Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nova Fractal Video. Peru 2013 ~ New Grid Trip

Fractals ~ The Hidden Dimension. Nova Video

The Lemurian Grid is structured in fractals. An article explaining this will be forthcoming soon.

Peru ~ Working with the New Grids in 2013

A Special Invitation from the Guidance Realm

The trip is inspired and requested by a group of beautiful golden light beings of Lemuria (a realm of unconditional love) and of the Lake Titicaca portal. 

They have requested a group come to Peru to work with the portals, grids and beings of light there to assist the unfolding of the great shift in consciousness. 

Your loving heart is requested to come and be of service while reaping the rewards of blessings of light and absorbing the high vibrations of these sacred power spots in Peru. 

Don't worry if you don't understand these words. If you feel a nudge, its your soul calling your attention to come on this sacred journey. 

Please join us!

Lemurian Badge of Honor for Your Service

"Those who feel and heed this call from beyond, will be rewarded and acknowledged with a special imprint of light on their soul  ~ an imprint that tells all beings henceforth that this soul was part of the magnificent re-awakening of Earth in the Great Shift of Consciousness and that this soul chose to be of grand service with the Lemurian energies during this critical period of time for our planet."
~ Golden Spirit of Lemuria through Pat Crosby

Shifting Grid Energies Underway Now

Many are talking now of the shifting of the planetary kundalini (divine fire spirit energy) from Tibet and the Himalayas - where it has resided for ages - to its new home in the Andes Mountains of South America.

Simultaneously, the planetary and galactic grids are shifting and new portals are opening up to access higher frequency streams of light.

Our DNA and cellular structure is shifting to a newer crystalline body as reported by many spiritual writers.

The magnificent portal of Lake Titicaca is a main doorway - or portal - now of all this new transformative energy impacting our planet. This portal holds new light codes of higher consciousness and attunes one to receive these new vibratory imprints. Many magnificent beings of light use this portal to communicate with humans who visit there. 

On our journey, we will attune and raise our vibration to being to receive the energy codes and communicate with the beings of light at these high vibrational energy sites.

The fabled doorway to many beautiful spiritual energies likes in the magic and mystical land of Peru.

Emerging Details on Peru Grid and Portal Trip to Peru in 2013

This trip of lifetimes is all-inclusive and includes exclusive luxury hotels and retreats in Peru, all shamanic healing ceremonies ~ including crystal bowl healing at Machu Picchu ~ and exclusive pre and post trip comprehensive training package and support.

1. Official Site Information, Details and Registration

The guides begin working with you as soon as you make the commitment to attend this trip.

2. Support Site ~ Articles, Videos, Updates


If you can record our trip ~ photos, video, audio ~ we'd like to talk to you. 
Please contact us for details.

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