Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Virginia Workshop Reports - Lake Titicaca Light Codes, Bill Buehler, Other News

Hello Souls of Light,

So happy to report to you that I have finally got all the pieces together online for you to enjoy - remember - and review your experiences from the Light Codes of Lake Titicaca Workshops that we had at Antonia & Barney's wonderful retreat last month.

My journey driving north to my Catskill Mountain home was peaceful and tranquil - enjoying many hours on the back roads of VA & NY enjoying the renewing miracle of spring bursting forth from all the beautiful members of our plant family - and inhaling the delicious scents of the pink, fuscia, magenta, and white blossoms celebrating profusely everywhere.

I was struck with a deep period of integration and recalibration the first week back to my home after 6 months on the road...and having done back to back both our mysteries of Peru adventure series of workshops

Bill Buehler's extraordinaire Reshel Grid Workshop
Yes, you can also see the great music video of lightworkers from that workshop on that site :)

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The master site for grid work is

I will processing more of the energies of the workshop in the coming time period, reviewing our extensive notes and drawings, and making that information available in a more formatted presentation.

Meanwhile, the audio files of the Q & A with the Spirit Guides of Lake Titicaca, as well as the guided meditation on experiencing what it is to be a spirit guide are both online for you to listen to as well as download at
There is no charge to either listen or download.

Other happy news:
Peter Allen's article on the Reshel Grids is out in the MAY 2009 issue of the Sedona Journal... you can subscribe online for it at

We are also planning in the immediate future a series of tele-seminars for further advancement of our light body activations and enhancements... so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the various links if you want to be notified about these live events (we will also make follow-up recordings available.) The format will include interviews with brilliant cutting-edge lightworkers, Q & A, channeled info about the ascension process, and more. (There will probably be a slight cost to cover our production expenses.)

I am also making a DVD of the Sacred Power Points of Peru. It will be up and for sale very soon... right now getting permission from the music publishers to use their beautiful sound tracks. This will be an expanded version of the movie we utilized in the Peru workshop. The slides are all chosen for their power to invoke and activate, support and enhance the energies of the powerful interdimensional doorways at Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley, and the Lake Titicaca galactic portal in you.

Many people are being called now to Peru. This DVD is designed to enhance and magnify the power of their trip - to maximize the precious week or two that most people have in these places of immense spiritual power. By watching this DVD before going, travellers will be that much more readied to engage and interact with the energies when they actually get there. And for those that have been to these sacred places, the DVD will be a reminder and memory enhancer for all the wonderful activations that occur in such places.

And for those who are not making the trip, the DVD will be a great arm-chair spiritual travel version to go!

Please SUBSCRIBE on the above sites to get the announcement of this activation DVD as well as other cutting-edge developments in the rapidly developing planetary shift in vibration, frequency, and out consciousness that we are all experiencing - ready or not. Best to be ready, in my opinion.

Feel free to forward this information to other interested persons.


Pat Crosby


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