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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mieke shares her experiences as a grid worker

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Peter Allen

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Jan 25, 2009

A very interesting email from Mieke.

The Judith Moore book she refers to is "The Language of Crop Circles".

I have also attached the ICCRA studies.

In light,

Peter Allen

Dear Peter, Dear William,

I inscribed for the workshops in may 2009, but the Reshel information and all the info that you send by mail lately, are not always very comprehensible for me.
The way I work with such information is "not to try to understand everything with my mind, but to connect with all my chakras, especially to balance my chakras as one: heart, creative center and third eye, connected with pineal gland).

If I let go the understanding (let go my control need) and be focused and be confident that we are guided, than the energy flows and all goes perfect.

I 'd like to share some of my experiences during the Reshel workshop with Jackie Queally a few years ago, where I met Bart Van Sichem de Combe and we worked together.

The Reshel exercises were intense and new to me in the way we worked. My report is not on the Reshel exercises itself but some experiences on the way. It is a long story because I 'd like to introduce first my pre-journey and preparation.

It is rather a personal experience, but there is surely some general information there that I wanted to share. So I trust your guidance to judge if this material is open for the whole group of participants, otherwise only the part about the 44 places that are connected in a way.

For sure Roslyn and the whole Edinburgh region is a special sacred place. Glastonbury and Avebury have the same "attraction" to me, and it feels like these places are connected as well (like masculine and feminine).

My friend Judith Moore with whom I did much energy work together and invited here to Belgium, started first with here channeling about cropcircles and channeling people's soul blueprints.

So I would like to share a page of her book (written together with a Dutch man) about cropcircles and the signs and glyphs that she gets from her guidance, the blueprint that each cropcircle gives and the way we can work with these cropcircles (by connecting with the circle from our heart and third eye, connected with the pineal gland and letting the information connect with our system).

The signs (language) she channels is very much alike some of the signs that I saw in Maya Nartoomid's info. (for sure: Light language). So after our first cropcircles experiences we moved to other energy work. I made an attachment with the information she channeled about the serpent mound circle of 2003 from her book. She referes to The Netherlands and the spiritual function of The Netherlands because that book was mainly about Dutch cropcircles. Cropcircles have not only a visual figure and form, geometrical model, but have blueprints with information from the makers
of the circles.
And I'am sure there is a general scenario that we don't see yet, so that the circles are in a way connected.

My experience: I made an attachment with my story and the image Jackie draw a year later of the cave directions.
It was a very intensive and moving experience and I 'am so grateful for Jackie's introduction to the Reshel grid work.

Why the Reshel grid work resonates so much with me?

It feels like "done this before ... remembrance".

I know for sure that one of my life goals is working with and protecting sacred portals on Earth, "holding the space" (these portals are entrances to other dimensions: above and in the Earth.)

I have some remembrance of such work in different lifetimes, of such a task at the time of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, and later in Southern France. I have some remembrance of work done during different lifetimes in Atlantis in the different periods. But these remembrance is not specific about the Reshel grids, more about using magic, shapeshifting, alchemy, warrior techniques etc... Information about the use of giant crystals was familiar to me and touches me deep and resonates. This Atlantis life experience, especially the End times of Atlantis made me very conscious about truth, honesty and use of power and very aware about un-truthful behavior.

The symbols I got in meditations and dreams to express my task are rather clear and made my task even more clear for me.

So I hope that this explanation adds something to this whole mail.

Thank you for your work, time and energy invested in this work.

With Love and Lightgreetings,

from Mieke

Attachments to Mieke's email:


Preparing in Belgium

Before leaving Belgium I spoke to my friend and light brother Johan and we agreed that I would “call him in the mind” to participate at certain moments. We hold track of time, so we can check afterwards. Back home Johan confermed he was very aware of what happened in the cave! Johan is really my “back-up” with distant work and this feels good. Johan channels Lord Metatron and other Cosmic Light Beings, but he does not like to speak openly about this.
And I spoke to my friend Judith from New Mexico (who is a medium) to prepare for this Journey and Reshel work. I felt a very strong longing to do this journey, as if my soul was waiting for this some time. With Judith we prepared and asked guidance for this gathering in Scotland. We got the information to stay aware of certain very strong energy places.
So these two and some other friends knew I was going to Scotland and working with the Reshel grids and visiting Sacred Places.

An excerpt of this preparation with Judith with some general information about Roslin and region and some very personal parts of information

Grounding, centering, invoking guidance etc. …..
We travel “in the mind” to Roslin and enter the chapel and the crypt.

Roslin chapel and region is connected to different sacred places in the world. The chapel is built on a very old energy field. So we made connection with 7 layers beneath the existing Roslyn, “beneath the original Atlantean temple that was at that location” and we were entering that time line. Energizing a corridor of light that creates a harmonic attunement from the 3rd dimensional Roslyn to the 7th dimensional Atlantean Roslyn temple.

Judith sees a Masonic symbol in the wall in the crypt as a 3rd dimensional seal that can be opened.

What she says I can follow, feel, and some of it I can see as well.
Judith says and I feel the whole process:
I am seeing you as a Master of the Atlantean code, the Master Code and that these archives are one of a series of 11 archives that complete the Atlantean Master Code of the sacred languages and the archives of the original builders of Atlantis before the contamination, before it became corrupt. So these archives are one of 11. I see 3 masters entering the chamber and you are standing in front of where the masonic symbol was in the 3rd dimension and you are placing your left hand on your heart and your right hand palm forward over this Seal to open the archives. I can see the 3 masters standing one to your left, one to your right and one right behind you. I am standing heart to heart with the Master who is standing right behind your back. I am placing my heart to the back of his heart chakra.
They tell me that they are the Masters of Universal Law. They are beginning to chant now and I can see that from their verses there are glyph type letters, Hebrew letters.
Because they are chanting in the first primal vibration of the sacred Hebrew alphabet that came onto earth. The root of Hebrew. These 3 Masters are Masters of Universal Law so they knew the language of creation that came through in the biblical Hebrew language and they are calling that and praying those mantras and as they pray I see that each of them are sending these letters into your energy body and they are going through your energy body into the Seal on the wall.
There is a pyramid behind you and the master is at the capstone. Alright, now suddenly a pyramid of light is opened and the face is right in the centre of your hand and here is white electric almost like lightening, electric white light and it is going from the Master behind you to the 2 beside and right into a pyramid into your hand. He is sending these letters into the white light now and they are travelling to the 2 masters to the right and left of you. I am being told that there is one letter coming out and it is dividing into 2 going to the Masters that represent duality of universal law and the right and the left hemisphere of the brain and how the ancient and sacred original languages of Hebrew were then divided into duality and now once they receive it they are projecting it into your hand where they return to union. So they separate, the master behind you sends a letter out. It separates into 2 and it goes to the left and the right hemisphere and there is a strong connection here to the left and right hemisphere of the brain and the left and right hemisphere of Enoch and the Ark of the Covenant, the alpha and the omega Enoch energy and now I am seeing those letters come back in right to the Seal.

