Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Light Grid Masters Conference - Details




This workshop introduces participants to a powerful Metatronic spiritual system designed to provide a safe and effective support matrix for the transformation of human consciousness.

International Reshel authorities Bill Buehler will be leading discussions of and processes using the Reshel Grid Matrix.

Through the Reshel we will resurrect the fallen Female Pillar in the Racial Mind/Soul and create a gateway to the full-light universe of Christ Consciousness.


Jaia Dev Ascension Network Presents



The RESHEL Grid is a light grid system that has been installed in this time continuum by the highest angelic beings and ascended masters working with us at this time. It is designed to provide a safe and effective bridge to the full-light universe of Unity Consciousness. This workshop is primarily an in-depth instruction in Light-Group procedure designed for potential Light-Group leaders, however the information is essential for all Light-Group members.

A number of the covered topics will also assist in individual light work as well as understanding temple and Earth Grids (groups use the same formats). A full explanation of the RESHEL system would take about a week so this will be covered in future lectures and publications.

This workshop will introduce the RESHEL basics and guide you through two fully-explained group processes in different modes.

Although persons relatively new to the Mysteries can successfully participate in the simple processes, the instruction would be better understood by those having at least average metaphysical training and experience, particularly in individual meditation in the Silence and a working familiarity with one’s own “High Self”.

This weekend program is the entry-level portion of a series of workshop-seminars explaining the New Ark (replacing the Ark of the Covenant) and the RESHEL system (with other RESHEL-supporting Metatronic systems) used in managing Ark dynamics as well as Ascension attunement.

We will offer ongoing support for anyone interested in continuing Light-Group work after completion of this workshop. We will cover details of this program on Sunday before closing.

Bill Buehler has devoted the last 37 years to understanding the complex geometry of the RESHEL, a dynamic system supporting consciousness through its light codes. He offers both a scholarly understanding of the RESHEL and expertise in group lightwork.

“My ministry is one of study into the "Mysteries", sharing what I've found and applying the relevant dynamics in group process.

The "group process" might loosely be described as a "super prayer group" or just as loosely as a "light group." I believe that humans are co-creators with the Divine and that we each have a responsibility to that effort insofar that each is able.

I am interested in training people in forming a synergic unity within the physical realm also unified with relevant agencies in the dimensions of Spirit … the "Above as Below" idea.

My study then is in discovering the kinds of unified formats both in terms of energy forms and the aspects of consciousness.

Associated areas of cross-study involve investigating sacred geometry as well as temple and Earth grid design appropriate to human evolution at this time.”

Friday night, November 7 -- 7:00-9:00 PM

Lecture to address:

• Ascension cosmology
• Purpose and status of this continuum shift
• Knights Templar inner-core ascension work
• Clan Sinclair 1398 CE mission to Americas

$25 (no credit cards) Free if taking workshop. Strongly recommended for workshop participants.

November 8-9 –
8:30 AM-5:00 PM

Saturday morning begins with a briefing on protocol and methods to be used in a beginning session by participants without extensive familiarity. Bill will review dreams and physical or psychic events as needed. We will go into guided RESHEL group process in the morning, usually for about 40 minutes, followed by a critique including assessment of group dynamics.

Saturday afternoon will be the main training, including an in-depth discussion of technique and process factors, followed by Q&A session.

Sunday morning will also include a group process and critique.

Sunday afternoon will be an in-depth discussion of the RESHEL Grid: Its purpose, history, significant recent upgrades, Ark factor, Solarians, Titans, “Eye of Ra”, “Key of David”, and much more.

Bill will be available for discussion and questions after each day’s schedule.

Cost: $111.00
(includes Notebook)

Comfort Inn
2097 Inn Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22911

Off Rte 250 East about a mile East of Pantops near exit 124 for Interstate Rte. 64.

434-977-3300 to reserve room.

Mention Jaia Dev Ascension Network for $94.95/nt rate.

Includes hot breakfast buffet, high-speed internet access, outdoor pool, fitness center.

Send a check for $111.00 made out to Jaia Dev Ascension Network to:

Peter Allen
114 B David Terrace
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Please include a return address, contact information, and the way you would like your name to appear on your name tag and notebook.

For questions or concerns contact

Peter Allen at:

or Bill Buehler at:

All deposits are fully refundable. We can accommodate 70 people.

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