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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chief Phil Lane Jr ~ "The Gift of ForGIVEness" ~ Audio Interview with Notes. Part 1 in a Series by Pat Crosby



Welcome to this audio series with indigenous elder and global leader Chief Phil Lane, Jr.

Here is Part 1 of the series. 
Future Audios topics in this series include 2012, Eagle-Condor prophecies, legacies, stories, healing and more. 

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Chief Phil Lane Jr
Chief Phil Lane Jr ~ "The Gift of ForGIVEness"
Hereditary Chief and World Leader
Part 1 in a Series

Audio Interview Series by Pat Crosby
In this straight forward and revealing interview, Chief Phil Lane Jr shares his heartfelt  journey as he learns the powerful freedom and empowerment that comes from forgiveness.
In this living oral history, Phil clearly and powerful shares his trials and tribulations and victories along the bumpy road  of healing his own and social injustice ills.
Phil shares his deepest and  profound spiritual journey  and describes the signs and  messages that saw him through the dark night of his soul, and let him know he was on the path. He shares the setup that helped him master the spiritual lessons that he will carry forward into the next world.
"Forgiveness is one of those most powerful forces, powerful gifts, powerful - that will propel us in the worlds yet to come. Just like our eyes and arms and ears carry us in this world,  so will the spiritual qualities of forgiveness, kindness and compassion, do the same in the worlds yet to come." 
  ~ Chief Phil Lane Jr
Overview of this Audio ForGIVEness Interview
* beginning life in Indian School
* discovering the different culture in Europe
* facing prejudice, anger and rage,
*  spiritual awakening and ecstasy,  test of rape
*  attaining the peace and power of forgiveness,
*  award winning  global leader in peace and reconciliation.
Chief Phil Lane Jr


Blog and Community

Publications, Presentations, Healing and Wellness in Indigenous Communities, and Power Points,


Vision - We will be unfolding Phil's Fourth Way in our Conversation Audio Series

Introduction of the Four Worlds International Elders' Council

 Traditional Headdress Ceremony of Chief Phil Lane Jr
Topics,  References and Links Mentioned in this Audio Interview ~
For A Deeper Understanding of the World Context in Which Phil Describes His Journey

Indian Schools

*Phil born in Haskell Indian School.

Mother and father met there - love at first site.
Massive psychological, physical, sexual abuse and cover up in Indian Schools
Phil made documentary "Healing the Hurts".
Series of Clips on YouTube
Clip 1
Chief Phil Lane Jr YouTube Channel

It took Phil many years to heal.

Mounds Culture of America
Canada Apologizes
                   Canada Apologizes for Residential School System

Prime Minister Harper offers full apology on behalf of Canadians for the Indian Residential Schools system. June 11, 2008

1. Canadian Government makes official and public apology

with $3.5 billion settlement to survivors of residential school - those who survived.

2. Canadian Prime Minister gave a full apology to people  in Ottawa. Native representatives present and Broadcast nationally.

3. Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up with 5 year mandate to document and record what happened.

4. $500,000,000 healing fund set up for communities to set up their own healing processes.

US still trying to work this out.

Some Awards won:

John Denver Award

Foundation for Freedom Award

Swiss Foundation for Freedom and Human Rights

Year 2000 International Award for Freedom and Human Rights

Phil Lane Jr., Awarded 2008 Center for Healing Racism Ally Award

International Indigenous Humanitarian and Educator

Receiving the John Denver Windstar Award

Family  Lineage History - Spiritual Influences

Father raised by grandfather Philip Deloria - Black Lodge - who was very spiritual in Great Sioux Nation (Dakotas).


Had been in Sitting Bull's country.

Grandfather was a minister with status of Chief at age 17. Grandfather became first native  ordained Episcopal minister. He retained his chieftain ship and traditions of indigenous peoples.

Grandmother Ella Deloria studied at Columbia with Franz Boaz - contemporary of Margaret Mead.

"Waterlily" is her book - written by an indigenous woman whose first language is Dakota.,673984.aspx


Grandfather's statue is in Washington DC Cathedral - among the Saints of the Ages.

"Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World" song - incorporating colors of the medicine wheel: Red, yellow, black and white.

Meaning of colors of the medicine wheel.

"Spirituality is infinite. It is eternal.  ... We're going to see it at different times in our life."

~ Phil Lane, Jr.

The Great Dying

80,000,000 to 100,000,000 indigenous killed by disease.

Cortez then easily killed Aztec empire.

Inkas defeated by Pizarro after they were already weakened.

The Great Convergence and The Great Dying - Global History 1400-1800

The Great Dying 1616-1619

"Acceptance comes before you can forgive."

~ Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Sitting with elders and hearing stories.

Grandmother at Wounded Knee after the massacre.

Sat on Chief Gall's knee, and danced for Sitting Bull at special honorary dinners.

Phil's Spiritual Awakening

Forgiving his father for brutal beatings.

Age 17 was award winning champion athlete.

Year of European travel broadened Phil's perspective.

Experiencing racial segregation for first time.

Pain led to period of alcohol and drug sedation as he dealt with history of massacres of indigenous people by age 23.

Deep  longing for spiritual journey began while he was down in the pits.

Spiritual books set his spiritual quest ablaze.

1967  Had a profound spiritual experience.

Layers of hurt and pain fell off him.

Met his wife and had perfect spiritual life. Bad habits, rage left. Had perfect romantic spiritual wedding.

Had weekly spiritual meetings in his home where many awakened.

Going to Bolivia - meeting traditional indigenous people still living the old ways.

Sucre, Bolivia ~ UNESCO World Heritage Site

Beginning of understanding eagle condor prophecies.

Revelations during month-long hepatitis attack. Realizing need to forgive ancestral issues.

ForGIVEness Lesson

Phil prays powerfully to learn forgiveness.

Warning dream from friend's wife ignored.

Dream symbol of salt and tears.

Wife raped during prayer meeting. She has out of body experience.

Phil has test of being spiritual and forgiving or acting in a killer rage.

Spiritual voice guides him.

Visiting sacred sites in Bolivia with the indigenous elders.

Forced to leave Bolivia.

The test of forgiveness - did he learn what forgiveness means?

Did he receive the GIFT of forgiveness?

Writings and Teachings

Teachings Engraved On My Heart and Soul by Phil Lane Jr.

Phil Lane Jr documents on Scribd

Working Towards Peace

Conversation continued in audio series.

Find the whole series online ~ free subscription

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