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Friday, February 6, 2009

Shadwell Mountain Lightgroup Feb 5, 09. Light Codes

Shadwell Mountain Lightgroup Report--2-5-09

Peter Allen

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
February 5-09

Seven members present: Ava Alderson (AA), Peter Allen (PA), Elfie Parcher (EP), Criostiona Saul (CS), Sandy Solomon (SS), Jim Ward (JW), Sylvia Ward (SW)
Remote participants: Laura Dunham

Began with discussion of Solomon’s Temple format on the east coast and the Eden Tree to San Francisco through the Serpent Mound. Read Thoth’s “Golden Wound” quote. I now feel this is relevant to the summer solstice event planned at the Serpent Mound.

"The worm will bore into the center of the Tree of Life
and Light will pour out as if from a Golden Wound
into the center of every heart."

Also read read from “The Keys of Enoch,” Key 3-1-5:134-147. It ends with the sentence, “And the collective “Christ Child” is now ready to come out of the womb and inherit this Eternal Divine Order forever and ever.” I had the feeling last week of a chick inside an egg pecking out the first tiny crack in its shell. This passage seemed to bear on what I perceived to be our progress in the Ascension Program.

Group formed sacred geometric heptagon (seven-sided figure).
Mantra: seven breaths, A WA KEN OM A WA KEN.

EP: We have the golden Sun above us. Rays coming to each one of us.

SS: The eye of the vesica piscis. A soft, glowing light. It’s the Eye of Ra.

AA: A Star of David.

CS: I am far out in the heavens. So far out the Earth looks like a tiny dot, very small. I am with the Pegasus.

PA: Feel a strong clockwise energy.

CS: The Great Pyramid of Giza. An opening into the pyramid about halfway up. A doorway of some kind that’s open to us if we choose to enter.

AA: A hallway. Dark. A peak that arches up on both sides. Like an elephant tusk. Alternating left and right. A golden sphere at the end.

SW: Tatting shuttle-shaped pieces of light (shaped like a vesica piscis) coming together. Pieces of light going faster and faster.

SS: Soft light. Fields of light. Emanating from a cave. A spacious cave. Stabbing sensation in top of left foot. It’s passed.

SW: When Sandy said “It’s passed” it went into my throat. In the Adam’s apple area.

JW: I’m seeing this sculpture. Fifty to 60 feet high called the “Angel of the North.” It’s made of iron. Standing in the snow, silhouetted. Its vibrations are the same as those of the mound around it. I wonder how it relates to the Reshel and the other geomantic structures. It stands near a town called “Gateshead.” It has a message for people who want to pay attention to it.

CS: The Angel of the North is Uriel.

EP: I see the Statue of Liberty.

JW: Light in the darkness, streaming from the torch of the Statue of Liberty. I have the feeling it has something to do with the plane landing safely in the Hudson River.

EP: The Statue of Liberty has something to do with the Angel of the North.

CS: Two columns of white light. Perfectly balanced. Vertical. Perhaps a connection to the Statue of Liberty and the Angel of the North. They seem to have a magnetic element. A magnetic attraction.

EP: I see them too. Connected on top through half domes. Underneath too, but a little blurry, like under water.

AA: A circle divided perfectly into thirds. The lines drawn inside form the letter “Y.” Very charged. Like a steering mechanism into another dimension. Beckoning. A tornado of light. And of a positive nature, not destructive.

CS: Each of us is surrounded by spiraling golden light. Not cone-like, cylindrical. Tremendous energy spiraling down.

AA: Perhaps it’s a recalibration tool.

CS: It has to do with the heptagon, and the importance of that. Activating the Adam Kadmon. My vision takes me back to the portal at the Great Pyramid.

PA: I feel us inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. We’re greeted by a being of Light. I believe it’s Thoth. He concurs. We’re to receive … something … from him. We’re to open our hearts. Thoth will place something in your heart. You will know what it is. This gift can never be taken from you. From this point on when you enter the heart, the universe will unfold before you. You have the key to limitless creation.

SS: Once again I see a cave lit up. Soft glowing light. I’m getting that it’s the heart womb.