OK the Seal is turning and a golden doorway is opening in that energy space that is square and it is around your hand and your hand is at the centre of the doorway and the Seal has been opened. The doorway is revealed now and because we created a confluence of energy that portal is open now in Roslyn. I am seeing as I look through the golden doorway I see these golden tablets and there are actually square tablets and they have all this writing in the original Hebrew languages on them. Looking into the chamber and I can see that there is, it is kind of strange because as you are reaching into the chamber it is as if you are reaching into one of the Archives in Ibis, because this is the purest undistorted energy, these templates are of the original teachings.
Because this vibration that William Buehler is talking about, this was a whole spiritual discipline that was practiced in sacred places all over the world. In Atlantean times this was like a Brotherhood of Light and the archives of that brotherhood are coded in Roslyn in the Atlantean temple.
I can see you lifting now each of these golden, and they are kind of heavy. They are an inch thick and probably 3x4" almost like gold bricks but they are kind of heavy. You are lifting these gold tablets up. There are 44 tablets and I can see you placing the first tablet on your 3rd eye. Wow. As you do that there is a spiral of blue and silver light going around your whole auric field and you are being consumed by this blue and silver spiral. Right now your energy body looks like a pillar of gold and silver fire almost. It is like an electric blue and very vibrant energy. I can see the downloading of each of these ancients truths of universal law.
Each tablet represents a place on the planet where these tablets became manifest through the living temples and there are 44 locations on the planet and each tablet is one of the Living temples of Light of the 44 aspects of that energy that holds this grid on the planet.
So as you are lifting up the tablet and you are placing it on your 3rd eye you are being downloaded with the timeline of the progression of spiritual evolution in each of those locations and connecting multi-dimensionally that grid to the 44 Temples on the planet.
Are you with this?

Mieke. Yes, I’am.

Judith. OK. So that first tablet now while you are turning around and you are handing the tablet to the Master who was standing at your back. He is taking it and you are holding it between you with your hands on one side and his on the other and all at once an infinity pattern is going between you. Now that infinity pattern is going out to the Master on your left and the Master on your right. So there is a trinity created from this tablet to the 3 masters of Universal Law restoring the integrity of undistorted truth and balance with universal law in each of these spiritual sites in the language of the original language of creation. So there is a lot of energy coming in as this is happening.
The tablet is now etherically replicating in 7 levels and is now appearing etherically in the crypt in Roslyn as a living essence. It is in this dimension now. That tablet is in this dimension now. I am going to ask what sacred site that tablet is connected to and it definitely is at the Atlantean temples in the Bahamas. There is my vision about the source of where the initiation of the avatars. There is a temple in the Bahamas in Nassau and I see that that 1st tablet is connected to that. Because this is about the avatars that would come through the ages to be guardians of the 44 Temples of Universal Law that was manifest through this Reshel grid.

Now I am seeing you taking the next tablet and you do the same thing. You place it on your 3rd eye and you turn and do the infinity pattern to the 1st master and then the one on your left and the one on your right and then it activates and it transcends the dimensions and the layers of the 7 layers below goes into the …. Tablet or chapel. I can see them now .
Each one of the 44 are ascending. I can see them encapsulated in like a violet ray of St. Germaine, a violet orb of light. St. Germaine energy. Because I feel that the presence of St. Germaine in Roslyn Chapel right now so they are going through the violet ray into this orb of violet light and now I am seeing from that place now where the 44 complete in the violet orb
there are these golden rays of light going from the violet orb into sacred sites that you are going to be taken to in the Roslyn region.
When I was there I worked with opening up 7 golden orbs in the Roslyn region and I am seeing the graveside of Robert the Bruce is one of them and there are 7 different places there. So I can see them connecting to the 7 orbs at sacred sites in that area.
So that that Living Word undistorted now is opening a portal energy - that the whole energy that you are going to do - will open up this portal of the living truth, the original language of creation that sustains in our creation universal law and balance and universal order, I am hearing that. So from these golden rays of light to the sacred sites that you are going to be activating there is an energy connection now so that as you go into the crypt you are going to physically anchor that and you are going to go to these 7 different places in that region and tone. It is like opening up 7 doorways with Roslyn being in the centre.

Do you feel that?
Mieke: yes, yes.
Judith: We have projected ourselves back into the Roslyn crypt and I am seeing the letters on the tablets and it is like now through the violet ray the tablets have aligned on the wall of the crypt as you go down the stairs straight on. I sat at the bottom of that wall to tone and that is where I opened up the …. portal. So on that wall is where etherically these tablets are being anchored and I see them forming a larger template because the 44 tablets were in 11:11:11:11 so it is like 22:22. So I can see the templates arranging themselves, golden tablets. A row of 11, a row of 11, a row of 11 and a row of 11 in their etherically activated in the Roslyn Chapel.
That is what we needed to do before you went there.

Mieke. Yes. I’ am so grateful.

Judith: All I can say is thank you thank you thank you. So I am asking the Masters now if there is anything else. They are telling me that we have bypassed the distortion of Atlantis and that now there is a pure connection from the original Atlantean tablets to the 3rd dimension and that is the reason we needed to do this.

Mieke: And the reason why William talks a lot about the Metatronic level: that is the level of Unity before the distortion and into this adversity and duality and the focus of working with this Reshel is to make a bridge. What I like a lot about this work is on one side it is on an intellectual level with the element of mathematics and on the other side it is a way of going into stillness, from our hearts. A way of being into ego-lessness. Feeling this unified energy is working through people and we are only the vessel and we go into this frequency.
Judith:. Absolutely and Mieke that is why I feel the important thing that happened there is that the energy went from the capstone of the Master that held the space for universal law. Then I saw those Hebrew letters going out into duality but then they had to return to union at the Seal before the Seal could be opened. Then you could bring the tablets out and bring it into a trinity which is bringing the hemispheres of the left and right brain into union with the One point of illumination that is universal law. So that is the energetic thing that happened through this work and it is totally consistent with what you just told me William Buehler's work is.

I am pleased to see there are people in your group that carry the DNA too, they having been masters in the Atlantean Temple that was in Roslyn. So you have the strength of their DNA in the activations that you have to do. Because you have been together with this soul group before.

There are probably 6 people in that group that are part of that soul group of the masters who were in that Atlantean temple together and made this agreement. So I think you are going to be aligning with 6 people who are part of your soul group there. Does that feel right?

Mieke:. Yes. We are complete. Thank you.
I will see you in the “Ether”.

(note: So, what a preparation for the journey!!
After working there in Scotland, I felt sure that Bart and Angela were two of these soul group.)



Monday 24th of April 2006 – afternoon

Meditation and experience in the cave

After a rather steep walk in Roslin Glen on a beautiful dry day, we arrive at the cave.
The cave has two alcoves one on each side. We are expected because someone left candles in the cave! We find a good place to sit comfortable and we go into our inner peace and space. Fionn lights the candles and start to sing, to chant the Old Culdee songs. These songs are like Ancient language, rich in Lightcodes. Heavenly songs. Her chant touches us all very deep. For me: very much “at home” there in the cave. I chose a place in the left side of the alcove looking to the inner place of the cave, a bit opposite to the other alcove at the right side. This alcove stays empty, nobody took a place there. I made a drawing, not exactly measured. The 3 white dots in the inner place of the cave are the candles.
M: is where I was sitting, opposite of Bart at the other side. The cave is more fluently shaped, not squares…

Your browser may not support display of this image.


