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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mystic Symbols and the Keys of Enoch... Expert answer

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Esoteric Symbology - 64 keys of Enoch

Expert: Stephen Jackson - 2/22/2008

Are the 64 keys of Enoch represented by a symbol?
(So shines the light)


I see you understood the Latin *smile*. The 64 keys is a new topic for me, so bear with me as I attempt to get myself around the subject. Before I discuss the idea of representing the 64 keys with a symbol, please indulge me as I journey into them and what I am able to make of them within the context of my knowledge.

The 64 Keys of Enoch is the title of a revelation paper by J. J. Hurtak around 1973, as best I can gather. The number 64, the double of 32, would tie this concept at some level to the Hebrew Language Cabala. The text refers to 'the 64 Keys of Enoch and Metatron' (a reference to the mystic cycle of Venus, which repeats Her Pentacle in the Heavens each 8 years, and perfects it every 40 years, both numbers key to Metatron). Since the 32 paths are intended to be trodden both ways, up and down, then 64 does seem appropriate and would express the idea of a journey through the path in both directions. The number 8 multiplied by itself is 64. The keys make significant reference to being an expansion of Christianity, and the work is of a type (common in that period even more than now) which attempts to meld spiritual concepts into modern physics (not hard to imagine if you are familiar with M-Theory, a later variant of the so called 'String Theories').

The Keys read outwardly to be an 'Ascension Path', which is to say a path for achieving not only spiritual enlightenment, but actually the ascension out of, and no longer requiring, a physical state of being (not a new idea at all if you have read the book of Enoch). It is also in the form of a prophecy, foretelling great change and stresses in the Earth (remember, the idea that human intervention was degrading the physical planet became well known just around this time, Earth Day being first celebrated on April 22, 1970). The text of the Keys directly references the year 2012 as a milestone in the process, a sort of 'rapture' when the referenced group of illuminated human beings would achieve ascension. There is also reference to a shift of the Earth's rotational axis, which had earlier been prophesied by none other than Edgar Cayce. This work relates closely to the Book of Revelations and claims to explain the meaning of that most Cryptic Work. The work also seems to have a great deal of its more subtle imagery in common with Alchemy, and may have been influenced by that school.

As interesting and arcane as the Keys themselves is the explanation which follows in the available text ... taking us into the realm of mystic science and tying our DNA Structure to the prophecies (again, this is not unique nor new, since mysterious double helix engravings appeared more than once in early Alchemy, 15th to 16th century).

While I am not qualified to assign a specific symbol to a work to which I am so recently introduced, two things come to mind. One being the Flame, the feel of which permeates the Work, and the Fire Salamander, harbinger of Revelation. The other would be the Hebrew letter Shin, whose shape resembles three flames, which I would find fitting.

I hope that this writing, miserable as it is, helps you to experience perhaps a flicker of light on the subject. I greatly thank you for the opportunity to explore this!


Stephen Jackson

Friday, June 5, 2009

Numbers, numerology, vibration, transition, and where to go. ... or WHERE should I move to? Reshel through Pat Crosby

Dearest Ones,

I am the one you currently refer to as Reshel - guardian of loving light creations. For it is my role in the cosmic scene of creation to oversee and insist that love be present in full measure in the projects of creation of the universes. And we will stress the presence of LOVE in all that is and all that is created.

Today, we are going to discuss the science of vibration, numbers, numerology as it relates to the process of rapid transition that is underway on your planet, and the very common question - as old structures break down and new ones are creating - WHERE should I go? WHERE should I live?

The universe has been created through an underlying series of waves - sine waves, and others for example. These varieties of waves show up on your scientific apparatus - and in the minds of your mathematical geniuses - as different degrees of flowing curves, different degrees of angles.

(Notice the familiarly of angles and angels in your language. That is no accident, for different angels are aligned to different angles and different curve waves of the universe. For what you call "angels", deities, gods, etc., are different configurations of light patterns..... this is a fun and vast subject for another time...)

Then these different waves interweave, much as you can weave a blanket of different types of threads, colors and materials for an unending array of splendor and beauty. Those who weave on your planet - blankets, cloth, baskets - are performing the highest act of creation in the physical and earn our highest interest, respect and awe. The basket weavers are truly the most magnificent of embodied creatures. For this reason, weavings of different things are found in the richest burial sites of your civilizations - and the finest weavings are still prized today.

Now, going back to the cosmic weave of all creations, the threads that the creator weaves are strands of light and sound. In our perspective, these two are not different. Though in the planes of duality, you perceive, and hence name them, as two different things. For instance, how many school children are taught to LISTEN to the SONG of green? Yet the green spectrum has MANY beautiful songs. Some of your earth technology is now beginning to teach you this with music that is projected as color strobe lights, and similar.. see you tube video.