AA: I’m seeing the Angel of the North surrounded by the tornado of light calibration we saw earlier. And there’s a circle emanating from the feet of that angel. Other lines projecting too, but I can’t see what they’re doing. Coming off the toes somehow. Grey amethyst. That circle has a sort of thickening to it. Like a grail cup where it touches the feet of the angel. That angel is light filled and protective. A guardian. A keeper of a region. Perhaps symbolic of the angel of that particular landscape – Gateshead. I suspect that’s it. It anchors a lot of energy in that place.

Thanks given to guides and to Prime Creator.

Close with seven breaths: A WA KEN OM A WA KEN


JW: When Ava saw the “Y” I saw a tornado come down next to it and bend itself into a knot. I thought
“Y knot.”

SW: I felt hot and cold at the same time.

CS: In the Great Pyramid I received a huge scarab ring placed on the fire finger of my right hand. It has to do with energy bodies. Stuff – knives – had to be taken out of my heart first. Stuff collected over lifetimes. A solar disc was placed in my heart, with symbols all around it. My heart started doing weird rhythms. I felt heat, I was on fire. I felt we all received that.

JW: I was given two small smooth dark stones. They put an altar in my heart.

AA: I received a necklace of gold with smaller loops that hung from the big loop. Yellow-rose gold. Not of this world. It represents all my lifetimes.

PA: I received a brilliant point of light, but it wasn’t the thing so much as how it made me feel. I had the sense of a vast, limitless space within myself.

EP: I saw numbers. The square root sign. I saw the number six.

The group quickly opened to a highly transformative energy. I think Criostiona evaluates this best below, relating to the Metatronic Alpha-Omega Spiral. You can see a diagram of this configuration at:

The tornado of light and “Y” both seem related. The tornado is more obvious. Perhaps the “Y” has to do with the Falcon of Andorra.
Uriel, the Angel of the North, and the Statue of Liberty were both strong presences through the whole meditation. They seemed to be supporting our shift into the “Cave of the Heart.” The Gateshead reference seems related both to the “Chief Headstone” of the Reshel/keystone of the heptagon and to the gateway that the Reshel essentially is: the “gateway to the future.”
The feeling of being hot and cold at the same time reported by Sylvia was something I was experiencing too. I relate it to the synthesis of fire and water at the level of the Christ. A kinesthetic translation.
Overall I feel this meditation broke through into the first tier of the realm of heart creation. We have much to learn about creating from the heart but I think our true instruction can now begin. It would be hard to overestimate the significance of this development considering the numbers of lifetimes we have devoted to reaching this point.

From Criostiona Saul, 2-6-09
What a night for dreaming! I awoke during the night from a vivid dream connected to our last evening group. I asked "Is there anything I am missing?" Immediately, my thoughts went to Sylvia and the "arrow" in her throat. "Blue Needle", I heard.
I have been studying Maia's profound channeling, and found information regarding this in her writing on the "Opening of the Lotus" at: (see below)
"Somehow" I also have a fabulous diagram of the Metatronic Alpha-Omega Spiral, showing "Blue Needles" being generated from the tetratryon connection to the Octahedrons of the Spiral. These "needles" look amazingly like the "tatting shuttle" that Sylvia saw as Light shapes flying by her.
I wonder if within our group process, we are beginning to generate the "Needles" as a means to calibrate the vibrations of our personal matter prior to the "Opening of the Lotus". As we were deep within the Giza Pyramid last evening, there may be a connection.
I look forward to your and William's review.

From Rev. Maia Mallika, copyrighted by Spirit Heart Sanctuary
Opening of the Lotus

