peru~Lemuria, angel-gifted forgiveness as a tool to master living in higher vibration consciousness, are you a Lemurian “Olympic champion” returned among us today, the beginning of the Mayan prophesied New Dream beginning after the ending of 2012, the planetary and galactic importance of our New Dream Begins sacred journey to Peru in 2013 to anchor and activate the Lemurian grid (energy pattern) with the crystalline and galactic grids. 

Lauren is a wonderful host and interviewer and brings out the best information with her incisive and insightful questions. I also love her deep, calming, heart~full voice :) She is such a pleasure to listen to.

Register here

Your free registration will allow you to listen in to my interview plus others that are going to expand your consciousness, open your heart and give you some powerful tools and meditations and processes to help you make 2012 a powerful year of mastery!  

When you register for this event,  you’ll get an email reminding you of the show time and the link to join in the event.

Here is a note from Lauren Galey on what’s she’s put together for us this Fall Season. Her intention is to give you access to the most current information on this Shift of the Ages, which is really a shift in consciousness and a time to follow the compass of our hearts.


From Lauren Galey of Healing Conversations

Are you feeling the call to discover your soul intention – your reason for being here on Earth at this time?
Do you want to break free of limiting thoughts, behaviors and old baggage so you can manifest ANYTHING?  
Are you ready to ascend into a higher vibration and open your heart to unconditional love?
Would you like to learn about quantum physics and how you can heal yourself and others?

Then get ready to hear some amazing information from incredible speakers on

Healing Conversations Fall Series 2012.

On Tuesday, Oct 16, you'll hear many amazing things about the ancient continent of Lemuria, and why and how it's
energy is resurfacing now. A few highlights include:

  • How connecting with the rising Lemurian Grid (energy pattern) helps you with unconditional love
  • Learn how to use the Lemurian Magenta Arc to heal relationships
  • What the resurfacing of the Lemurian Grid has to do with the prophecies of 2012 and The New Beginning of 2013.

Speaker is Pat Crosby

We look forward to sharing this inspiring and life-changing information with you!

Lauren Galey
Media Host, Healing Conversations


So please TUNE  in F*R*E*E  to Healing Conversations and listen to some fascinating information you won’t find in the mainstream media:
Many Blessings and Much Love

PS. If you can’t join us live, we’ll be recording each event so you can listen to it online for a few days following each event! Make sure you sign up now to get all the reminders and information:


What’s Next ~ After the BIG Turnover of 2012
Travel with us to Peru and find out.

The New Dream ~ Begins in 2013
Learn About this Trip Here. You can go on Part 1 or both parts. 
Either registration gifts you with a chakra course valued at $275.

Trip Blog

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Call-In Talk Radio Show on the Grids Live Today. Replay available

Dear Light Grid Masters,

I'll be on internet radio Angel Heart Network tonight talking about the Peru, the Lemurian, crystalline, and galactic grids and the grid work we will be doing collectively on our 2013 sacred journey trip and how this project all arose from grid and portal work in Hawaii this past winter ~ and what this means for you, your life, and relationships as we go over the hill of 2012 and glide into the New Beginning of 2013.

This is a live call-in global broadcast with instant replay available on Blog Talk Radio. So have your questions ready.

Our host is in Australia, I am in New York, and people attend online from all over the planet ~ live and in replay. Please join us ~~~

7:00 PM Eastern time, New York

Replay will be available at this link.

 We will be doing healing, energy work, grid work ~ and having fun and laughter ~ during our sojourn together.

I hold YOU in the Creator's Beautiful Magenta and Gold Lemurian Light.


Pat Crosby


Grid Trip to Peru in February 2013


This trip is under the guidance of The Golden Spirit of Lemuria, The Lemurian Council, The Cosmic Council of Light,  Reshel (feminine aspect of Lord Metatron that sees all is created in unconditional love), AA Michael, Kirael, Elsar (Elvin guide through Reverend Mel Morishige of the Honolulu Church of Light) ~ and other beings of love and light.

Basic explanation of Lemurian Grid

The Mayans call 2013 "The New Dream"
 ~ Help us Co-Create a Planet in Forgiveness and Unconditional Love as we draw upon the cosmic archives of the Lemurian Grid and stream them into the planet in the New Beginning of 2013.

