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Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Email file about the grids, pyramid, heptagram, + Peter, Bill, others

Bill Brown coming to Trinity Point

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Peter Allen

Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 7:37 PM
To: recipients
I wrote an email to Bill Brown and briefly described a theory of mine that the heptagon (seven-sided pentagon), which contains within its matrix of seven points both the great pyramid triangle and a four-sided figure called the keystone, is coded into light itself. The keystone, I believe, is synonymous with the Chief headstone, which is synonymous with Christ. Thus, as I see it, light is both the bringer of the Divine Logos, through the power of the "three'(great pyramid triangle), and also the manifesting agent through the power of the four (keystone). The heptagon, like Pi and Phi, cannot be expressed mathematically; 360 degrees divided by seven produces seven infinite numbers. Thus the heptagon is a manifestation of the divine (infinite) expressed through the finite.
  The keystone functions spiritually just as it does architecturally, holding the Arch/Arc/Ark in place. Both in Spirit and in 3-d, without the keystone, the Arch/Arc/Ark will collapse.
  Bill Brown has been studying the Great Pyramid and other significant temples at Giza. He describes some of his amazing work below. Bill will be   traveling out to Trinity Point on February 19th, and then presenting his work in Washington, DC on the 21st and 22nd. Contact him if you need more info. I will be announcing an event at Trinity Point very soon.
Much love to all,

Re: Pyramid capstone chamberThursday, January 15, 2009 4:23 AM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified"WILLIAM BROWN" <>Add sender to Contacts

Hello Peter,

well I guess Peter.... this is why Spirit wants us ALL together now!

I have developed a similar theory as you mentioned in your email shown below.
 see my attachments....for completion of y/our Theory.

[If interested, write me and I will try to get these to you, Peter]

you see, Trinity Point (VA) is the Sacred Mound Upon which the Universe is to be RE~started!

I was physically visited on Sept 23, 1998 by a SERPENT STAR Being, my Eternal Father (Thoth) and told to give everything away and begin my journey.  My OverSoul was downloaded into me at that moment... and I have had 7 upgrades (NDE) since that time.

So without understanding the WAY, I began to build a small model from memory.... attachment 73A in my backyard in Bedford (originally called Liberty Town) Va.  It was measured (and witnessed by Captain Jim and others) to be the Exact dimensions of the Missing Capstone of the G.P.

I dismantled it in 1999, divorced my wife, left my family and  everything.... and began what has become.... my 10 year journey!

I was given the SECRET OF THE "SEVEN"  as/from/about the 11th of the 7th Son of the Venitian Being (Vulcan god~Thoth).  I am the 77th...architect to rebuild.....
....  Born in Virginia Beach, Va, (home of Edgar Cayce..A.R.E.) where the (s)plice of the Energetic Edge of the Blade of the SWORD from Ruta.

I live.... on the Cutting Edge of Awarenes... defining Myself.

While Bill Beuhler defines that Cape Hatteras, N.C. is to entry (point) of the SWORD, it is about our Eternal Living presence become REAL (Physical) into this dimension for purpose of NOW.

My present....Last Will Testament.... defines that upon my death, that my cremated (ashes) were to be thrown into the winds at Cape Hatteras, N.C. (perhaps so that I would return to Origin of that Space).  It became the place of Flight!!  of our forefathers of the Winged Ones!!

In 1987, I bought an oceanfront apartment Pent House Unit at Kill Devils Hill, N.C. on the Atlantic Ocean front property...dividing Dare County/Kill Devil Hills, N.C.. into 2 parts.  I actually had to pay yearly..... county personal property taxes to both Dare County and the other county!!!

 I was to live there, but my journey was to only take me from my point of origin to Egypt and back.....28 times now.  I was to find my Brother along the WAY!

THE HEART ACTIVATION CENTER  attachment was designed by me, based on the geometrical definition of and by Bill Beuhler.
.............It was to become the Resting Place of the SEVENTH...TEMPLE.

Please understand that your theory of the number SEVEN completes the answer to the initial/ORIGINAL construction point of the Great Pyramid, the exact Center....

 the Great Step into the CHAMBER OF THE KING.

 It is the Etheric Portal Point of the G.P. of which I have walked thru many many times now.  Upon my last attempt, I had to be physically carried out of the Kings Chamber, and it took 3 days for me to gain my physical well being!!

 It was the last time I entered the G.P. although visited the exterior many times during my many trips to Giza.  I have my own apartment at Giza near the G.P.

