Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bill Buehler Interview with Pat Crosby: Grids, History, Equinox +

Greetings, Lightworkers,

Today, Bill Buehler consented to an hour-long interview with Pat Crosby to answer some common questions about light grids, share his love, perspective and passion of his 800 year study of them, and give some overviews of the May 2009 Light Grid Masters Workshop in Charlottesville, VA, as sponsored by the Jai Devi Ascension Network founded and directed by Peter Allen.

Some highlights of the interview include:

* How Bill got interested in studying grids (in this lifetime), and his spiritual wake-up while stationed in the military in Hawaii.

* The variety of grids and how and why they change.

* What will be achieved in the May 2009 Charlottesville VA workshop.

* How the Free Form Synergy Group Meditation came to be.

* What is so special about the Reshel Master grid - among all the other grids.

* Comments on grids and the Mayan prophecies and 2012.

Here are several formats to access the audio file:

For our dial up friends and others who want the MP3 file, go to:

Listen streaming here:">Click here to download…

The audio is posted online for archival purposes at

You can find more of Bill's studies online at

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Feb 22, 2009. 2:00 PM +
Bill Brown at Trinity Point

Details at

March 21, 2009. Spring Equinox
2-6 PM Trinity Point with Peter Allen & Friends
Lake Titicaca Peru with Pat Crosby & Friends

Join in a planetary grid experience... meditate with us during these hours - in body or remotely.

If you are interested in going to Lake Titicaca for the equinox, email Pat Crosby directly immediately
This is a low-budget, backpacker lightworker event - we will be meeting with lightworkers and indigenous elders and native Americans at the vast portal on Lake Titicaca, receiving and anchoring in newly releasing codes of light.

A few details online now (more to be added if people wish to go) at
This journey will be "walk-about" style - our itinerary will be guided from day to day on location, and we will be staying with local families away from the tourist zones. You will have lots of free time to fill in as you please (meditate, shop, tour, journal, etc.) as well as structured group times to connect with and learn with the mystical energies of this site.
(My experiences there last year are recorded at )
This trip is for robust, healthy, seasoned 3rd world travelers - as it is in high altitude - who wish to be of planetary service at this time in this manner. US citizens need a passport, but no visa. Cheap air tickets are available from Spirit Air (I paid $301 US round trip from Fort Lauderdale to Lima, Peru. + baggage fee + seat selection fee + flights inside Peru to Cusco and/or Juliaca-Lake Titicaca.)

There will also be a mystical trip to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley several weeks prior to the equinox trip.

APRIL 4, 2009
2:00 PM +
Pat Crosby at Trinity Point

Pat will share the story of the unfolding of the equinox events at Lake Titicaca. Galactic Light codes that she received from this sacred portal will be reviewed and transmitted.
Love donation.
Details TBA.

APRIL 6, 2009
Live TELECONFERENCE with Bill Buehler, Peter Allen, and Pat Crosby.

Subscribe at to get announcement as details are worked out.
Bill will be talking with us from his home in Crestone, CO - with it's very high vibration. This is an opportunity to ask questions directly to Bill.

Submit them in advance to:
OR to

Wow! Our planetary party is expanding! Have a joyful and powerful ride!

Blessings of Joy, Peace, and Unconditional Love!

In Service,

Pat Crosby

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