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Group organizers can contact us for special arrangements for any group that would like to join us live in Peru.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Mathematics of Sacred Sites and Grids - Video The Code, Carl Munck

Carl Munck - The CODE

"The Code is an ancient matrix system built up of monuments all across the globe. These monuments include megalithic stone works, pyramids, circular works, effigies, and ancient earth mound. Each structure is a point in a remarkable global matrix which explains a global positioning system involving the mathematical precisions of the Earth. In order to "read" this matrix one must first change the current Prime Meridian back to the pyramid fields at Giza. For longitude the ancient builders referenced their original Prime Meridian that ran from pole to pole marked by The Great Pyramid at Giza. Today it can be found at 31 degrees, 08 minutes, and 00.8 seconds to the east of our modern Greenwich Prime Meridian. For latitude, ancient monuments were referenced to the same equator that we use today.

Once we do this, properly, the monuments of the global matrix system become as the individual pages of an encyclopedia, beautifully preserved through numbers and maps. Batteries not included or required. The access key is curiosity."

Come to Peru February 2013 to work on the planetary grids

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Drunvalo Melchizedek on Dimensions and Grids - Radio Interview

Drunvalo Melchizedek -  The Mayan Ouroboros



Sacred Shift Journey to Peru ~ February 2013

What Will the World Be Like After 2012? 

Light Grid Masters ~ Please Join Us Connect the Lemurian, Crystalline, Planetary and Galactic Grids in Peru in 2013

The Real Energy of Machu Picchu

“The area you call Machu Picchu (which is your name, not the name given by those who built it) is a sweet energy. It is a womb-like and safe energy. It is beautiful and that is why so many are starting to come here. They are drawn to this new energy, for they knew it was coming. Old souls all over the planet want to feel it. They want to climb the rocks and celebrate it. This is a new earth. It is time for the wisdom that has always been here to be placed on that which is the Crystalline Grid of the planet and shared with all....There is an awakening here, and some of the shamanic Humans of the area are aware.”

                  ~ Kryon through Lee Carol

We will have a healing and crystal bowl, sound attunement and initiation ceremony with local shamans on our overnight at Machu Picchu.

Grid Workers Wanted ...

At the conclusion of this winter 2011-2012 Hawaiian sacred journey, the Lemurian Council asked Pat Crosby to partner with Reverend Mel Morishige and take a group to Peru to work with the connection of the Lemurian Grid energies to the galactic and cosmic energies connecting in Peru.

This is a trip of cosmic expansion, participation, seeing the most beautiful ancient sites in the world, travelling in good company and fellowship, opening and expanding your spiritual powers, knowledge and self-confidence under the tutelage of the best of human and spirit guides.  You are invited to participate with us on this trip of the ages.

Much will unfold as we traverse this sacred journey together.

Elvin Guide Elsar promises activations at the sacred sites.

The Lemurian Council promises a Lemurian Badge of Honor imprint on your light body for your human assistance on this galactic project ...

READ About This Trip HERE and REGISTER

SUPPORT For this trip HERE

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Thank You, Light Grid Masters! We Appreciate You  and ALL That You Do!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Resurrection of the Lemurian Grid ~ Lemurian Council through Pat Crosby

Direct link to this article

 "The grid design was quite pretty and attractive ~ curvy in a very feminine way.
Each row of the arc-ed lines added more complexity and power to the emerging grid.
When my hand stopped drawing the curvy arc lines in layers around the grid, my gaze shifted to the ocean. I could see the grid was now showing itself to extend out to the horizon line of the sea meeting the sky."

"The grid began to tilt out of the ocean at an angle. The tilt began several hundred yards off short. The center of this grid was underneath the land of Hawaii ~ inland from the beach."

~ Diary entry on the "Lemurian Grid Rising" by Pat Crosby 


Published in Sedona Journal, March 2013

Resurrection of the Lemurian Grid

The continent of Lemuria once covered the area of the now Pacific Ocean. Traces of the continent continue in California, Central and South American including Peru.

