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Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rainbow Lights of Tibet and Virginia (USA)


Greetings, Friends,

Tibetan spirituality is well-known for it´s explicit description of the multi-faceted rainbow lights that are in its domain.

Several years ago, when I was making a two-week pilgrimage to the world power spot of Mt. Kailas in eastern Tibet, I spent five days crossing each way across the Tibetan plateau at 15,000 feet. That was a total of 10 days travel in LandRovers across the former bottom of an ocean that had now been pushed up to be the "roof of the world". Endless days travel over sand and sand dunes, and roads that were somewhere amidst the oceans of sand... sometimes visible when the wind was not blowing sand in our faces, and often invisible to the human eye.
Oh, yes, did I mention the altitude sickness ;(

What to do for 10 days of this incessant travel in the blinding sunlight, bitter cold, and no heat in the LandRovers.

So I did what pilgrims do, and turned into the inner and subtler dimensions. I began the endless repetition of a spiritual mantra, which opens the doors to the other worlds.
(Read how I survived physically here )

In no time, my vision shifted from the 3D realm of endless oceans of sand, and tuned into the spiritual frequencies of the fabled lands called Tibet.

I watched in endless fascination as the atmosphere rarefied in my vision, and instead of the endless sand dunes, I now saw amazing frequencies of dancing sparkling rays of light. I will describe them as icicles of light... not because they were cold, but because they seemed to be vertical rays of light, somewhat icicle shaped, that hung and permeated the air everywhere.
They were every imaginable hue and color, and some colors and hue not seen before - and I was totally enjoying and mesmerized by the spectacle of light shown before me.
I remember reading that in spiritual traditions of Tibet, the dissolution of the bodies - including the physical body - into the frequencies of light is considered one of the highest attainments of that path - The Rainbow Body meditation.
So in this delightful and mesmerizing manner, I managed to spend the ten days crossing the Tibetan plateau, managing to be somewhat above noticing the freezing cold, dung-laden dust, incessant dust and fumes from our entourage of 9 or so vehicles in our caravan, the nausea from the altitude and lack of oxygen, etc.

Hurray for spiritual practices!
With this history, w
hich continues in my mind like a most magnificent and beautiful dream, I was somewhat surprised recently to experiences similar sheets and fields of light in Virginia in the USA.

I was fortunate to spend a day and a half at a magnificent mountain top in Virginia that revealed amazing light shows to my human mind.

Among some of the visions bequeathed were:

1. A mountain top full of tracks of light that weave in designs like a labyrinth, and eventually open into a mountain-top portal filled with radiating gold light. There were several huge beams of light penetrating the earth at critical junctures. Particularly noticeable were a brilliant golden beam, a ruby red beam, and a sapphire blue beam.... all in pristine, immaculate clear light.

2. Pathways leading up to this mountain top have the trails delineated by Lazar thin streams of liquid light. The colors revealed to me include an intense sapphire blue, a brilliant ruby red, a verdant green, and a golden yellow. In walking along on these trails of light, I came to realize that these natural currents of light on/in the earth must have been traced by the animals. Then humans, would have walked in the animal pathways expanding them. In further time, walkways, and sometimes roads (as in Hawaii among other places) would then be created over these walkways... All building on the initial Lazar streams of light on planet earth.

3. Another field in this special land had amazing strings of light, dripping all in red, interspersed with red hearts - all dancing like wind chimes in a breeze. And in the very middle of this field, was a brilliant red heart - quite large, and glowing and bulging with exuberant life-giving energy. I had trouble tearing my eyes away from this spectacle.

4. Later, as I surveyed the mountain top with the Lazar lines of light, I saw a great golden dome of light over the entire hilltop. As I meditated on this dome of golden light, it extended rays of its own brilliance into me for healing and light expansion purposes. Very magnificent.

5. In the glen of the main cabin on this rainbow land of light, is a double ring of zig-zag energies... rotating in two opposing circles... forming a most amazing energetic boundary of this area. There is also a special seat in this area which can be entered through a series of labyrinth turns which then open into other dimensions.
(Here in Peru, recently, a shaman explained to me that the zig-zag lines can refer to the spiritual lightening - which I assume is like kundalini in the Himalayan traditions... to be researched further.)

6. There is another little (physically) meditation glen off to the side which has an amazing "wall of magical beneficent beings" over 10 feet high by earth reckoning. There are hundreds if not thousands of faces of the spirit beings who reside here. To sit in the center of this circle, surrounded by these energies, is a most healing, revealing and blessing experience.
(Drunvalo Mechizadek describes a similar manifestation in a pyramid of the ancient Mayas in his new book Pyramid of Light in the Yucatan peninsula of present day Mexico.)

I look forward to spending some more time meditating in these sacred spaces, and becoming more familiar with the beings and lights who reside in this magical rainbow land of Virginia.

Barney & Antonia, the stewards for this sacred space, were shown the land, while running a Bed & Breakfast Inn in the nearby town. They closed on the purchase of the farm only a few weeks later. Subsequently, Antonia has discovered several previous lifetimes as a wisdom-holder here. The 'Land of Grace' is being honored for its sacred ground & the land's nature spirits are joyful for their role in amplifying the light found here.

As the retreat continues its expansion, more workshops/programs are being created to share these amazing energies with others. This magnificent rainbow land and the Divine Symbols...sacred geometry for the new millennium, are the impetus for the annual Celebration of Love event each February.

Here is the website for the vacation cabin retreat aspect of the farm:

When I return from Peru and the equinox meditation on Lake Titicaca in April of 2009, I will also be doing some retreats and presentations there to explore and connect with these sacred light energies.

Please stay tuned if you are interested - as we evolve and finalize the healing and meditation programs we are going to offer on this magical portal of land.

Some events are at
You can subscribe to stay informed of updates.

Some of my work is also described and there is a free audio meditation that I learned from the spirit guides on Lake Titicaca last year at

To Your Enhancing Love and Light,

Pat Crosby
Spiritual Journeyer

Universal Copyright, Pat Crosby 2009. All rights Reserved. This article may be reprinted and distributed without charge as long as the article is included in its entirety and all links and contact information are left intact.

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