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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blessing Ceremony For Mother Earth's Mountains & Water - by Indigenous Elders of N America

Blessing Ceremony For Mother Earth's Mountains & Water

Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:34 pm (PST)


*The Magnificent Nineteen +1 = 20 The Grand Tetons *

*Blessing Ceremony For Mother Earth's Mountains & Water*

A vision of several magnificent and wondrous mountains found in Americas
North Western peaks has come to ask the Indigenous Nations and humanity to
come to the aid of mother earth and her inhabitants. She has asked the
Indigenous Nations to assist in the re-connection of humanity's awareness
not only to herself, but also to the universal presence of the stars. The
dream spoke in a mysterious way, reminding us WE ARE the keepers of the
earth and its sacred wisdom. WE ARE to help all things and ourselves once
again realize that all things are related upon earth and within the

The Elementals of earth, wind, fire and water have asked us to prepare the
mountain peaks and bodies of water for a powerful ceremony. The ancestral
spirits have spoken giving direction to build and reset into harmony a huge
medicine wheel. This wheel is to be activated in the spring or summer of
2004, (date will be announced). The boundaries of this medicine wheel will
encompass nineteen well-known mountain peaks and bodies of water. It will
cover an area whose radius is some 600 miles, with Grand Teton National Park
in Wyoming as its center. The areas are located in close proximity of these
sacred sites:

. Sullivan Lake, North
7 Saskatchewan River
7 Qu'appelle River
7 Souris River
7 James River
7 Missouri River
7 Platte River
7 Arkansas River
7 Cimarron River
7 Colorado River or (Lake Mead)
7 Lake Tahoe
7 Okanagan Lake
7 Mt. Taylor

7 Mt. Humphrey in the San Francisco Peaks
7 Mt. Whitney
7 Mt. Shasta
7 Three Sisters
7 Mt. Rainier
7 Lake Louise

The spiritual vision is calling the Indigenous Nations, along with other
cultures, living within this 600-mile area to come forth. To come forth
putting our relationship with nature back into harmony and order with sacred
vibrations. To come forth with the use of sacred prayers, utilizing our
drums, songs and sacred vibrational tools. By utilizing prayer, the sacred
vibrations of our drums, by chanting our songs, these ancient sites will
re-vitalize. The intent of the pre-ceremony is to place back into harmony
and balance those lands, mountains and bodies of water that are now
''out-of-harmony.'' Due to the reckless development within these areas that
has happened within the United States at large. The dream mentions that when
the ceremony takes place negative thought forms, which lie within these
areas, will be released allowing the bondages, which have been put upon the

Release this 600-mile area out of the bondage of negativity for our
families, us and for mother earth. By re-attuning these sacred sites to work
together with one another, as the ancestors once did in the past before the
colonization took place, the ceremony then becomes an important tool to
teach all individuals the importance of our mother earth and the blessings
she has given all of us. The re-harmonization will help bring back the
rains. Many of Mother Earth's womb springs will come to life once again,
flowing outward. Water carries the messages of life, while sustaining life.
Our lifeblood is blessed by our father sun and watched over by the universal

The animals, winged ones, water beings, trees and rocks as well as the
Creator of the Universe will work with us to vibrate the same thought forms
in prayer. This will bring about a co-creative effort of harmony blessing
the earth, the wind, the fire and the water. The drums vibrations and sacred
prayers will flow through Yellowstone Lake to its twin complement the
Caspian Sea on the other side of the earth. The duality we live in requires
us to consider ''both sides of the earth, when striving to keep balance if
we are to keep things in harmony. In doing so, we will see a significant
change in the attitudes of all those who are living inside the medicine
wheel of our nineteen sacred mountains.

Not only in Yellowstone but also in the Caspian Sea the area of Turkistan,
Iran, Iraq and the surrounding countries are included. The powerful
vibrations of war, robbing of the land's minerals and resources are causing
mother earth to fall from harmony and balance there, here and everywhere.
These negative vibrations are affecting the Yellowstone/Grand Teton National
Park areas producing small earthquakes and volcanic activity underneath the
Yellowstone Lake causing a caldera to rise. Not only in this vicinity, but
the trembling continues around the world, as her environments of weather
change everywhere.

The Eastern Shoshone from the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming and others
from the area who choose to participate will gather under the Grand Tetons
in the National Park. Which is the center of the wheels mountain peaks, in
Grand Teton National Park. At the same time other tribal nations; groups and
cultures within the areas of the nineteen sacred site mountains and
waterways will use their songs, chants and drumming to vibrate and bless
these areas. Simultaneously we in the Wyoming area will combine our
ancestral songs, chants and drums within the Grand Tetons. This combined
effort will, without doubt, bless our Mother Earth and all her creations
beyond imagination. When these sacred mountains and waterways have been
reset back into working order, balance and harmony, Mother Nature will be
re-orchestrated in beauty.

