Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Friday, December 31, 2010

2 Light-increasing Gifts ~ Download of NEW "little Book of ForGIVEness", Dr Eugene Callender audio

Dear Earth Grid Masters,

As the earth frequency increases, we work to enlighten our own personal grid and increase our capacity to hold and transmit light and the increasing frequencies and vibrations.

Here are 2 holiday gifts to celebrate this Holiday Season of Light and help raise your vibration.

1.  Enjoy this inspirational gift of ForGIVEness to help restore you to a place of harmony, peace, and happiness within yourself.

This is the NEW 3RD EDITION ~ Sneak Preview!

"The little Book of ForGIVEness" by Pat Crosby and the Angels of ForGIVEness

2.  Audio Interview Download

A ForGiveness Message from Dr. Eugene Callender

 - friend of Martin Luther King ~ Eugene helps Alex Haley publish roots ~ forgiveness freed him to express his love ~on 5 US Presidential commissions, many honors.

Eugene has raised a lot of frequency on this planet - as you will hear in this profound discussion.




Sunday, December 12, 2010

Portal and grid news updates and links

Gaia (Pepper Lewis)  and Kryon (Lee Carol) in this duo audio channel describe what happens when we walk the earth crystalline grid, our parents as true lightworkers, species come and go, more...

75 hours of (f) ree Kryon channels here


Barbara Hand Clow - a Mayan and cosmic perspective on world events - through analysis of the astrological star grids interaction with planet earth and your own unique grids.

Barbara does not seem to have an email list - so you may want to bookmark her site and check in regularly if you like her perspectives.


Our 8 month chakra clearing online course is going extremely well.  People are clearing massive core soul wounds and issues.

To be notified of the next series opening start up date, enter your email at

You can read a few messages from people taking the email class and what is happening to them from their involvement here...


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 Restore your heart structure sacred geometry with the Elohim Angels thru the sacred portal of Lake Titicaca, Peru with this gift audio meditation from the portal and Elohim


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