So at the start I make my connection with the Heart of Mother Earth and with the Heart of the Great Central Sun and let the Light flow. I call in my “co-workers of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood”, those in a physical body and those on other Levels, especially our Arcturian Guidance and Friends and Guidance from other star systems.

With Fionn’s first song my heart opens to the most and I get very moved by the sounds.
Then “my friends” start to come energetically in and take place. In the alcove at the right – opposite my place - first comes in front Randy and Sean with Judith in between. Behind them comes Mireille and Jef, and Rudy B in the back. I was wondering where is my friend Johan? Is he not coming? Because I talked about the work and the different places to visit, and from earlier experiences we can work together from a distance. I did not understand it. So I let go and accept that it is what it is!

When Fionn starts singing – after a while when I felt grounded and connected strongly with the Earth and the Cosmos, a portal opened at the back of the “inner place” (the deepest place) of the cave. The rock starts moving from solid rock to a fluid – movable energy (like a stargate but more subtle form- not this fancy stuff you see in stargate - the film) The cave opens and 2 Beings are coming forward. The first in front of us on the right side is wearing an intense deep purple-blue mantle (robe or cape) and a band over his head with a large clear crystal on his 3de eye. It is a sort of luminescence spectral crystal (like prism light) This is MASTER MERLYN but in an on-Earthly form, more etherical, more a Cosmic Being. With him came a second Being in a deep green-emerald fluoriscent mantle (robe) with golden sides and a huge cape over his head and shoulders. He looks like a “Gandalf” with white long hear and a beard (see Lord of the rings) He holds a staff with a crystal on top. This crystal can change and is like living energy, really Magic! His name is GARIAN ( with the accent on both A ’s and pronounced back in the troth.) I have been working with this wizard Garian and his staff together with my friend Judith. Garian feels like a part of my soul, an aspect… on a higher level. So it wasn’t a surprise!
The portal does not close yet, another Being comes forward. The only way I can explain this: “he is from top to bottom of silver, silver face etc. but a sort of luminescence , transparent silver. He is dressed in magenta-deep red. He is coming forward and says:I ‘am JOH-AR-RION, and we welcome you, dear friends. Indeed, we are from the realms of Middle Earth and Inner Earth. We have been waiting for you to call us forward and work together. Welcome. “ The way Joh-Ar-Rion is pronounced: very much back in the troth, like words of magick!!

And I get the feeling, recognise the energy of my friend Johan, but in a higher energy body. Very unreal to see him like this. So he came!!

Then the images faints (or I ‘am in another time-space!)

And than it gets very intense when Fionn start to sing the second song ( who feels very like Hebrew or Aramaic to me… but it is not in Hebrew, much older language.). My heart is singing with her and my mouth starts as well…

Above the cave the top or sealing of the cave starts moving and opening like a capstone. It becomes like a cone shape .The energy is building up and the capstone is rotating more, and more and becomes much more transparent. It feels a very feminine energy. Above the capstone, there comes another shape down – another cone and then both connect and twine the energy , in rotating transporting the energy from the bottom cone to the top cone and from there sending out the energies to all directions sideways and upside.
There was a humming like noise like when you swing a rope very quickly. After the energy was transported the capstone or top shifted again in solid rock.
It was very moving, touching, deeply in my heart and soul, a place of “deep remembrance” The whole glen feels like ancient Lemurian –feminine energies and even from long before that timeline, like at the beginning of Earth-times connected too very strong with Middle-Earth for as far as my feelings could go.

The cave is known as the cave of William Wallace, but the energy is definitely much, much older.

End of experience !

Note: There is a valley somewhere in France, nearby Vezeley, that feels likewise and the locals call it “ Valley of the Nymphs” a very enchanted place. In that region there is a small Franciscan chapel – all in white – really peaceful to visit.

In 2007 I got the drawing of Jackie Queally of Roslin Glen Wallace’s cave with her insights.(drawing is added at the mail.) I was sitting on the axe of the right-top corner.
The opening of the wall took place between the indication of the physical sun and the Metatronic sun in Jackie’s drawing.

Experience in Roslin Chapel in the crypt
2 hours visite before tourist busted in

First Jackie explains the sacred geometry and a lot of the Masonic and Templars symbols in the church. She point out 3 points where we will meditate in groups of 3: outside at the green man, on the step to the crypt under the text (as an initiation to go from initiation 3 to 4th. ) and in the crypt itself at a key point from the rombus.
There were more candidates for the crypt than one group. So I first was very altruistic and would let others go in the crypt. But I thought “well, you know why you came here, you were prepared for this work in the crypt, go for it”. So I asked Jackie to go down with the 2 other participants Angela and Bart.

Design of the Roslyn crypt

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Triangle with positions:

Your browser may not support display of this image.

I ‘am at left side, Bart right sight, Angela in third side of the triangle.

We stood as close to the key point as possible, because there were shelters with all the stones at the key point. We went into silence and inner peace into our heart and connected with Heaven and Earth and connected as we learned - without touching each other - but working as a Unified Field of Consciousness, with the two rings of energy and the Light column in the middle.
I felt the Light Beings right and left behind each of us. The energy came very strong in. The feeling of our combined Merkabah spinning and expanding was very strong.

From the start of the meditation my heart went completely open and connected strongly with all the Light around. Like my heart gets open completely and almost gets turned inside out. My heart chakra is really opening up and even coming out (of my body) in all directions and starts spinning till I don’t feel it any more (not painfull by the way.) Because I have had this sort of experience before, I don’t get the feeling that my heart’s goes in “overdrive”, I can manage it. It feels lovely, extatic and connected with All there is. I felt the connection to Angela and Bart first form my heart and then from my 3rd eye. I was connecting from my heart to my pineal gland to my 3rd eye in a triangle and making the connection to our Light bodies.
Because of the place we were standing, but also because the connection of the 3 of us and our conscious connection with the Angelic - and Light Beings, the connection was really “natural to make”.
I felt we made the connection with a lot of Light Brothers/Sisters in the other realms, with Light Brothers/Sisters in different starsystems, especially with the Arcturian Light Brothers, with the Ones from Antares (see also the Antarion Vortex as a symbol like the Ariopax!.).
The Antarion Vortex works like a device – a time-and space portal to enter.
A connection with Beings from Orion – especially from the belt of Orion or EL-AN-RA (another name for the triple star belt of Orion in the middle. I feel really connected to AN, the middle star in the belt.) As Orion is working with ascending duality, left-right, black and white, light-dark etc. and that is one of my main lessons in this lifetime. Certainly other systems were present as well. The Venusian energy was strong, as Venus is like our big sister to Earth and works from the principle of Love.
The Arcturian Light Beings are especially the once for me who are very experienced in divices, technics, etheric plane building, cropcircles etc. but from a Unified Consciousness, for me like a future connection.