Upon these sacred sites will be placed sacred stones with prayers upon them
to hold the energy. Electrically-magnetically charged energy vibrating at a
high velocity will heal Grandmother Spider's web, reconstructing the Web of
Life back into a blossoming flower once again. Heaven upon Earth will burst
forth and everything will once again emerge into harmony. The rains will
fall and the waters and springs will flow again. Plants will grow, animals
will flourish and ''all things related'' will prosper.

To bring this about, I have been directed by the vision to travel and talk
with the Indigenous Nations and other cultures. I am to ask for their
assistance in activating these sacred sites. We must all do our parts as
humans to bring about harmony within this huge star gate called a medicine
wheel. For what is above is below. As in the universe so it is upon the
surface of our mother earth and below her surface within the crystalline
matrix that makes up her great heart. After the ceremony the Indigenous
Nations, groups and cultures that have participated in the manifesting of
this vision will then work together. This will awaken and re-integrate the
ancient teachings of the Indigenous Nations as brothers and sisters. By
working with all sacred traditional knowledge we will bring harmony back to
our mother; we will then begin to remember our ceremonies.

This is to be a joint effort of all involved. We must be in the highest form
of sacred thought while in prayer. We must work in a straightforward manner.
There will be no disagreements as to who is right and who is wrong, for the
twenty mountains and rivers of this medicine wheel have already had enough
of this negativity. The vision showed that this undertaking would be a joint
effort working together in peace and harmony with one another. We will work
together with our families as we are surrounded by the four colors of race,
mankind itself. We shall bring back peace of mind to our spirits, to our
hearts, and to our homelands. We will release the bondage of negative
thought forms and prejudice within our minds for the betterment of all
living things. Mother Earth will assist us in these areas that are being
prepared. She will activate the sacred vibration of harmony throughout the
sacred medicine wheel.

In closing, I pray that the whole world will choose to be aware of this
ceremony as it takes place in the spring of 2004. I pray each will choose to
be in a sacred site meditating on the peace and harmony we all so desire for
our future. The human race is depending on us for WE ARE the "keepers of the
earth and its sacred wisdom. We are the ones we have been waiting for, Hopi

Bennie E. LeBeau, Sr., Eastern Shoshone
Wind River Indian Reservation
Ft. Washakie, Wyoming - January 5th, 2004

Bibliography: Bennie Le Beau

Bennie E LeBeau, Sr., elder spiritual leader and advisor, is an enrolled
tribal member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, Wind River Indian Reservation,
Ft Washakie, Wyoming. He has many years of experience in indigenous
tradition and culture with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe.

Through the encouragement of his tribal elders, he studied Cultural
Anthropology and Applied Indigenous Studies at Northern Arizona University,
located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Studying methods of communication at NAU, Mr.
LeBeau speaks from a truly Native American perspective. He now has an
indigenous viewpoint of what needs to be changed in the educational
institutional classrooms across America and the world.

Mr. LeBeau is a member of the Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth, an
organization of indigenous prophecy carriers of North America [
]. In this capacity, he helps educate his
Eastern Shoshone people and other cultures to the significance of sacred
sites and the indigenous prophecies. His present emphasis is:

• To inform all cultures of the importance of protecting and preserving all
indigenous sacred sites within this country and across the world, including
indigenous prophecies. • To teach the great significance of sacred rock art
areas across the America's and the world to those who need help interpreting
the landscapes of these sacred sites. • And, to stress the importance of the
language written within stone in the many Garden of Eden's (the original
homelands of tribal cultures) that are currently and rapidly disappearing
around the world due to uncontrolled land development.

Native American rock art sites, as well as other sites around the world
provide a tremendous amount of important knowledge and wisdom, which can be
combined and re-taught to other traditions and cultures of the world. The
wisdom given to Mr. LeBeau by the Elders of the Eastern Shoshone has given
him the tools and a foundation that allow him to interpret the rock art
texts and the pictures written in stone [petroglyphs- rock art]. These rock
art images explain historical events that have happened in the past, can
happen in the present or are about to happen in the future. Additionally,
medicine people [shamans, priests, priestesses, knowledgeable men/women]
find important ceremonial explanations in ancient rock art as they re-member
ancient healing ceremonies and knowledge's of the universe for 'all things'
on Mother Earth that have been lost through the ages. Young tribal members
and medicine people of all cultures who are striving to keep their cultural
teachings and traditions alive, need spiritual teachers who are aware of and
can interpret these ancient earth knowledge's and wisdoms.

Mr. LeBeau believes there is a great need to undertake a thoughtful
visionary look at all rock art sites as part of a spiritual learning
experience to regain harmony, not only for oneself but also for all things
that we have a relationship with on Mother Earth working to bring her back
into harmony. There is a need for wisdom of the tangible and intangible
spiritual aspects of all life on our mother, the Earth. Our true mother the
earth gives us life as our father the creator, the Universe, creation itself
known as the mysterious one to everyone across this planet. The Truth has
been written in the stone writing of great visions of the past, moving into
the future that is present now. It's direction for mankind tells us how to
stay in balance and in harmony with nature and all conscious life upon our
sacred mother, the Earth, working with the universal laws.

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