Lemuria, in Elohim Angelic Light Language, means: Created from the heart of God to carry streams of unconditional love into every aspect of created forms.

Dear Beloved Earth Beings,

We greet you in the name of universal and unconditional love. We ARE the collective of beings known as the Golden Spirits of Lemuria. Our assemblage includes the Golden Spirit of Lemuria, the Guardians of the Lemurian Grid including Archangel Metatron and Reshel (the feminine aspect of Metatronic energies), and those called to serve planet earth and her inhabitants during this foretold time of rapid change on your planetary grid systems. You may call us overall the Lemurian Council.

What Is A Grid?

You are very familiar with the concept of electrical grids. There is the raw unchanneled energy in the cosmos called electricity.  It is seen in your sky as lightning. In its raw form, it is not only untappable to you, but even catastrophic and deadly to most humans and animals that have direct contact with it.  It can fry you in a second ~ as the energy gap between it and your system is too immense.

An enlightened human master was able to devise a system and method of capturing this raw energy, and transducing it ~ or scaling it down to human usability and consumption levels. This Master Benjamin Franklin opened the doorway to stepping down this energy till today you can use an iota of this cosmic energy to make your toast in the morning in a little machine that sits on your counter top.

The system of wires, transformers, generators, plugs, outlets, etc, forms the Electrical Grid.  You can now use this grid to plug appliances in and out of it to get the power you need to perform specific tasks ~ such as reading this on your computer, cooking your dinner, washing your clothes, etc.

You can also unplug these appliances from the grid anytime ~ so the grid is a useful intentional invention that was created ~ and has evolved ~ to being of great service for the project of enlightening the physical plane of your planet earth.

Pause for a moment and think what a momentous and giant collective task to create an electrical grid has been for much of humanity in the past hundred years or so.

Also pause and reflect another moment as to what a difference having this grid in place means for humanity on a daily basis. Think what life is like without using this electrical grid, and how many hardships come to most people when they do not have access to this electrical grid. You see how many possibilities are extended to humanity because of the electrical grid which is newly in place.

You see pictures of poor people in poor countries having to carry buckets of water for miles because they do not have an electrical grid system in place to do the pumping and transporting of this basic human necessity ~ water.

You can see what powerful intervention has occurred for humanity by having an electrical grid in place.

Today we are seeing people modifying this concept of a big electrical grid, and making miniature grids serving their own property. They say they are “off the grid”. This means they are creating a mini-grid serving just their own needs ~ with a solar or other electricity generator connecting to their individual grid of converters, batteries, wiring, plugs, etc. We call this process a fractalizing of the electrical grid. Fractalizing the grids is a universal characteristic of grids.

Grids are also communication devices. Examples of communication grids in your world are telephone networks, radio networks, wifi networks, television networks. These are each a specific grid that operates with its own unique hardware, programs, purpose, intent, and methodology.

The energetic grids we are talking about in this channeling are also communication devices. Each grid is designed to flow information back and forth between various components in any intentional communication network ~ rather it be a continent, a planet, a galaxy, a project, etc.

How Many Grids Are There?

There are as many grids as there are manifesting intentions. Grids are created with a specific intention and function in mind.

For starters, the Creator created cosmic grids that carry the intention to manifest the creation.

Interlaced and interwoven with a grand cosmic grid are various function-specific intentional grids.

There are, for examples, galactic grids ~ that outline the form and flow of each of the multitude of galaxies. Within each galactic grid are other grids that define and specify different functions and purposes.

Each star has its own solar system grid. Each planet has its own unique grid. You are familiar with the Gaia Grid. Each grid has its own consciousness and connections.

To make this clearer for human mental intelligence, we offer the example of your precious human body. It is a grid or form outline defining its form, purpose and function.

Within this human body grid (and it is further refined that each human has its own unique version of the species specific prototype) are circulatory grids (your circulation system, your digestion grid), your structural support grid (bones and cartilage of your skeletal system), your nervous system grid that carries information through electrical and chemical interactions, etc.

What Is The Purpose Of A Grid?

A grid has the function to hold something together ~ to hold something in form ~ to weave an intention and process to fulfill that intention into form.