Through the Light column and void came High energies. There was a lot of humming noise. Than the images started to come and changed constantly. First the face of White Buffalo Calf Woman came. A voice: I ‘ am the one and the many” and than she changed in a Christ image ( not necessary Jesus Christ himself) , than again changing in a very old shaman, old and “rather dirty – worn out”, more like a North-Eastern-European – or Siberian shaman. So shapeshifting from one to another figure. Than a very unusual character came like a clochard – one who lives on the street – a homeless. And again changing and changing in more figures, young ones, old ones, all different cultures. Than came these figures who were not so physically human, more etheric Beings, more Light bodies but in a form.

Than I really felt the energies moving up and the image came on a higher level – also in matter - not in front of me but above me. There came a unicorn (facing to my left) and on his back was a figure sitting, a figure that looked very androgen (man – woman) and was changing from on to another. As I remember well, this being was dressed in a blue-magenta with purple transparent garment, rather Angelic being (it ‘s hard to describe with words.)

Than came a swan over hovering the light column and our group. On his/here back again there was a Being, very bright and Light and I could not identify this Being in any way at all.
On that level I cannot describe any further, I was in a bliss, deep peace, inner joy…

Angela and Bart told their experience afterwards. Very intense as well. Working together with them felt very good, deep connected, as with long time brothers-sisters.

Thank you both, thank you Spirit Guides.

I felt that on a physical level – here down to Earth in 3D level – a lot was happening. But as I ‘am aware of synchronicity I could say: “as above – so below; as the smallest – so the biggest, as inside, so outside etc…”. This was happening on other cosmic levels as well, like a sacred geometry figure: so small – so big, so below, so above! Multiplying like the Shekina form. Knowing that WE ARE on different levels at once and we really are ALL CONNECTED, what all this “Angels in physical form” were doing has important consequences on Higher level. And that’s the beauty of it! We are the once who took the form, went into matter to do our work from here (matter), co-working with Higher Beings who kept free from this heavy density, but we are all bringing in our part of the deal, as co-workers.
I really enjoyed it.

So be it and so it is,


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MAN AS THE MISSING KEYSTONE - Bill Browne, Great Pyramid expert


As many of you know, I have been developing a theory about the heptagon. In response to the first draft of this theory Bill Browne, the Great Pyramid expert who is coming to Trinity Point said that it is the heptagon that unlocks the secret of the pyramid. This makes sense to me now as you will see in this condensed synopsis below. Any further thoughts on this subject will be welcomed.

In service to the light,

Peter Allen


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Pat Crosby
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The heptagon is the seven-sided figure that brings the infinite to the finite. Each of its angles is expressed by an infinite number. You can test this yourself by dividing 360 by 7. 

When light is refracted in a camera lens it reveals the heptagon. Why? It must be that light is resonant with the infinite and that the heptagon is the carrier of the infinite in the form of light.

  When we study the Reshel we learn that one of the key geometric figures in the grid is the Great Pyramid triangle. In fact it is this polygon that generates the Phi spirals which are the life-giving energetic forms inherent in the system. Given that we have three points of the heptagon in the Great Pyramid triangle, the other four points, the keystone, are implied.

But where are they?

  Studying the Titan Oceanus grid we see that the upraised arms and spread legs of the Vitruvius Man create the sacred keystone. In this case it is the Great Pyramid triangle that is implied. What this says to me is that for the Reshel system to work as a carrier of divine light, all seven poles of the heptagon must be anchored. If the artifact Earth grids are to carry light, then man (the keystone) must insert himself into the system. 

Conversely, if man is to carry light, then the Reshel must insert into man. That is why I believe the new Arks are downloading into human beings at this time. We are now to become the bringers of light to this world.


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Friday, January 16, 2009

Reshel grid meditations & channelling - Thoth meditation, Reshel channeling on the grid through Pat Crosby

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Peter....The file would not open...really would like to have this picture as we were guided to put it on the altar after we did the meditation as an energetic link...we had a great meeting and channelings this evening...Pat Crosby will be posting some on her site and I have a Astar channel on that will be posted this week...since it is still fresh in my mind as we just closed the session here is a brief report for the Afton group.

Afton group session January 14, 2009

The evening was started by reading the meditation from Thoth that was send from Bill...

7 souls were present ...4 male and 3 female...the men linked together to form the pyramid - octahedron and the women linked to form a star tetra...they were then unified to create the star tetra inside the octahedron...we then toned together to spin the fields and activate the group merkabah...the reporting started soon after with a vision of each of us having the rose quartz pyramid in our hearts as well as sitting within one...there was a diamond cap stone which sent out fibers or grid lines of gold blue and pink infusing the multi level nesting grid systems with our unified field of love....we traveled in time to the inaugration ceremony...setting a peaceful loving heart felt space...visioning how it might be in a perfect world...a rose quartz pyramid was placed around the whole of Washington with a diamond capstone that radiated ..peace, love, hope and compassion...we saw it feeding the nesting inter plantary and inter stellar grids....through these light frequency threads or living grid lines...some saw it going directly to Isreal and Palestine....Pat reported mushroom type shapes coming up from the earth anchoring and nourishing all present at the event and also energies coming down from the heavens to assist...I saw an eye looking up from the capstone over Washington with golden rays of light eminating and being projected into the grid lighting up the earth and the heavens....then I channeled Ashtar which will be on my website this week and pat channeled Reshel and some of the reporting I believe will be on Pat Crosby's site....we don't have anyone who is thrilled at the prospect of taking notes so we record most everything....thanks for passing the word...lightfilledsound joy

Pat Crosby's chanelling of The Reshel Group here:

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Dearf Joy,
See if you can open this file. Good luck!
Much love, Peter

