Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Searching for the 17th Dimension... do you know where it is?

A reader of one of my channeled articles called me this week for some private session work - wanting to know about the 17th Dimension and what it meant for her.

Hmmm... I searched with my current council of guides and got only vague answers.... things like lightworker initiation, higher frequency and such.

So, off to Master Guide Google for further research - and to prepare and open my human mind to receive new information ... and here is a fascinating new resource I think you will find fascinating.

As I've been reading through the different pages of this site, many lightbulbs of remembrance and connection are going off in my head.

Meanwhile, if you can contribute any information about the 17th Dimension,  I would love to know.

Use the COMMENT link below this post with your info, insights, questions, etc.  

As I've been researching the 17th Dimension,  I have been pulled into extensive deep states of other-than-3rd-dimensional consciousness.  So I might physically look like a lump on the hammock (yea Spring!) - but I am off travelling and searching in MANY places drawing in an answer for my client!


Just a quick note... so much info has been coming through... I have several new articles to release, and also, a new EXPANDED 2nd Edition of The little Book of ForGIVEness - the channeled meditation I received in Lake Titicaca in Peru two years ago.   I am very impressed with the new edition... it has come a long way graphically since our 1st edition last year :)))

Many thanks to all my tutors on so many subjects - graphics arts, presentation, organizing, feedback from workshop participants, and blog subscribers !  Wah!

The main website for this project is

The guides define ForGIVEness very broadly - letting go all past energy imprints so you can move forward into new light and frequency bands and dimensions.

Of course, that means we have lots of encounters of a close kind to forgive and "let go" of the old memory traces and imprints so that we can lighten our density and move forward into the constantly refreshing new energies.

With Love,

Pat Crosby

1 comment:

Jackie Chou said...

I think Buddha was(is) in the 17th dimension but I can't visualize that state of mind myself. I am working on the "Buddha-hood" path; constantly reminding myself not to seek spiritual growth in the trophy hunting mind-set.