We look again at the human body grid. The skeletal grid holds the basic structure and shape of the creation ~ the human body. The circulatory grid carries food and oxygen around the structure. The digestive grid organs and membranes feed the system and carry out no-longer needed ingredients. The nervous system grid communicates with all parts of the grid and connects to the operating command center ~ the brain.

We also have the breathing system grid ~ that carries the gift of life into every nook, crevice and cranny of the human grid. We can look at the breathing system as an on-off capability switch. Breath comes in at the beginning of the human life project, and leaves when the project is complete, so the form can disintegrate.

What Is Special About the Lemurian Grid?

We look at the Lemurian Grid as a specialized system in form that holds in place the Creator’s intention for a special unique process on this planet earth ~ a high frequency, multidimensional, quantum place in time and space interweaving with the third dimension to create a golden civilization on a golden continent called Lemuria. A grid that holds and circulates the energy of unconditional love.


The Golden Spirit Of Lemuria Now Shares
The Story Of The Creation Of The Lemurian Grid

Dear Earth Children,

Long ago and far away, by current earth reckoning, existed a beautiful golden continent ~ a continent created in love and maintained in love. This glorious golden land was woven out of the most beautiful threads in all the Creator’s vast collection of energetic strands.

The warp of this design was a heavenly celestial rosy bright pink ~ a mix of beautiful magentas and fuchsias.

A few beautiful ruby sparkling threads were woven in, as well as lovely vibrant oranges. There were even some threads from the Creator’s purple collection thrown in for good measure. This was truly the most vibrant and special design the Creator had ever woven by its team of master weavers.

This beautiful design was not stagnant. It was actually flowing and alive with the Creator’s powerful intention. This intention arose because of the powerful prayer requests of many beings of light who requested the Creator to create a special playground for them where they could practice and develop their skills in maintaining love and equanimity ~ even if another being kicked sand in their face (though such things did not exist in Lemuria)! But they wanted to discover and document these possibilities for themselves.

The Creator listened and listened till finally there was such a volume of similar prayers and requests, that the Creator went into deep meditation and pondered HOW it could create such a powerful loving place ~ especially in the midst of 3rd dimensional density.

Finally, the Creator called in its master creative design and construction team, the Elohim, and put forth the task to them.

The Elohim spent cosmic eras considering all the possibilities and potentialities of fulfilling this special request from the Creator.  They constructed various models from their own collection of light threads, and examined closely the patterns of light, known as grids, that already existed in other places in the Creator’s vast cosmos.

When they had a working model, and scaled it up to size, they asked for volunteers to go to this new land and set up house ~ to try it on for size ~ and report back how they found the experience.

As this was a very hot topic in the levels of creation, and many beings were excitedly watching the development of the unfolding of the Creator’s plan and decision, there was a VERY long line of beings wanting to go to this new dimensional land opportunity for exploration and to try out this new experiment.

The Elohim and Archangels

The Elohim team, in consultation with the Creator, called in the Archangels to oversee the nitty-gritty of the colonization of this new golden land. The various orders of angels had great experience in bridging the intermediary steps from the Creator’s mind and heart of intention with the actual beings that would live the Creator’s intended manifestation.

The angelic beings were very excited about participating in such a grand way with this latest example of the Creator’s mighty manifesting creations.

Angels and Elvins

The angels pondered how they could fulfill this work order. They too pondered many possibilities and discussed options.  After great deliberations lasting millions of what were to be earth years (though time did not exist in their worlds), the angels decided to consult with specialists in natural world experiments who were specialists in creating environmental fields that were self sustaining and viable.  This class of beings is known as the Elvins. They are also experts at working with the elements and all their permutations.

Please note that Elvins are different from what your fairy tales call elves. Elvins are giant beings of light and connected to natural cycles of life and nature throughout the creation.

The Angels decided to incarnate themselves into this new grand experiment of the golden continent Lemuria. They selected ~ by the drawing of straws (tubes of light) ~ from among the eager candidates ~ a strong loving contingent who already had practice and skills in other galaxies of holding patterns of light and love in all kinds of various conditions. They realized that this latest challenge offered by the creator would open them up to many new possibilities to extend their threads of light into different degrees of density and matter as they maintained their energetic light form amidst more dense matrices.