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> Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 11:21 AM
> Peter...would like to do this tonight for the group but
> tried to get the picture from the link of thothhorra at
> and had no luck...too many choices and
> wondered if you have any advice on getting it
> --- On Wed, 1/14/09, Peter Allen
> <> wrote:
> From: Peter Allen <>
> Subject: Meditation from Thoth through Maia Nartoomid
> To: 
> Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 7:10 AM
> Attunement to the New Earth Star Grids, Initiations and
> Energy
> ThothHorRa
> I am providing a means
here for
 everyone to participate in
> the work we are
> doing with the New Earth Star (NES) consciousness through
> our focus within
> Second Life. Thus even those of you without the ability or
> guidance to engage
> Second Life (SL) can now join us in this work all the same.
> What we are doing in Second Life with the New Earth Star
> Island Estate (NESIE)
> is in fact working with the NES consciousness in various
> ways to help anchor and
> integrate it with our current reality system, thereby
> providing a further
> "boost" to the collective ascension process.
> ThothHorRa is facilitating some high-level Metatronic
> dynamics through what we
> are creating in SL on NESIE. Therefore, in order that our
> non-SL folks can join
> us in this work, we will now be making ThothHorRa's
> speaking and initiation
available to
 everyone online. The link to previous full the
> transcripts of the
> gatherings are found below.
> You may then go into meditation with ThothHorRa on your
> own, or with your own
> group, and attune yourself to that specific initiation,
> repeating it aloud if
> possible. It is suggested that you print off a color copy
> of the ThothHorRa
> image (see at to use as a transmission
> portal for the process.
> ThothHorRa to our NESIE Gathering in the Tachyon 11th
> Heaven Sky Pyramid on
> 1/10/09:
> ThothHorRa Khandr: Let us all come together now in a
> peaceful state, filled
> with the love and communion we share. See the PINK QUARTZ
> pyramid as the HEART
> center of our circle; feel the RADIANCE of that heart
> connecting to each of us,
> and through that contact so we are
connecting to
> another. It is the RING
> that binds with LOVE and not chains.
> You will notice that we have some new dynamics present
> here. The crystals and
> their configurations above and the Sephirothic Tree of Life
> for us here
> represents the New Earth harmonic of the DNA as it
> re-arranges into a new
> pattern of Sephiroth - a new Tree of Life rooted in the New
> Earth. The sphere
> draws IN the Breath of the HEART and the energy bodies and
> transforms it into
> new ether: an etheric current of passage from one frequency
> and wave-length to
> another.
> The diamond spiraling above is the PURE GEM BODY ... also
> can be seen as the
> Living Form of the In La'kech Being ... the Pure Gem
> Being. It is the PILLAR
> or PATH of that Pure Gem actualization as it reaches UP and
> sustains the
> of NEW
> The core beam of the Taychon being sent up and through the
> pyramid from the
> crystal in the cavern on NESIE and through the Gaia Egg,
> moves up through this
> crystalline dynamic above into the small chamber at the top
> of the pyramid where
> the energy is COLLECTED and re-charged as a concentration,
> being re-directed
> like a current running on the surface of a conductive
> metal; this
> "surface" here in the top chamber is the outer
> edge or template, of
> the whole conducting ELEMENT - the field of NESIE itself;
> AND those who are
> connecting through Her.
> SHE is the body ... becoming In La'kech, and so are you
> -- as members of
> her Body.
> So now my Brother Stars and Sistars, let us focus the
> connected heart energy we
> have accumulated together here
... not just from today,
> since NESIE began.
> UP and through this passage and collecting in the chamber
> above, then being sent
> beyond -- through my Abode of the Crown Chakra; and BEYOND
> still, out into the
> world beyond the virtual. It is the PILLAR OF In
> La'kech LIGHT BODY out into
> the WORLD. The New Age now TRULY has begun at the end of
> 2008, and is now
> entering a massive re-programming of this planet that has
> not occurred for many
> eons. It is indeed unique of its kind on this world.
> Take some time now ... BE the Flame, the Crystal, the Pure
> Body. Allow your
> veins to open like rivers of LIGHT and POUR this elixer
> into the World! See HER
> ... the Divine Feminine In La'kech stretches herself
> out like a Tree of Life
> pattern upon the Earth. See her ... YOU are part of her
> Being and so
is ALL of
> humanity
 ... Her Children. She delivers Her Son/SUN in the
> midst of the NEW
> EARTH. This New Earth is NOW. HE is among you all ... the
> Him, know Him ... for as HE said, "I AM WITH YOU
> Before I depart is there anything from among you that is to
> be spoken in this
> sacred space?
> Drucilla Karu: I want to say how happy I am to be back with
> all of you my
> kindred.
> CorianderShea Swansong: May all of YOU depart holding this
> Sacred Flame in your
> Hearts for the Love that you have shown today. I am blessed
> to be a part of
> this. :)
> ThothHorRa Khandr: We indeed welcome you back,
> Drucilla...and welcome YOU
> CorianderShea to the Fold.
> CorianderShea Swansong: As are the rest of you, never
> forget that. I thank
> Drucilla
 Karu: TY
> Yara Ragu: THANK YOU.
> Starheart Erdhein: This has been a special time for me.
> ThothHorRa Khandr: May I say that all of you have a great
> opportunity to move
> past the OLD frameworks of your life at this time, and in
> doing so, forge a path
> for others. However, do not see this as your
> "mission" for
> "missions" have ceased to be. They imply the use
> of direct WILL on a
> matter or goal. This is not "wrong," it is simply
> passing away. The
> New Ether does not require that type of engagement. It is
> one of simply BEING in
> the state of LOVE and knowing that it will carry you
> through. Staying ENGAGED at
> ALL times to the LOVE and the KNOWING. TRUSTING that all
> will proceed forward IF
Surrendering to the potential
> and
 not to limitation.
> You are all PREGNANT now ... yes the men as well -- with
> inside you. It need not be a long labor or painful one, IF
> the process of birthing, the rhythm, the cycle, the season
> ... all things in
> their place and time. Yet now this "place" and
> "time" will
> come upon you in mid-step when you would say ... "well
> not NOW for I am too
> busy" ... or "I must take care of this or
> that" ... or "my
> life is not in order for it yet" ... OR "I am
> above that sort of
> process." WORK does not cease in the NEW EARTH, it
> simply is realized as
> Divine and therefore becomes effortless. It is still a
> process ... that is what
> humans now call "work."
> You may turn the "lights" on again as I wish
> to see me clearly as
> I say this ...
> THE NEXT ... NONE. it
> us but a dream ... not an illusion, for illusions are too
> fanciful. It is a
> DREAM, which can be far more real for it expresses the
> inner feelings of the
> incarnation; yet in truth DREAMS are born on the winds of
> CHANGE. They shift
> with the currents of the tides. They are sweet or bitter,
> but they endure.
> Dreams are the pallet that TASTES life as it seems in the
> many different
> expressing visions of being. Don't discard the DREAM,
> for you cannot; BUT
> ALLOW IT TO CHANGE ... for it will! Always.
> And so I leave you for now ... with PEACE to you.
> ThothHorRa Khandr: ANU KA ~|~ I extend to you the Ring of
> Soul Friendship
> ********
> ThothHorRa's
Second Life Gathering Transcripts
> September
 14th, 2008 Gathering at Mar'Lhanka (blessings
> of the sea) on
> August 31, 2008 AUUM Coordination and NES Initiation on
> August 10th, 2008 Gathering on Angel

Email file about the grids, pyramid, heptagram, + Peter, Bill, others

Bill Brown coming to Trinity Point

Add star 

Peter Allen

Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 7:37 PM
To: recipients
I wrote an email to Bill Brown and briefly described a theory of mine that the heptagon (seven-sided pentagon), which contains within its matrix of seven points both the great pyramid triangle and a four-sided figure called the keystone, is coded into light itself. The keystone, I believe, is synonymous with the Chief headstone, which is synonymous with Christ. Thus, as I see it, light is both the bringer of the Divine Logos, through the power of the "three'(great pyramid triangle), and also the manifesting agent through the power of the four (keystone). The heptagon, like Pi and Phi, cannot be expressed mathematically; 360 degrees divided by seven produces seven infinite numbers. Thus the heptagon is a manifestation of the divine (infinite) expressed through the finite.
  The keystone functions spiritually just as it does architecturally, holding the Arch/Arc/Ark in place. Both in Spirit and in 3-d, without the keystone, the Arch/Arc/Ark will collapse.
  Bill Brown has been studying the Great Pyramid and other significant temples at Giza. He describes some of his amazing work below. Bill will be   traveling out to Trinity Point on February 19th, and then presenting his work in Washington, DC on the 21st and 22nd. Contact him if you need more info. I will be announcing an event at Trinity Point very soon.
Much love to all,

Re: Pyramid capstone chamberThursday, January 15, 2009 4:23 AM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified"WILLIAM BROWN" <>Add sender to Contacts

Hello Peter,

well I guess Peter.... this is why Spirit wants us ALL together now!

