Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Codes of Light for Lightworkers In Foods - Eating for Light - Becoming the Stargate

Recently I drank my very first freshly extracted carrot and apple juice. After drinking this I could feel the living life force within me and I felt as though I was communicating with the carrot and the apple in some way? Sounds silly I know but can the Nine possibly speak on this experience?

I do eat a lot of junk food like cakes, pastries, chocolate and crisps but I also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Surely the good food cancels out the bad and I can allow myself a treat now and again if I decide that it is doing no harm?

These questions are responded to by the sixth density collective source The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine", through the channel, Magenta Pixie. 


I recently came to know of this raw Ayurvedic food that is now packaged raw for global distribution.  This food has over 90 nutrients.  I notice a  golden aura around the can.

Having seen several neighbors and friends have miraculous results adding this product to their diets, I decided to promote and distribute the information to lightworkers... as we all need highest level support for our physical bodies during our ascension process.

The company has organic lands in south India, and provides schools, hospitals, and housing for the "untouchable" workers there - and has won awards for their humanitarian work in this regard.


It is a light filled righteous work for lightworkers in my experience.  


The Januarary ForGIVEness mastermind is now up - if you wish to help put the healing power of ForGIVEness into the planetary light grids - AND raise your own vibration by expelling old energetic imprints through the loving grace of the Angels of ForGIVEness - a group of the Elohim.

Listen and participate online at

The Golden Prana Particle opening Meditation is channeled by Siemone - who hails from the Caribbean country of Guyana.  She has used this meditation successfully with her young daughter, as well as soothed her own nerves with the meditation.  Her joyful laughter at the end of the audio make my days :)




Thank you for your response.

Yes, I too found the info pretty fascinating!

This link will take you to the shopping cart for different countries.

On the LOWER RIGHT you can click on

Then select your country.


IF you prefer to get membership status and have a 15% discount on all orders,

Again, choose your country and proceed as indicated.
The Membership option allows you to refer other for a commission, too, if you like.

You can also start with some product, and then upgrade to membership if you like your results.

Many nutritionists and professionals are using the products with their clients and caseloads.... a few of the testimonials about such use are on the testimonials scattered throughout various posts and included in the audio testimonials on

This examples caught my attention initially.


Feel free to email me more as you need to.

universalpat if you want to talk/chat.

Many Blessings of Light,


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