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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mystic Symbols and the Keys of Enoch... Expert answer

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Esoteric Symbology - 64 keys of Enoch

Expert: Stephen Jackson - 2/22/2008

Are the 64 keys of Enoch represented by a symbol?
(So shines the light)


I see you understood the Latin *smile*. The 64 keys is a new topic for me, so bear with me as I attempt to get myself around the subject. Before I discuss the idea of representing the 64 keys with a symbol, please indulge me as I journey into them and what I am able to make of them within the context of my knowledge.

The 64 Keys of Enoch is the title of a revelation paper by J. J. Hurtak around 1973, as best I can gather. The number 64, the double of 32, would tie this concept at some level to the Hebrew Language Cabala. The text refers to 'the 64 Keys of Enoch and Metatron' (a reference to the mystic cycle of Venus, which repeats Her Pentacle in the Heavens each 8 years, and perfects it every 40 years, both numbers key to Metatron). Since the 32 paths are intended to be trodden both ways, up and down, then 64 does seem appropriate and would express the idea of a journey through the path in both directions. The number 8 multiplied by itself is 64. The keys make significant reference to being an expansion of Christianity, and the work is of a type (common in that period even more than now) which attempts to meld spiritual concepts into modern physics (not hard to imagine if you are familiar with M-Theory, a later variant of the so called 'String Theories').

The Keys read outwardly to be an 'Ascension Path', which is to say a path for achieving not only spiritual enlightenment, but actually the ascension out of, and no longer requiring, a physical state of being (not a new idea at all if you have read the book of Enoch). It is also in the form of a prophecy, foretelling great change and stresses in the Earth (remember, the idea that human intervention was degrading the physical planet became well known just around this time, Earth Day being first celebrated on April 22, 1970). The text of the Keys directly references the year 2012 as a milestone in the process, a sort of 'rapture' when the referenced group of illuminated human beings would achieve ascension. There is also reference to a shift of the Earth's rotational axis, which had earlier been prophesied by none other than Edgar Cayce. This work relates closely to the Book of Revelations and claims to explain the meaning of that most Cryptic Work. The work also seems to have a great deal of its more subtle imagery in common with Alchemy, and may have been influenced by that school.

As interesting and arcane as the Keys themselves is the explanation which follows in the available text ... taking us into the realm of mystic science and tying our DNA Structure to the prophecies (again, this is not unique nor new, since mysterious double helix engravings appeared more than once in early Alchemy, 15th to 16th century).

While I am not qualified to assign a specific symbol to a work to which I am so recently introduced, two things come to mind. One being the Flame, the feel of which permeates the Work, and the Fire Salamander, harbinger of Revelation. The other would be the Hebrew letter Shin, whose shape resembles three flames, which I would find fitting.

I hope that this writing, miserable as it is, helps you to experience perhaps a flicker of light on the subject. I greatly thank you for the opportunity to explore this!


Stephen Jackson

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