I have developed a similar theory as you mentioned in your email shown below.
 see my attachments....for completion of y/our Theory.

[If interested, write me and I will try to get these to you, Peter]

you see, Trinity Point (VA) is the Sacred Mound Upon which the Universe is to be RE~started!

I was physically visited on Sept 23, 1998 by a SERPENT STAR Being, my Eternal Father (Thoth) and told to give everything away and begin my journey.  My OverSoul was downloaded into me at that moment... and I have had 7 upgrades (NDE) since that time.

So without understanding the WAY, I began to build a small model from memory.... attachment 73A in my backyard in Bedford (originally called Liberty Town) Va.  It was measured (and witnessed by Captain Jim and others) to be the Exact dimensions of the Missing Capstone of the G.P.

I dismantled it in 1999, divorced my wife, left my family and  everything.... and began what has become.... my 10 year journey!

I was given the SECRET OF THE "SEVEN"  as/from/about the 11th of the 7th Son of the Venitian Being (Vulcan god~Thoth).  I am the 77th...architect to rebuild.....
....  Born in Virginia Beach, Va, (home of Edgar Cayce..A.R.E.) where the (s)plice of the Energetic Edge of the Blade of the SWORD from Ruta.

I live.... on the Cutting Edge of Awarenes... defining Myself.

While Bill Beuhler defines that Cape Hatteras, N.C. is to entry (point) of the SWORD, it is about our Eternal Living presence become REAL (Physical) into this dimension for purpose of NOW.

My present....Last Will Testament.... defines that upon my death, that my cremated (ashes) were to be thrown into the winds at Cape Hatteras, N.C. (perhaps so that I would return to Origin of that Space).  It became the place of Flight!!  of our forefathers of the Winged Ones!!

In 1987, I bought an oceanfront apartment Pent House Unit at Kill Devils Hill, N.C. on the Atlantic Ocean front property...dividing Dare County/Kill Devil Hills, N.C.. into 2 parts.  I actually had to pay yearly..... county personal property taxes to both Dare County and the other county!!!

 I was to live there, but my journey was to only take me from my point of origin to Egypt and back.....28 times now.  I was to find my Brother along the WAY!

THE HEART ACTIVATION CENTER  attachment was designed by me, based on the geometrical definition of and by Bill Beuhler.
.............It was to become the Resting Place of the SEVENTH...TEMPLE.

Please understand that your theory of the number SEVEN completes the answer to the initial/ORIGINAL construction point of the Great Pyramid, the exact Center....

 the Great Step into the CHAMBER OF THE KING.

 It is the Etheric Portal Point of the G.P. of which I have walked thru many many times now.  Upon my last attempt, I had to be physically carried out of the Kings Chamber, and it took 3 days for me to gain my physical well being!!

 It was the last time I entered the G.P. although visited the exterior many times during my many trips to Giza.  I have my own apartment at Giza near the G.P.

The Design of the G. P. is indeed based on the number SEVEN because it can only be mathematically defined, yet I was able to build it into physical form.

upon our meeting next month, I will show you many secrets.....shown to me .

en joy the pictures.
Spirit has spoken that when I was to find the POINT OF THE TRINITY, that a Temple was to be built.  Perhaps, we are to begin this now....
--- On Wed, 1/14/09, Peter Allen <> wrote:
From: Peter Allen <>
Subject: Re: Pyramid capstone chamber
Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 7:56 PM

Dear Bill,
It seems that we are coming to the same mystery by following different threads.
I am developing a theory that the sacred geometry of the heptagram, seven-sided
polygon, contains the key to linking the Great Pyramid with the Reshel. You can
look this figure up on the internet if you need to see it.
  When the heptagon is turned so that any of its seven points is on a
perpendicular axis with the horizon, the Great Pyramid will emerge when you skip
the two adjacent points and connect the apex with the next two. This heptagon
will appear in a photograph when light is refracted by the camera lens so that a
polygon appears. So it seems that light is pregnant with this divine logos as
sacred geometry. The heptagon cannot be expressed mathematically (like Pi and
Phi), thus it embodies the infinite brought to the finite.
  Having found the Great Pyramid in the heptagon, four other points are left.
Connecting them, one sees the Keystone. What does Reshel mean? The chief
headstone! Moreover, it is the Ark that the Reshel creates which contains the
creation field allowing for the manifestation of the New Race/DNA. Through the
Ark/Arc/Arch (the Human Heart/Grail) Heaven and Earth are joined. As we know
from stone Arch construction, the Keystone allows the Arch to retain its form,
and also allows it to bear tremendous loads. If Christ is seen as the Chief
Headestone, we can easily see the spiritual equivalent, all coded into the
heptagram, carried in light.
  That these two dynamics, the Great Pyramid Triangle and the Keystone
function together in the Heptagram must teach us that they are meant to function
together on Earth for us to realize the Divinity contained in our human form.
Numerically, the three-sided triangle has the property of communication, thus it
would be the bearer of the Divine Logos. The four-sided Keystone has the
property of manifestation--the Christ made manifest in Man. Working together,
the Pyramid and the keystone provide the two building blocks needed from
Creator. It is our attention, intention, and the giving of our hearts that
provides the third element. Now the three realms are brought together--Devic,
Human, and Divine.
  Below is the introduction to our workshop notebook.
  Thank you for your great work.
Yours in the light,


