Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Peru - Land of Sacred Mysteries - Workshop Trio with Pat Crosby & Guides

 April 2009 Workshop in Virginia with Pat Crosby & Guides for Follow Up and Expansion of the Equinox Trigger, Peru, Lake Titicaca.  Guided Meditation, Clearing, & Light Body Expansion & Enhancements

aka Land of the Rainbow Lights Click Me!  by Pat Crosby 
  aka The Land of Grace by the Elementals   Click Me!

Dear Spiritual Family,
SOUTH RIVER HIGHLANDS COUNTRY RETREAT & the WORLD LOVE PROJECT TM  are proud to present PAT CROSBY,  Spiritual Journeyer, Facilitator, Healer, Light Worker, Author, Forgiveness Guide & Sacred Site Adventuress. Pat will be returning from her 5 week spiritual journey to the sacred land of Peru at the insistence of her spiritual guides, being told that her consciousness would be completely changed while there. When Pat returned from Peru in 2008, she returned with some of the angels of Lake Titicaca, who gave her a workshop on LOVING FORGIVENESS, a path that must be taken to experience a life of peace with a heart of love.
Many of you received a letter I recently sent, written by Pat, comparing the rainbow lights of Tibet with the rainbow lights over our farm land in Buena Vista (If you have not received the letter & would like to, please let me know). Quite a few of you have been on the farm & have experienced the State of Grace Pulsation Center & the Divine Symbols TM ...sacred geometry for the new millennium. These have effected the land and the radiance emitted from the land. When Pat was on the farm, just before her journey to Peru, she was amazed to see rainbow lights, similar to those in Tibet, in addition to pulsing hearts over the land & a vision of an amazing 'wall of magical beneficent beings over 10 feet high by earth reckoning in a small glen ...there are hundreds, if not thousands, of faces of the spirit beings who reside here'.
Pat Crosby is returning to the farm on April 22nd, 23rd & 24th and has offered to share experiences of her powerful reconnection with the angels of Lake Titicaca, her experiences with lightworkers & shamans of the area, information on the equinox experience & the amazing portal of the lake where she was on the equinox & much more. She is also returning to spend more time in meditation on the land of rainbow lights & has offered to have others join her for this experience..
When I last heard from Pat, trying to get an idea of what she might like to have as workshops, she mentioned that much was still unfolding and all would be 'new material'....that much of the work, is channeled & guided on the spot. Pat said she is a gatekeeper & facilitator for inter dimensional communication & light work. It would be her role, function and intention to open the portals of communication to other beings & hold that space until the guides inform her that it is enough for those present.
So, Pat has agreed to do the following:

APRIL 22nd, Wednesday 7 - 9:30PM  COST: $15. (cost not to be a deterrent)  An evening of discussion & power point presentation of the Spiritual Experiences of the Sacred Land of Peru & Lake Titicaca. This evening would offer: *an in-depth understanding of the power & sacred presence available in sacred sites around the world, * will come to know the secrets of the doorways to other dimensions that are available at these power spots, * join in a guided meditation with the spirit guides from Lake Titicaca who are on a mission to help humanity awaken & enlighten with the power of unconditional love, through forgiveness, * time to ask questions.

APRIL 23rd, Thursday  3 - 9PM  COST: $40. (cost not to be a deterrent)  A Unique, Guided on the Spot, Experience Based on Those That are Present (for the adventuresome)  Some of the aspects will include: * Report on the light grids of ancient, modern & eternal Peru power points, * How these light points intersect & communicate with various grid systems of the Earth, * individual & group clearing to access more fully these light grids & portals, * expansion of the ability to be IN LOVE as we release old energetic patterns residing in our bodies, * an experience of working with the guides present to make more clear our individual light bodies for light expansion, * journaling, * discussion. This work will be transformative & light-body altering.

APRIL 24th, Friday 3 - 7PM   COST: $20. (cost not to be a deterrent)  Meditation on the Power Points of the 'Land of Rainbow Lights' aka 'Land of Grace'  with Pat Crosby. This will be as powerful as those present are able to receive & perceive.

LIMITED SHARED LODGING IS AVAILABLE for those wishing to stay on the land Wednesday & Thursday evenings at a cost of $30. per night. A cleaning fee donation/cabin will be requested. Food will be available in town at the local restaurants or, if staying on the farm, groceries can be brought or purchased at the nearby grocery store.
RSVP:  Reservations are requested, payment at the door is OK, lodging requests by April 16th, please.   Antonia 540.461.1401,

* PLEASE feel free to forward this letter to anyone you think may be interested in these events. Help us to support events such as these.*

