Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Call-In Talk Radio Show on the Grids Live Today. Replay available

Dear Light Grid Masters,

I'll be on internet radio Angel Heart Network tonight talking about the Peru, the Lemurian, crystalline, and galactic grids and the grid work we will be doing collectively on our 2013 sacred journey trip and how this project all arose from grid and portal work in Hawaii this past winter ~ and what this means for you, your life, and relationships as we go over the hill of 2012 and glide into the New Beginning of 2013.

This is a live call-in global broadcast with instant replay available on Blog Talk Radio. So have your questions ready.

Our host is in Australia, I am in New York, and people attend online from all over the planet ~ live and in replay. Please join us ~~~

7:00 PM Eastern time, New York

Replay will be available at this link.

 We will be doing healing, energy work, grid work ~ and having fun and laughter ~ during our sojourn together.

I hold YOU in the Creator's Beautiful Magenta and Gold Lemurian Light.


Pat Crosby


Grid Trip to Peru in February 2013


This trip is under the guidance of The Golden Spirit of Lemuria, The Lemurian Council, The Cosmic Council of Light,  Reshel (feminine aspect of Lord Metatron that sees all is created in unconditional love), AA Michael, Kirael, Elsar (Elvin guide through Reverend Mel Morishige of the Honolulu Church of Light) ~ and other beings of love and light.

Basic explanation of Lemurian Grid

The Mayans call 2013 "The New Dream"
 ~ Help us Co-Create a Planet in Forgiveness and Unconditional Love as we draw upon the cosmic archives of the Lemurian Grid and stream them into the planet in the New Beginning of 2013.

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Group organizers can contact us for special arrangements for any group that would like to join us live in Peru.

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