Your birds know the song of green, as well as the song of many different colors, and sing these strands into the weave of creation on your planet.

So the basic strands - more accurately called - strings - of light-sound each have their own spectrum of frequencies. As fits the frequency zone of your planet, your mystic channeler scientists - the geniuses who empower knowledge and wisdom on your planet through encoding it in earth language - have given earth names to broad stripes of these bands.

Here are the names of these frequency zones or bands in your language:


These bands of frequencies are the basic building strings (threads) of your universes. They wave out of source into the dimensions of light and wound. They carry source intention. They are very powerful.

Your numerologists have mapped out as far as human consciousness could conceive so far, the power and influence of these numbers.

You can understand why people are fascinated by numbers, the significance of the science of numbers in calculating one's name, ones house number, and in the science of creating sacred enclosures for worship and communing with the divine within precisely formed dimensional walls and funnels of light-sound strands.

Earth sciences of Feng Shui, Denje (Lemuria), sacred geometry, Vastu (Indian), The Sacred Hoop and medicine wheel (native Americans), Platonic Solids - all document the importance on the human psyche and systems to be confined within well-thought geometrical structures.

These structures are measured and defined with the science of numbers - frequency bands of radiations.

You have so many examples of this on your planet:

Stone Henge and various stone arrangements throughout various civilizations - including Easter Island.
Pyramids of various civilizations.
Astrological configurations and understandings.
DNA structures of all life.
Powerful cathedrals built on earth energy lines (ley lines).

You can also understand from this brief list why those who wish to control and manipulate others would make fun and pooh pooh study of these sacred geometry structures. And why those in selfish and/or guarded power curtail access to this knowledge. Truly this knowledge is powerful in its unveiling.

We would like to point out that as powerful as your human system of reckoning with numbers - measuring and counting with your various devices - is but one of many such systems in the galaxies and universes. You embody on a planet such as this one to do specialised study of the system used on this planet.

Your earth star has had many extremely advanced civilizations on her presence over the eons of time... and some of the remnant evidence of their presences in the physical structures that you can currently see are arranged by different systems of numbering - by different comprehension and use of the vast arrange of frequency bands that you call numbers.

So do not think that "one size fits all" when studying and calculating various sacred site enclosures.

We would counsel you to go and study with an open mind when you visit these various sites and enclosures, and allow us to whisper into your ever-expanding human minds and consciousness some of the other considerations and systems that are used by the creators of these monuments - for truly there are many systems employed on your planet earth. (More at another time on this endlessly fascinating topic.)

Your numerologists are very good at enumerating their different interpretations of the calculations of the numbers of the letters that make up your names. And they can counsel you how to change a letter or a spelling to make a more specific creation through the power of the recitation of your name - your own personal mantra - your own cosmic calling frequency.

When I call JANE ADAMS, I get Jane Adams on the line. When I call JANA ADAMS, I get Jana Adams on the line.

If JANE chooses to call herself JANAEL ADAMS, I get another frequency band responding to my call - and I must adjust my calling if I am to connect with JANAEL ADAMS rather than JANE ADAMS.

To bring this discussion down home to those of you on earth today, so many are being guided to move someplace different. Often that "someplace" is not readily apparent, and so there is inner discomfort and agitation that somehow someone is not at the right place for this time being. And so the plea arises, WHERE should I go? WHERE should I live?

From our perspective, we find it easy to spot. For we perceive you as a weave of bands, strings of light sound. You YOURSELF have woven the blanket of many colors that is your soul presence. Each moment, each thought, each event in your soul history is another strand woven into your own exquisite and unique personal creation. YOU are your OWN walking akashic weave, and all can be seen in your own weaving.

The elegant earth star, your Mother, the earth is also undergoing a revolution in consciousness -as is your entire galaxy. She, too is weaving new cosmic threads into her surface and into her being. She is being re-configured energetically. So there is a re-matching of the evolving energies of each being on the earth with the re-making and re-arranging energy patterns (grids) of the earth.

You will find comfort in your energy system, and a sense that all is well placed, when your vibrational rate - measured through the configuration of your vibrational weave - is matched with the vibrational pattern of the place you are considering.

We remind you that all is rapidly shifting, changing, evolving, so where you feel a right fit today, might need adjusting tomorrow, or next month, or next year. That means, you might want to move again!

Not moving, not adjusting to the frequency shifts and re-arranging is like a child still trying to fit into last year's clothing. It just won't feel right, will look silly, and lead to discomfort on many levels. Each year, each phase of adjustment, requires a recalibration, a working into your weave a new strand, a new string of light-sound consciousness - calculated for those of a scientific mind bent - by the power of numbers.

We remind you, this science is complex and not simple, so do not jump to any easily apparent answer in your attempt to harmonize your system with the current unfoldings on your planet.

With Our Continuous Stream of Blessings and Admiration for All that you are,


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