Added to the Angels loving harmonic specialized knowledge, the Elvin grace and skill in forming and maintaining life forms in the cycles of nature was optimally synergistic.

For the next thousands of sun rotations (years) the Elvins and Angels partnered to bring forth in full light, harmony and love, the grand experience of the Creator’s dream and vision to create peace on earth, love in action, and the heart-mind of God unfolded in the firmament of matter.

When this grand experience was complete, the Lemurian beings archived all their discoveries by adding them into the original pattern of the weave of this golden continent ~ the glorious magnificent magenta Lemurian grid ~ a repository of their acquired knowledge and wisdom intermixed with the Creator’s intention for a place in time and space holding the golden vibration of unconditional love.

This story is gifted by the Golden Spirit of Lemuria, the project supervisor of the grand experience called Lemuria ~ From the Creator’s Heart in unconditional love.


The Origins of the Lemurian Grid ~ And What It Is

The Lemurian grid originates from the heart of God. It originates in a realm beyond time and space, so there is no way to measure this beginning in terms of earthly third dimensional reckoning or languaging.

When the Creator began to ripple him/her/itself out into a fractalling of its own divine potentialities of manifestation, its heart essence became aware of a desire that all parts of itself ~ no matter how far out from its own center ~ could always find a way back to its own origin in the heart of love itself ~ the Creator.

Hence the Creator looped a circuitry of its own divine essence in, and around itself carrying a circulation of its own living heart essence of light-love to every cell in this new project.

Similarly to the circulatory system of blood in a human body that carries the life giving cells of food and air and nutrients to all components of the greater organism, the Lemurian love infinity loop circulates this essential love energy into every crack and crevice of the Creator’s creation ~ its own body of living light substance.

As the earth planet was going through its changes, the Creator knew that a template of this heartfelt essence of its own love would be a necessary component to keep the creation alive, well and thriving even as the fractals and permutation of its essence continued to ripple out from its own heart center of unconditional love.

What Are The Strands Of The Lemurian Grid Made Of?
What Is Their Frequency? 

As the circulatory infinity loop of divine love was put into place by the dreaming mind of the Creator’s intelligence, the Creator knew that the greatest sustaining food, the greatest sustaining principle, would have to be its own unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the medicine that can heal all ruptures, tears, and breaks in the connection to its own heart center and allow full return to experience of its own divine origins in unconditional love. Unconditional love is the fix-it of the creation. Unconditional love is the creative matrix of the Lemurian Grid. All that is touched by the Lemurian Grid carries the vibration of unconditional love.

The high frequency vibration manifests in the earth dimension as the color of vibrant magenta. Closer inspection shows the color is made of a mass band of vibrating light particles that span the spectrum between ruby red, orange, various hues of pink, tinged by the purple rays.

Beyond the human recognition spectrum are other vibratory rays that you categorize as sound. There are additional rays that are not yet identified by human sciences.

Ultra sensitive humans as well as many animal species can perceive these various ray formations through their unique sensory apparatus. Plants can also respond to this frequency range band and reflect it in their growth patterns. Plants also capture and encapsulate the efficacy of the rays for healing and nutrifying the various organisms in the Creator’s matrix of forms. The plants are transducing the various rays into a spectrum usable by humans, animals and other plants.

The strands of the Lemurian Grid, which appear magenta overall, are actually composed of an undulating interweaving of multi-faceted, multi-colored strands of vibration perceived as light. These strands of light cover a spectrum that ranges from red to violet ~ as perceived by your earthly vision. The strands are interwoven in a vibratory mix of undulating living light colors.

Why Is The Lemurian Grid Resurfacing Now?

As the time of the great shift in cosmic consciousness is upon the earth plane now, the Lemurian Grid is being re-activated and brought into intersection with the third dimensional process to help and assist earth and her inhabitants navigate the various shifts in the energetic patterns intersecting with the earth plane in greater ease and harmony. The Lemurian Grid carries the acquired knowledge and wisdom of integrating newer energies into an existing format in such a way that the changes are easier to digest and to be assimilated by the people. The resurrection of this grid is a compassionate move by the Creator working with the angelics, galactics and lightworker humans such as this channel and other forces of light to smooth this important transition to the earth plane. In other words, the resurrection of the Lemurian Grid is making the shift easier and more comfortable.