Additional Info on the Incas from Pat:
During the 400 or so years of the Inca incarnations, they identified and empowered and enhanced the natural connecting points of the earth grids at that time with the greater galactic grids.
Lake Titicaca is a direct funnel for these energies to enter the planet cross-dimensionally.
Lake Titicaca is also a holding tank of sorts for energies yet to be released fully onto this planet. This light codes are stored in a series of  what look like safe-deposit boxes lining the vast walls of the portal tunnel. This light codes, also known as galactic codes, carry time sensitive light activation designs. When this designs are released through the portal, and received by receptive human beings, they will be transduced into the frequency patterns that are most easy to be received at the time of the contact between humans who carry the codes, and those who are destined and choosing to receive them.
These codes the form of multi-dimensional symbols, vary in frequency in relation to the time they are received in terms of the current rapid evolutionary process underway in this planetary system, and the interaction with the receiving humans.
Humans can elect to receive these upgrade codes into their light systems through the magnetism of their desire to evolve energetically, and to be of service with unconditional love and no agenda to the greater human family.
For more information on Pat Crosby: ;

COMMENTS about Pat Crosby:

     AUTHOR, SPEAKER, SACRED SITE TRAVELER, GEOLOGIST JAMES TYBERONN: "Pat Crosby is a true Earth-Keeper. Her depth of understanding teamed with her extensive travels to sacred sites all over the planet have given her keen insight and wisdom that are clearly reflected in this book. It is a must-read for all on the path."  James Tyberonn,  

     TOP AUTHOR, MENTOR, COACH, TRAINER JOHN MILTON FOGG There are angels among us. I know. I met one. Her name is Pat Crosby and she is here spreading the Power of Forgiveness with her magic golden particles. Breathe them in and untangle your life."  John Milton Fogg

     TOP AUTHOR BOB BURG, THE GO-GIVER  "There are very few things more counterproductive than holding a grudge. In this little gem, Pat Crosby shares a method for forgiveness that can provide you with more happiness, joy, peace of mind, and financial success." -Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver (
With Loving Heart & Many Blessings, Antonia
Antonia Albano & Barney Brown
Lexington Virginia 24450
...a magical place that lingers long after returning home...
newlink for 'Celebration of Love' - info
540.463.2593 (main & reservations)
540.461.3711 (Barney's cell)
540.461.1401 (Antonia's cell)

The March 2009 equinox lights of the planetary galactic portal of Lake Titicaca were stunning, amazing, brilliant, and awe inspiring. – A galactic aurora borealis.  
The portal itself was a radiant deep purple…. Looking like the inside of an amethyst studded cathedral. 
Radiating out of the portal was the most gentle and sublime lime green light – like a searchlight sending out diffused beams of light… sending…. sending… sending….?  What to be revealed...
This combination of lights was spell-binding.  And very soothing.   
I had completed a 5 hour journey by land and by sea to arrive in the middle of Lake Titicaca on the eve of the equinox. (This 5 hour trip was the tail end of a month of travel in Peru visiting and attuning to the energies of around 15 or so sacred sites and light portals prior to the equinox weekend.)   
 As I was sitting out under the glorious belt of diamond stars studding the pitch black sky, a huge golden meteor zoomed horizontally across the edge of the sky.  Wow!  Was all I could think! 
I tuned into all the individuals and groups around our planet who were gathering and/or intending to celebrate this most glorious event in our earth evolution, and could feel the planetary momentum gathering. 
And that was from the human side. 
Then I tuned into the guidance force that was equally excited and geared up for this momentous occasion. 
The magnificent lights of the portal were spectacular – both powerful as well as gentle simultaneously – a magical blending of the feminine and masculine energies.  . All was primed and awaiting this most blessed event to begin at dawn the next earth day.   
The Incan mythology tells of the perfect man and the perfect woman arising from Lake Titicaca to begin a new female-male balanced creation.   And the lights from this portal on this equinox perfectly reflected those energies.   
I slept hardly at all that night….  Just savoring the energies of the moment, and wondering what my part – as on  physical location at the major inter-galactic portal of Lake Titicaca would be. 
As I queried my guides how to proceed, they said I should just lower myself etherically into the portal.  Now you must understand that this portal is VAST VAST VAST.  It goes through the earth plane, and comes out into another dimension, and connects with MANY galactic points.  The Lake Titicaca portal is a major portal funneling energy into our dimension.  It also holds a complete collection of time codes to initiate and guide evolutionary cycles on this planet.   
I slipped my subtle self into the portal, wondering just how deep it was and how deep I would go…. Over my head for sure!  But I could only go a fraction of a galactic inch into the portal.  I was suspended just a little inside and below the rim of the portal.  The guides explained that that was as far as I could go as an embodied human, for the frequency changes would be so severe and so shocking to my human mindset and awarenesses that I would not be able to return to this dimension and to this human experience.  They said to just suspend myself at the top of the portal where it connected to this dimension, and that would be enough. 
In the months leading up to this event,  I had received 3 light codes.  The first, several months ago.  The second, about a week prior.  And the third, just a few days ago.
The first code embedded itself in my subtle body and mind’s eye.  It began to somersault out of me into various lightworkers, and sometimes planetary hot spots where individuals needed an upgrade in their perspective…. Such as war zones.  
The second code was a very fast moving energetic symbol….one of which we have an earth diagram.  However, this new version exhibited a powerful elastic quality which could bounce and rebound like a giant rubber band from one end of a galaxy to another.  My mind could barely keep up with the reverberations of this code.   
Code # 3 is even more amazing.  It was a wildly fast moving collection of energies…. Much too fast and convoluted for my mind to differentiate.  It was moving at warp speed, rolling and somersaulting.  It was a conglomeration of colors, including gold, blue, and lime green. Other subtle colors were also mixed in.   The lime green was the color that predominating in my vision. 
As the equinox cosmic trigger energies hit the portal, it was as though gigantic streaks of white lightening zoomed all around… bouncing around inside the portal… activating dormant light codes  (I will describe more about the inside of the portal during the workshops.)  It felt as though a giant switch had been flipped. 
Then I could observe people all around the planet meditating during this time… the large group in Galveston with Tyberon,  healers in the Charlottesville area,  masses of people all over the planet. .  Then I saw a beautiful purple ray.  I followed it back to its source and saw St. Germaine with his channel Maxine Jones in Atlanta.  Really cool!  A lot more was going on…. But my human mind could only capture highlights. 
Many thanks to ALL of you who send your wonderful love, highest intentions, and good will and energies during this magical portal time.  The light party went on a good three hours by earth reckoning.  Wow!
The series of workshops planned in the greater Charlottesville Virginia area in the month of April 2009 will explore these codes and our relationship to them as well as the energies of the emerging planetary grid and power points as related to the planetary and our individual evolutionary processes. 