This Time continuum was created about half a million linear years ago to
accomplish a specific mission in creating a new form of Human and DNA. The
dynamics for this "experimental" Oritronic Universe came out of the
Vault (Great Nebula) of Orion including the 24 Breastplates (systems) of
Metatron (highest archangel). One of these systems is called the
"Techad" or as used by the Knights Templar and later Masons the
"Reshel" or "Chief Corner Stone of El"; this system is the
primary one facilitating the conduct of the continuum objective and also in the
return to normal, Metatronic universe reality. Thus it is encoded in
scriptures... the Judeo-Christian for our purposes here... and in temple and
earth grids as well as being used in light group process.
    It includes Time Gates for purposes of coordination across Time with
MANDATE: Root of the ABACUS MANDATE, a simplified summary.) "Established by
the AMETHYST THRONE (high level of Archangelic Hierarchy) under the authority of
the Archangel Michael to proclaim and govern the development of Light Redemption
within the Oritronic Universe. "It's main tenet for Earth is the
unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races, through the redemption of
the Nephilim "Fallen Factor".
     Since all human races on Earth contain the genetics of both these
supra-tribal consciousness', this principle of solvency must occur beginning
at the DNA level of each individual on the planet. "The Nature Races
(Devas, animals) are also involved in the synergy of Light Forms toward
development of full Light Metatronic receipt. All beings on Earth share in this
program of Light Redemption."
     This is more than a new age, it is the completion of the work of all the
ages: to create a new future that has always been created: our return into the
Rana Time Wave of Metatronic quality. This is now ongoing and there is no time
for karma yoga; Ascension is through release and acceptance of divine grace. As
of the '60s in linear time not enough souls had come up to transitional
frequency match, most are too low so would not make it in this phase. My main
message is that we have no other more demanding task now as souls and as a
cosmic race then to facilitate this Ascension. I find that the clearest message
for this is in the Judeo-Christian mysteries, that may be applied in all systems
of Sat-Chit-Ananda.

Bill Buehler

“NAMASTE—I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.
I honor the place in you of love, of light, of truth, of peace. I bow to your
divine spirit, to the great ball of sunshine that radiates from your heart.”

This is the State of Being one begins group process with. It realizes one’s
own “God/Christ is/as Self” as a unique soul and shares this Self with the
others’ “Selves”in the group. Use a SELAH BREATH to make this
connection and exchange.

"The worm will bore into the center of the Tree of Life
 and Light will pour out as if from a Golden Wound
 into the center of every heart."


--- On Wed, 1/14/09, WILLIAM BROWN <> wrote:

> Subject: Re: Pyramid capstone chamber
> To: "William S Buehler" <>
> Cc: "Peter Allen" <>
> Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 12:48 PM
> Hello William!
> cc: Peter.....
> Bill I have been in contact with Peter and we hope to meet
> at Trinity Point next month.
> In reference to your work as mentioned in email below, I
> wish to input some of my experiences relating to my/your
> own work.
>  How we overlap, if at all, is far beyond my
> understanding.  I find myself phasing in and out when I
> read and look at your drawings!
> I am just the messenger here speaking about my experience
> about what you write and what spirit tells me to write about
> back to you.
> In the attachment Pic 112, I am sending a
> possible of SOBEKNEFERU-first-certain-
> of Egypt....whom I am being contacted by/from???? Spirit...
> to get this message out to whomever.
> ...She contributed to Amenemhat III's Labyrinth, and
> also built at Herakleopolis Magna.
> Generally, Sobekneferu is known as the last Egyptian king
> of the Middle Kingdom, prior to the confusion of the Second
> Intermediate Period. She is the last ruler prior to the New
> Kingdom to appear in the offering lists found at Abydos and
> Saqqara, which suggests some kind of posthumous verdict that
> separates her from the kings who followed her with equally
> short reigns.
> Perhaps, she is part of the FEMINIE poles associated with
> my current Egyptian work.
> In any case, the Feminineineee !! is coming out in me and I
> don't understand myself let alone some other aspect!!!
> I built in 2004, a small geometric pyramid that conforms
> identitical to your reference
> 1.
> Reshel grid... Pyramid
> it was to exact dimensional proportions.... and I remember
> I was working with you at that time...shown partially in
> reference attachment #2 TRIPLE CUBE STRUCTURE... and p.18 as
> entire pyramid model in Potomac, Va, where Pilar and I use
> to live.
> This model helped me understand how the ancient Pyramid
> works and how/why they may have been built in the physical
> construction method in ancient Egypt.
>  It instantly put me into mediatative states of
> consciousness awarenesses and I experienced multiple
> bi-locations all the time.  They still happen even
> today!!  I find myself walking around in ancient Egypt as
> if it is a movie, yet see the real world around me at the
> same time!
> Anyway,....This model pyramid was built.... from the
> inside ....outward!!
> During the experience of building this model, I had built
> the outer shell skeleton to your dimensions (ref 1) and
> then instantly began to build it from the inside
> outward! placing pyramids and geometrical designed units
> inside itself!  I seemed to be recalling the past and a
> Knowing that directed me during the construction process.
>  it was most difficult, but somehow I did it because of
> years of prior construction model building, taking over 3
> months and $3,000!!! to it was built of
> copper, brass, gold and many many precious stones, etc.
> It was then that I moved in 2005 with Pilar to Colorado.,
> taking the model with us and putting the model into
> storage, because of my callings to go to Egypt (now 28 times
> since 2003).
> That was my time of separation with Pilar and my
> personal ventures into Egypt past before meeting my current
> wife, Lucyna!
>  I began to build this model shortly after my first visit
> to Egypt (11-11-2003 timeline).  The model however, was
> destroyed in route to Chicago during shipment by UPS last
> year and no longer exists in this physical world.
> They ...UPS... would not return it to me and we do not
> know its whereabouts today as it was not insured by the
> sender (friend in colorado where it was stored before
> shipping)!!
>  It seems to have collapsed (in shipment) under its own
> weight, as the foundation was built of 100's of
> Atlantian crystals in a sand bed, that was very
> very heavy!
> It appears now to have been modeled exactly.... the
> original Amenehat III pyramid built in Dashur (Black
> Pyramid), that in itself, collapsed under its own weight and
> sank into the mud surroundings!  That is why (supposedly
> according to historical records) the  Pharoah (Amenehat
> III) built the 2nd pyramid at Hawara, home of the ancient
> Labyrinth, which has now become my current job of employment
> to re~discover this year!!!
> However, I am finding somehow.... it reappearing
> Energetically while doing my work at Hawara pyramid site in
> Fayoum, Egypt.  It seems to be about the original pyramid
> built by Amenemhat III and again reappearing in my research
> about the Labyrinth project at Hawara.  I am now finding
> myself designing (on paper) 3 tombs inside the current
> pyramid as if memories about the 3 inner cubes???  We have
> now found GPR scans to begin to show this possibility.  I
> seem to see things before they happen???
> Peter writes about you and mentions something to do
> with.... HORUS removing the worm ordeal.... ????  I do not
> understand any of it????  My current book now defines the
> HEART of the DRAGON STAR, as the exact location of the
> underground tomb of the Pharoah of Giza, verified by GPR
> scans at Giza in Feb 2006.
> During my last visit to Hawara last month, while doing
> Engineering Survey stake out work for physical survey of the
> site, a very large (5 ft wing span) HAWK appeared at the
> south side of the pyramid.  It landed on the pyramid in
> direct centerline (upper south) and I and others saw it
> remove something from the "mud" brick (sloping
> side material of pyramid).. and I thought it a small snake,
> but now shown (etherically) it was a .... large worm!
> It had to do with some kind of wounding for / about
> me/us????  When I read Peter's email about it, I went
> into never never land for several minutes!!! and instantly
> the memory of the Hawk at Hawara reappeared to me!
> But the real point of this email is that during the
> construction of the model that I built, I was directed to
> It was most difficult, as I had already completed the
> model.  The 3 cubes interlinked within themselves..... each
> fitting 2/3 into each other from 3 directions, all three
> doing this simultaneously, such that the Final structure
> created a smaller (1/16 size of original cube) in the middle
> of the 3 cubes.
>  I don't know what this has to do with anything, I am
> just the messenger.!
> your last email sent me into never never land and I am
> trying to come back!!!
> regards
> bill brown... Earth 101
> ....The center or Neutra Universe area would use the Sar
> Hanok (Shar Chen-owk) format. Ref 6, combines with the:
> Ptah Hold (Sky Lotus Pyriethum Labyrinth at Lake
> Moeris).
> ....well, how then does this apply to my work at Hawara???
> --- On Tue, 1/13/09, William S Buehler
> <> wrote:
> From: William S Buehler <>
> Subject: Pyramid capstone chamber
> To: "Maia" <>
> Cc: "Carol Mann"
> <>, "Peter Allen"
> <>, "Jasmine Williams"
> <>, "Bill Brown"
> <>, "Tipton, James"
> <>,,
> "Adam Gainsburg" <>,
> "Valerie Kiraly" <>
> Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009, 5:39 PM
> Refs:
> 1.
> Reshel grid... Pyramid
> 2.
> Theramid: Middin Chamber
> 3.
> Seraphi program
> 4.
> Alikar grid, resonant with the crop formation pattern: all
> Central Suns, Mazuriel... needs a name/description but for
> now I assume that the Alikar system is its best functional
> description in our continuum.
> 5.
> Dendera Ceiling
> 6.
> Sar Hanok temple; combine with the Sky Lotus Pyriethum
> Labyrinth at Lake Moeris
> ------------------------
> Maia
> Ideas regarding the small chamber under the apex in the
> capstone.
> (This may take some time so put it on the bill if it does.)
> There seems to be 4 things going on in that area (ref 1):
> (1) the Middin Chamber linking with the two Sacred Vaults
> of the Sun. I think this is the "Pool of Stars"
> the Noach-Ayne (Noahcain) use. (ref 2: center of the Pool
> of Stars(?) )... Theramid locates here.
> (2) Center of the Reshel penta-Star (Dovine Mercaba)
> (3) Shiyn pole of the smaller penta-star formed around the
> Capstone (Glory/Tsadey pole) created by the two golden ratio
> spirals.
> (4) Seraphi program fired by the capstone. (ref 3)
> ------------------
> My present view is that the "small chamber" is
> just above the Middin Chamber but has a strong connection
> linking it. They may even be the same chamber with all four
> functions in it.
> Regarding the "Pool of Stars":  I believe that
> there are 3 levels of it in a teleplane situation. The upper
> plane is the ALIKAR Central Sun dynamic which effectively
> represents ALL the stars in all Universes. The Alikar would
> be the Christic core or Sacred Heart of God (Manifest) of
> the Helio-Mar.
> The lower plane, our continuum, would be the DENDERA
> CEILING format. (Ref 5)
> The center or Neutra Universe area would use the Sar Hanok
> (Shar Chen-owk) format. Ref 6, combines with the: Ptah
> Hold (Sky Lotus Pyriethum Labyrinth at Lake Moeris).
> Bill