The Great Pyramid at Giza becomes the Thresholding Chamber for the Ascension fulfillment.
Correspondent with this ancient structure is an etheric temple counterpart revealed to me as the ‘Temple of the Morning Star.
"Within the Temple of the Morning a cube of transmuted gold known as the Adonai Kodesh....This cube is hollow, containing within it a sphere made of crystal ‘sophra’ which is a very pure form of crystallized white Prima Matra....In the Temple of the Morning Star it (the Adonai Kodesh) is positioned directly within a blue hole. A blue hole differs from a black hole in that the former is responsive to sentient consciousness control and the latter is not. Nor is it a blue needle, which is a funnel for Light transport within molecular structure. Blue holes are instead whole fields of transfer which align to specific space-time vectors. . . The Adonai Kodesh is a Urmemtet chamber. This is an isolation field containing codes or signals which phase-match to multiple magnetic and electrostatic fields, enabling insertions of various consciousnesses -- The Adonai Kodesh holds the function of determination as to how the particles of the Old
World (both biological and geological) disassemble and reunite in the world of the New Earth Star."
The actual process of LP-40 begins with the firing of Light mathematical codes within the Adonai Kodesh which will occur once the blue hole it is thresholding aligns in complete formation with the key matrix of the Conversion Zone. From that moment until the entire transfer is completed, the Earth as we know it will begin to alter drastically. The whole process will span approximately 15 days (of time as we understand it, but will seem ‘timeless to the participants. Within the etheric Temple of the Morning Star which is contained in the grid of the Great Pyramid, the Adonai Kodesh will open a window of penetration from the blue hole into the etheric current of the Earth. This will enter as a single beam or intensive ‘blue needle’ into the depths of both the etheric temple and the Great Pyramid itself, striking the Chamber of Osiris underneath the structure. This chamber exists on both the physical and etheric planes. Within it is contained an
infusion of sacred fire known as the Violet Flame of the 144,000 in the etheric, for 144,000 star groups gave of their Light to engender the Flame. This was done when the Mandate of Lord Michael was established for the Universe, also known as the Mandate of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame of the 144,000 was given to Earth as the Light of Transfiguration for its redemption, so that Earth may once again come into its true role among the hierarchies of the 144,000 Regent star-suns. Not every star-sun is Regent. This is in reference to specifically empowered stars which are the thresholds for the greater Archangelic Radiant Suns. The Earth’s sun is not Regent. However, when the ascended portions of Earth move into the New Earth Star, we will be within a Regent sun. We must understand that more highly evolved world systems dwell within their sun-star rather than orbit around them. This is large topic unto itself, but suffice it to say that our own
current sun at higher dimensions of reality is not ‘hot’ as we would normally think of it. Thus, when the blue needle sent from the Urmemtet Chamber of the Adonai Kodesh enters the Violet Flame, this flame will respond by being drawn up and out of its nucleus, unfolding like a lotus; each petal resplendent with the dew of new-born self-creation. The fiery petals will stream outward revealing a single, brilliant core of golden Light. From this center, literally billions of needles of golden-white fire will extend into all directions within and upon the Earth. These are the awakening crystalline sparks of Christic Mind, moving through the escalating etheric current of the planet, initiating transformation of any vibration denser than that contained within the sacred vibrational matrix of the Great Pyramid.

I promised to provide the information from Maia on the Scarab and the 9 Energy Bodies relative to the Ring I received for the group last evening:

Since receiving the Solar Disc into my heart, I have been transported to another dimension entirely. I feel on the threshold of a great Initiation.

From Maia Mallika, copyrighted by Spirit Heart Sanctuary
The Nine Energy Bodies
Based on the Nine Faces of Christ by Eugene E. Whitworth, I received this expanded version from Thoth, which includes symbolic relationship with the body of the scarab.
In its most ancient and sacred interpretation, the scarab represents the nine subtle bodies of man:

1) the Ren, or vibrational name identifying the DNA codes of the individual’s physical body, which is located symbolically at the mouth of the scarab.

2) the Khat, being the second of the three physical bodies. It carries the charge for and incorporates within it, the entropic matter of the flesh. On the scarab this is located symbolically at the center of its ‘belly’.

3) the Ka, which is the etheric double of the physical body. This is an incorporeal duplicate of the corporeal form, which can emulate that form in body, mind and emotions, yet it can also anticipate the evolutionary path of the body, drawing it into a greater revolution upon the spiral of Light-incorporated matter. This movement is nevertheless limited to the willingness of the whole spiritual entity to make that evolutionary leap. The circumference of the scarab, defined by its folded legs, represents the Ka.

4) the Ab, which is the first of the three emotional-mental bodies, is the Mind at the center of the Heart. It is the ‘Eye of the Lion’, where the Beast (lower mind-emotion) meets the Royal Sun (heart-mind). This ‘Sacred Heart’ of Spiritualized Intelligence is to be found at the point on the back of the scarab, where the two wings come together, forming a triangle in-between the closed wings.