You may take one, two, or all three of the sessions... they are each independent of each other.
Virginia is a highly charged land of light… from the light temples at Monticello (home of Thomas Jefferson) and Trinity Point, the Rainbow Lands of South River Highlands farm, and the golden galactic light entry points of Rainbow Ridge Road. 
The golden light on top of the mountain at South River Highlands farm retreat  is the same shape and frequency of the etheric sun disc as I observed it in Lake Titicaca… and as is represented in various Incan and other cultures’ extant sacred art work. 
(Reference:  See my previous report on the Rainbow Lights of Virginia and Tibet archived at )

APRIL 22nd, 23rd & 24on the Rainbow Lands of South River Highlands farm, these workshops will be:
Connecting with the massive light portal of Lake Titicaca in Peru. 
All participants will have the opportunity to attune to the cosmic golden light, and then commune and meditate with the spirit guides from higher vibrating dimensions. 
We will then each engage in automatic writing and/or channeling as individual gifts allow to extract more of the meaning and significant of these sacred symbols.  
We will work with the guides to improve and skills and knowledge in working inter-dimensionally and being of service in this ascension process. 
This part of the workshop will be expansive… individually and collectively, and the living power of the light codes begins to operate in each of us. 
(The best analogy I can give is similar to a Reiki attunement…. Those who have had this or similar initiations know how powerful the process can sometimes be.  Though I would not put any limits on where meditating on these newly released light codes can go or where it will take us.)
We will pool our received knowledge and share our insights and revelations from intergalactic cosmic sources. 
We will also meditate on 3 of the galactic codes that were released from their time capsules during the equinox of March 2009.
As time allows, there may also be channeling with planetary light grid guide Reshel, who is the feminine aspect of Metatron, and also with the Spirit Guides of Lake Titicaca who are of the Elohim light family class.   
The workshops are interactive (if you care to talk you can, silence is also honored).
No one turned away for lack of funds.

  1. Pure Drinking WATER
  2. Healthy Snack
    4.   Open Heart & Mind
    5.  Organic vegetarian potluck for snacks and meals around sessions. 


      Donations help to defray travel expenses. 
There will also be for purchase a small collection of high quality alpaca clothing and finger puppets made by indigenous weavers high up in the Andes.  The alpacas are a magical animal… guardians.  They also serve the people as the buffalo do on the northern continent of the Americas… providing food, help, clothing…. Beautiful loving intelligent beings.  
Also, the guided Forgiveness Meditation booklet will be available for purchase.
Cash, checks preferred.  Credit cards processed through paypal.
Other Sites to Subscribe for info  Heart opening, clearing and healing meditation … audio free… small downloadable guidebook for a small fee …. From the Spirit Guides of Lake Titicaca - offered to help humanity evolve at this time.  Channeled messages from Reshel and other guides. 


Universal Copyright Pat Crosby, 2009.  All rights reserved.  Permission granted to reprint or distribute this information as long as it is done in its entirety with all links and contact information included and intact. 


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