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Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Is Today So Special? May 20, 2012 Galactic Alignment and Power Day ~ How To Get Through The Eclipse and Galactic Alignments by Pat Crosby

Today is a much acclaimed galactic alignment: The Central Sun in the Pleiades, Our Sun, Our Moon, and Our Earth.

Think of this lineup as plugging into a galactic power outlet and opportunity to upgrade your circuitry as a full stream of high powered energy impacts us directly.

The central sun is a reservoir of vast energies that stream to all the solar systems that float around it. It is a huge power transformer.

We have been cut off from its direct energies for awhile, as our solar system was going through a different learning and experiential cycle.

However, the game board is shifting radically and fast right now, as we go through the great shift.

By lining up directly the central sun (Alycyone) in the Pleiades (holders and doorway of the Christed energies including unconditional love), our very own sun which powers our particular solar system by transducing or stepping down the more powerful energies from the central sun, to our moon - which softens the energies for us to our plane - a great direct high frequency stream of energies is hitting us all full on.

This is a grand opportunity to consciously absorb these energies by our own human will and free choice.

The best, most efficient and direct way to get a really good infusion of these energies is to meditate. You can use any meditation system or technique you have learned and like.

Additionally you can use the golden particle breathing that is offered to our planet now to help us all cope and align with these rapidly escalating newer energy currents impacting our planet in this great shift in consciousness underway as you read these words – whenever that is for you – in your current moment.

A free audio of how to golden particle breathe is available to listen or download at

This short 6 minute audio gives you the golden particle breathing.

It also includes a short introduction to asking the Angels of Forgiveness (Elohim guides) to help you release and dump old hurts, wounds, memories, etc - many of which surface during these surges of high frequency energies impacting our planet and especially low frequency miasmas (snarled clumps of snot) in our emotional bodies.

(When you put your name in the subscribe box, you get the audio back in an email directly to you. There is no charge for this service.)

You can use the audio as much or as little as you like to learn, practice, and do the golden particle breathing to help you make it through the great shift in consciousness fully underway right now.  And today is a hot one for this shift!

Eclipses are also a very beneficial day to fast. Food acts as energetic glue to hold old patterns solidly in place. When you abstain from food, especially on eclipse days, it supports the old patterns in dissolving – thus making room for newer higher frequency patterns to form in place. I particularly like the Lemonade Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs. There are many good fasting systems out there. Find one you like and resonate with.

If you are new to fasting, get the help and support of a spiritually involved ascension aware health practitioner – especially if you have any medical conditions.

Further Support

Learn more about this eclipse and its importance at

Journey to the Central Sun article and meditation
"You have wished to return HOME, but you have not known where, or even what, HOME was. However, now you are able to recognize the call to HOME as a beacon, a homing beam, to allow you to reawaken and remember who you are...."

Children of the Sun offer their twice monthly planetary wide meditation each full and new moon. 


Advance notice: What will the world be like in 2013? Journey with us to Peru in February of 2013 to work with the planetary, Lemurian and galactic grids and portals... more info forthcoming very soon.... for now... meditate today. 

This site is under development right now as we bring in the details of this magnificent sacred journey. You can put your name in the subscribe box to keep informed – and check back frequently on the site as we add details and itinerary and how to participate. This sacred site journey is being directed by light beings and the information is channeled and guided. A 6 month preparation is included in this journey to optimally prepare to visit this sacred sites and work with their energies.

In Love and Service,

Pat Crosby



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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Today is also the beginning of Saga Dawa.

Tibetan butter lamps

There are several pivotal events in the Buddha’s life that Buddhists
celebrate, including his birth, his enlightenment, his first sermon, and his death and release into nirvana.

Saga Dawa means ‘fourth month’, and it is on the 15th day of this month on the Tibetan calendar that Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhists celebrate both his birth and the day when he died and attained

Religious observance is influenced and shaped by the culture in which it is practised. During Saga Dawa, people flock to villages and monasteries turning their prayer wheels and singing and dancing.

It is also a festival of
light, where butter lamps abound.

Although picnics are common, as a day of strict Buddhist observance no meat is allowed.

One of the main places of pilgrimage is Mt Kailash, where participants meditate and perform parikrama (circumambulation) around the holy mountain.

Mt Kailash, located in the far west of Tibet, is sacred to four great Asian religions—Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bon—and is considered by all to be the axis mundi, the mountain at the centre of the universe around which suns, planets, and moon circle.

For humans, it is approximately 58
km around the mountain, a circumambulation that takes one long day for Tibetans—sixteen if prostrating—and three days for less-hardy visitors.

The main event of the ceremony is the replacement and raising of Tarboche*, the flagpole which marks the mountain’s position at the centre of the universe.

As the pole—festooned with prayer flags—is raised, observers throw
thousands of additional paper prayers into the air, along with handfuls of tsampa, barley flour.

It is said that the month of Saga Dawa is so sacred that any merit
obtained for the performance of a good deed or religious practices (e.g. reciting
of mantras) is doubled.

Participants perform prostrations around Buddhist monuments and some fast or remain silent for a week.

Sutras are read at the monastery and the monks engage in the masked Cham dances—rituals that are
performed for emotional and spiritual purification.

*‘Place of Prayer Flags’.

The entrances to Tibetan villages typically contain rows of banners or tarchos. As these flutter in the wind they give the appearance that the prayers are being sent skyward.

In the Tibetan tradition these prayers are considered to be offered for the good of all sentient beings.

Every prominent place is adorned with prayers flags (darshok), which also utilize the wind to distribute the blessings of their prayers; also known as horses of the wind, one of the images printed on the prayer flags is the lung-ta or wind horse.