Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Special Equinox March 2013 Invitation, Request, and Appeal for Your Help from the Lake Titicaca Galactic Portal

Dear Friends of Loving Light,

On the eve of this March 2013 equinox, we are gathered at this very moment on the starry shores of the Lake Titicaca galactic portal in Peru overlooking the magnificent sacred lake. 

We are gathered here at the specific request of the Galactic and Lemurian Councils to do some very important and necessary grid activation work to support people through this great doorway of change and transformation.

In the past few days, guidance has been working with us, opening and preparing us to be of service to the higher causes of light in the ascension process of Mother Earth - our Pachamama.

The children of Mother Earth are hurting ~ and the time is ripe to help release and clear some of this hurt and trauma.  

Today, the Galactic Council has asked me to extend this invitation to you all to participate and send your blessings, energy, and highest intentions during the open window of this powerful time of balance and alchemical raising of the vibration and access portals of higher consciousness onto your planet. The alchemy is replacing the dross of past misdeeds with the truthful gold of divine love and intention.

The souls from different cultures, backgrounds, sexes and various dimensions are gathered here - representing various encoded patterns from various races and seeded cultures. 

The humans here physically also serve as proxies for the rest of humanity in this clearing process whose souls are calling out for clearing and help in raising vibration.

The Galactic Council requests you - from wherever you are - to aid this process by sending your highest energetic wishes for the clearing of older denser energies, and for the amplification of the newer higher vibrational energies entering our planet during these very precious moments in cosmic time surrounding this significant and powerful equinox. 

Beings of light are hovering in alternate dimensions. The humans have arrived and brought their bundles of sacred objects and highest intentions for sacred ceremony during the equinox.

It is a perfectly balanced mix of male-female, north-south, eagle-condor representation.

During the equinox, we will be gathered at the Lemurian Amaru doorway and powerful places around the sacred Lake as we are guided - to work with guidance from the realms of light to activate and connect the Lemurian, crystalline and galactic grids. 

This connection will enable greater flows of higher wisdom to enter our planetary streams of consciousness and thus assist humanity in its ascension process.

Please join us wherever, whenever, however you feel so moved and guided by sending your highest intentions and utilizing your loving gifts of light to help our planet heal and raise the vibration of humanity and help ease pain and suffering.

Specifically, some of the things we will do is to clear the deep karmic and racial pain embedded in the cellular memories and DNA codings of groups of humanity. By unhooking these heavy chains of past trauma from our racial and cellular memory holding patterns, we work to help free humanity - individually and collectively - from the deep weights of the past atrocities at the individual, cultural, racial, sexual and genetic levels.

By opening wider portals of cosmic divine intelligence through the planetary grid work, we work to help individuals spark into wakefulness and assisted clearing while getting some divinely guided release from heavy weights from the past. This clearing process is coupled with an infusion process of pure golden divine light and high frequency light codes.

More details about the purpose of this mission to Lake Titicaca can be found here.

Here's a little information about this equinox.

I hold you in the Creator's loving golden light.

Thank you for your service and highest intentions.

Pat Crosby for the Lemurian and Galactic Council
Lake Titicaca portal, Peru

March 19, 2013.


Put this link on your email program safe list. EN-LIGHTEN-UP YOUR HEART -

A clearing meditation from the Angels of Forgiveness given at the Lake Titicaca galactic portal - a gift for humanity.

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