Saturday, January 10, 2009

3 lightworks create Yah-chen Pillar during New Year's - a report

Greetings Lightworkers,

Enclosed below is a message from Nanciel Crowell, who will join us at the workshop.

She, along with Cynthia and Ezequiel have done the important installation work at Newport Tower and the
Westford Knight that allowed for the erection of the Yah-chen pillar.

As we now know, because of this, the
Layooesh pillar could be created between Newport and Charlottesville in Wash., DC. That led to the creation of the Ennead Staff through the Serpent Mound in Ohio. In case I haven't mentioned it before, we are building the new Temple of Consciousness, the New Jerusalem, which will house the New Race/DNA and help illuminate the New Earth Star. Anything on TV?

Love to all,

Peter Allen

Solstice and New Years MeditationWednesday, January 7, 2009 9:47 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified"Nancy Crowell"

To: "Peter Allen" <>

Greetings and Happy 2009!

I'm finally getting around to sharing my Solstice experience along with the New Year's Ceremony.

As you know, a snowstorm prevented us from journeying to the Newport Tower to meet with Ezequiel for a "first light" ceremony.

Cynthia and I decided to connect thru meditation at 7:00 am. I "went" to the Newport Tower and saw the first rays of the sun shine thru the window of the tower. The rays were unusual colors and hard to describe. The were very pale, but extremely bright and would best be described as violet, ice blue, spring green, and magenta. A large ball of white light was hovering above the tower for quite some time before connecting with the rays of the sun and then in a flash turned into amazing geometric patterns.

The Star of David was prominent but then shifted to a purple 7 pointed star. St Germain's presence was very strong and he held an ancient skull in his hands. The 7 pointed star turned in many directions and emitted energies that were being installed and grounded into the Tower. There were many beings that were able to travel thru the center of the star - a dimensional portal of sorts.

The energies were rather intense and after the meditation I was very cold and tired and went back to bed.

Later I connected in with Terri Rivera Piatt at Serpent Mound. The energy of the stars and constellations was amazing and the Serpent was the link between them and Gaia.

A cathedral type window appeared that opened and more energies poured thru preparing the ground and earth for more to come. Many ancients and star beings were present and they radiated incredible love and peace and will continue to work there preparing the way...

On New Year's Day I had planned a ceremony, but again the snows came the night before. A few brave souls made it my house for the ceremony and there were 5 of us present. It was a ceremony blessing and letting go of the old and bringing in our desires for the New Year, and connecting in with the Reshel Grid. We worked with all of the Elements and Masters and when it was all done we had been in ceremony for 1 1/2 hours.

In South/ Fire we did a burning bowl - each had written out what we wanted to let go of, blessed it, and let it burn. To replace what we had let go of, each one of us stated our intention for the year, and we focused on them holding their intention in the Light.

At my turn, I found myself in a completely golden Egyptian room. There were hieroglyphics on the wall made of gold and protruded out from the wall. To the right was a gold throne. I looked to the bottom of it at the stairs and my gaze slowly rose up to meet the being in the throne.

Once I got to the head and looked in it's eyes, I immediately became an eagle and flew out of the room and into the sky. I was carrying an animal(?) in my mouth that was dark and heavy. Once I dropped it, was able to soar higher and wider. I soared in a spiral upwards and left golden particles/dust in the sky like an airplane.

I had an unbelievable hot flash during this experience, which is not all that uncommon for me. Thankfully, I had someone holding my feet as it helped me to ground back into my body.

After we had completed our rituals with each element, we came to the Center and did a brief meditation with the
Reshel Grid. The group reported roses, a chalice, an eagle, many geometries, numbers/formulas, and the Templar Cross. The earth lit up in various places and the sense of peace we all felt was beautiful.

I plan to come to Charlottesville for the May workshop and will send my money out this week. I look forward to meeting you, again....

Blessings to you for all your work!

Light & Love,