There will be forthcoming opportunities for light workers and loving beings to connect with this grid and set up connections to its circuitry to spread the powers of this grid to all humanity and places on earth that want to plug into this high frequency light-love unconditional love pattern. This process will unfold over the coming years.

Light Codes  

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The Light Codes of Cosmic Consciousness - Sacred Codes of Light Open Beginning in 2012 for Humanity to Reach Divine Potential of Cosmic Consciousness 

Embedded in these light strands are the sacred codes of light. Thus, separately, each strand has its own unique effect.  When the strands or bands of light are interwoven in a specific geometric pattern of sacred light codes, they create new and different effects that arise from the immeasurable number of permutations that the interweaving of these strands of light can create. These are the potentialities and possibilities of this magnificent weave. These patterns of light, these codes, are intentional in their creation and their effects by the Creator of the grid and codes.

Additionally, when the colors are interwoven ~ in this case magenta, fuchsia, red, orange, violet ~ creating a magenta based vibratory weave pattern ~ with various sacred geometrical patterns that encode specific and unique intentions, unique and specific energies and effects are incorporated into each strand in an evolving process of light configurations.

It is important to note and keep in mind that each strand is unique in the fine points of its intention and purpose. Ditto for its manifestation potential. Manifestation effects are created and activated by a combination of the Creator’s intention contained in the weave, and also by the prayers and intentions of those in the creation who use the power of this weave to co-create that which is of good and service to the highest intention for all.

Manifestation Potentials. Immunity to Misuse

The Lemurian Grid weave is of use only for high vibratory patterns of intention that serve the highest good of all and carry the codes of unconditional love. Selfish limited intentions bounce off the weave as they are a vibratory mismatch. The living power of the weave will not accept any prayers, wishes, intentions, thought forms ~ uttered consciously or unconsciously from the debris in the embodied limited mind of various formatted beings in the Creation, nor from the full-fledged incantations of those trained in the powers of the “dark forces”.

In other words, the Lemurian Grid weave is immune to misuse. It actually swallows up in its immense ocean of unconditional love any lower vibratory intentions and transmutes them into higher vibration love-light energy, while sending a sparked electrical magnetic  impulse message back to the originator of lower vibratory thoughts to help that being awaken to higher awareness.

In this way, the Lemurian grid weave serves as a cosmic teacher ~ by allowing limited embodied beings to experience directly the results of various thought forms they may create and send forth from their own creative matrix of their limited mind-body complex.

Quantum Nature and Fractalling of the Lemurian Grid

The Lemurian Grid is quantum in nature. It can appear in the human mind to be of a comfortable proportion to the human perception of it. This scaling down of the perception is an act of compassion by the cosmic intelligence to allow humans to feel comforted by perceiving the grid rather than being overcome by a sense of overwhelming awe of the majestic power and glorious proportions of the grid.

As a quantum living structure of the Creator’s intentional design, the Lemurian Grid is actually a huge, cosmically large template. The strands of its form which can appear compatible to human and earth dimensionality ~ are actually elastic in their sensory perceptibility. Thus they can appear and are gigantic in their large vision awareness. It is part of their fractal origin and nature that they can replicate into infinitesimally small replications that are in sync proportionally with a particular planet, sacred site, individual, or project, etc.

Future channeled articles will define more of the process of the creation and manifestation of grids and light codes.

The Lemurian Council is requesting our presence in Peru in February 2013 to anchor the Lemurian Grid to the cosmic portal of Lake Titicaca and other sacred sites.  If you feel the nudge, info is at

Opportunities to participate include the trip as well as human anchors who will participate from around the planet.

There is also a six month preparation as part of the trip package.

You may take this six-month training separately if you would like to be involved with the energies of this trip.

More about Author Pat Crosby at



How to Replace Fear with Unconditional Love ~ An Easy Way.

 Message from the Lemurian Council through Pat Crosby

Get Ready to Shift ~ Dump Your Stuff

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