5) the Ba is the ‘Soul of the Heart’. This is the aspect of the emotional body that is able to move beyond its own evolutionary form, thus assisting the Ka to re-create itself within the higher paths of evolution. The Ba projects through the ‘borderlands’ of the personal experience and into the realm of impersonal unification with the All. The wings of the scarab are the Ba-points on this beetle.

6) the Khaibit, which means ‘shadow’, is the last of the three emotional bodies. The Khaibit is the ‘Rectifier’ of the emotions. It discerns and judges the degrees of dissolution of lesser self and the vivification of Greater Self. It can be harsh on the lower emotions, but is a guardian of the Balance of Maat (the Egyptian archetype of Justice) within the nine-fold human experience. It is through the Khaibit that the Lords of Karma govern over the soul. The eyes of the scarab hold the power of Khaibit.

7) Sekem is the Vital power contained within the three spiritual bodies. It is the vitality of the human experience in its process of identifying and moving towards supernal ecstasy. It is not the supernal itself, but that which registers the existence of the supernal into the physical-emotional bodies. Thus to the ancients of Lemuria and Atlantis, it was known as the ‘Proclaimer’. The Egyptian archetype ‘Sekhmet’ derives her name from this vital body. The activity of the ‘humming’ beat of the scarab wings personifies the Sekem (whereas with the ‘Ba’, it is the wings outstretched and ready for flight).

8) the Sahu is the Spiritual Body created from the ‘Words of Power’. It is built through conscious invocation and in its lesser form is strongly based in personal self-identity; yet in its greater presence is orchestrated by planetary and universal service to the Light. It is the Sahu that was utilized and called upon to create archetypes in the Temples of Old. Through the Sahu, so the soul may unify its being with the hierarchies of Masters, Angels, and other Superior, Radiant Intelligences. The face is the region on the scarab that symbolizes the Sahu, for it is on the human face that the Light Programs of the Higher Heaven (the Metatronic realm) are encoded into the human form.

9) the Kuhu is the Spiritual Soul. This is the ‘Radiant Garment’, or Christed Self that contains the Language of Light necessary to lift the soul to an exalted state within the Higher Heaven of Metatron. It is immortal. We find the Kuhu upon the back of the scarab, revealed only after the wings have parted and are raised to the sky. It is the ‘Lakta Chakti’ of the Hunoras, a tribe of peoples in what is now India, contemporary with the latter era of Atlantis. The Lakta Chakti is the Light which burns from the center of the ‘atoma’ or central sun of the body in a nova, transforming the physical form into a radiant expression of the Divine. We could also call this dynamic of the parting of the wings to reveal the Kuhu, as the parting of the veil to reveal the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Solomon, or the rolling away of the stone on the tomb of Christ.

From Laura Dunham, 2-6-09

Hi, Peter. I participated with the group last night and wanted to pass on my impressions before they fade. Was engaged from around 8:05 to 8:35. At first I sensed a large cavern or cave underground, rock walls, saw gold coins and a gold chalice which became studded with large rubies on the sides, then rushing water through the cave/cavern but not so as to fill it up, just a natural rushing stream. Then I envisioned being in Roslyn Glen in or near the hidden cave by the water where legend says that Robert the Bruce hid from the English (I have been there in this life as well as past). Next I saw kneeling Templar knights in a circle in the crypt at Roslyn Chapel. They were doing ceremony before a battle or major task. In the center of the circle was a square iron box or cask, and I sensed that the gold coins and chalice I had seen earlier were connected there somehow.

Then I saw a Templar sword pointing downward at the box. I next sensed the

presence of Mary Magdalene and that the knights were doing homage to her. Her energy filled the chapel and floated up in spirals from the crypt to the arch where the statue of Mary is carved. It felt as though she, Mother Mary, and Jesus were all present and united in that place and well known to the knights.

As I've had at least two lifetimes as a Templar that I know of, including the one with you and Bill, some of these may have been tuning into past lives. I have been to Roslyn half a dozen times and am very tied there energetically. Last time was October of '07, where at the Templar headquarters in Scotland at Ballyendroch my group and I met James, a guardian knight from the earliest Templar period, who has been with us ever since. A conference call last week of the group included James, who warned me against going on the Mediterranean cruise I had planned in late April/May. After checking further with guidance, I cancelled the cruise and will be present at the Reschel workshop in May.


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