The Design of the G. P. is indeed based on the number SEVEN because it can only be mathematically defined, yet I was able to build it into physical form.

upon our meeting next month, I will show you many secrets.....shown to me .

en joy the pictures.
Spirit has spoken that when I was to find the POINT OF THE TRINITY, that a Temple was to be built.  Perhaps, we are to begin this now....
--- On Wed, 1/14/09, Peter Allen <> wrote:
From: Peter Allen <>
Subject: Re: Pyramid capstone chamber
Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 7:56 PM

Dear Bill,
It seems that we are coming to the same mystery by following different threads.
I am developing a theory that the sacred geometry of the heptagram, seven-sided
polygon, contains the key to linking the Great Pyramid with the Reshel. You can
look this figure up on the internet if you need to see it.
  When the heptagon is turned so that any of its seven points is on a
perpendicular axis with the horizon, the Great Pyramid will emerge when you skip
the two adjacent points and connect the apex with the next two. This heptagon
will appear in a photograph when light is refracted by the camera lens so that a
polygon appears. So it seems that light is pregnant with this divine logos as
sacred geometry. The heptagon cannot be expressed mathematically (like Pi and
Phi), thus it embodies the infinite brought to the finite.
  Having found the Great Pyramid in the heptagon, four other points are left.
Connecting them, one sees the Keystone. What does Reshel mean? The chief
headstone! Moreover, it is the Ark that the Reshel creates which contains the
creation field allowing for the manifestation of the New Race/DNA. Through the
Ark/Arc/Arch (the Human Heart/Grail) Heaven and Earth are joined. As we know
from stone Arch construction, the Keystone allows the Arch to retain its form,
and also allows it to bear tremendous loads. If Christ is seen as the Chief
Headestone, we can easily see the spiritual equivalent, all coded into the
heptagram, carried in light.
  That these two dynamics, the Great Pyramid Triangle and the Keystone
function together in the Heptagram must teach us that they are meant to function
together on Earth for us to realize the Divinity contained in our human form.
Numerically, the three-sided triangle has the property of communication, thus it
would be the bearer of the Divine Logos. The four-sided Keystone has the
property of manifestation--the Christ made manifest in Man. Working together,
the Pyramid and the keystone provide the two building blocks needed from
Creator. It is our attention, intention, and the giving of our hearts that
provides the third element. Now the three realms are brought together--Devic,
Human, and Divine.
  Below is the introduction to our workshop notebook.
  Thank you for your great work.
Yours in the light,


This Time continuum was created about half a million linear years ago to
accomplish a specific mission in creating a new form of Human and DNA. The
dynamics for this "experimental" Oritronic Universe came out of the
Vault (Great Nebula) of Orion including the 24 Breastplates (systems) of
Metatron (highest archangel). One of these systems is called the
"Techad" or as used by the Knights Templar and later Masons the
"Reshel" or "Chief Corner Stone of El"; this system is the
primary one facilitating the conduct of the continuum objective and also in the
return to normal, Metatronic universe reality. Thus it is encoded in
scriptures... the Judeo-Christian for our purposes here... and in temple and
earth grids as well as being used in light group process.
    It includes Time Gates for purposes of coordination across Time with
MANDATE: Root of the ABACUS MANDATE, a simplified summary.) "Established by
the AMETHYST THRONE (high level of Archangelic Hierarchy) under the authority of
the Archangel Michael to proclaim and govern the development of Light Redemption
within the Oritronic Universe. "It's main tenet for Earth is the
unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races, through the redemption of
the Nephilim "Fallen Factor".
     Since all human races on Earth contain the genetics of both these
supra-tribal consciousness', this principle of solvency must occur beginning
at the DNA level of each individual on the planet. "The Nature Races
(Devas, animals) are also involved in the synergy of Light Forms toward
development of full Light Metatronic receipt. All beings on Earth share in this
program of Light Redemption."
     This is more than a new age, it is the completion of the work of all the
ages: to create a new future that has always been created: our return into the
Rana Time Wave of Metatronic quality. This is now ongoing and there is no time
for karma yoga; Ascension is through release and acceptance of divine grace. As
of the '60s in linear time not enough souls had come up to transitional
frequency match, most are too low so would not make it in this phase. My main
message is that we have no other more demanding task now as souls and as a
cosmic race then to facilitate this Ascension. I find that the clearest message
for this is in the Judeo-Christian mysteries, that may be applied in all systems
of Sat-Chit-Ananda.

Bill Buehler

“NAMASTE—I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.
I honor the place in you of love, of light, of truth, of peace. I bow to your
divine spirit, to the great ball of sunshine that radiates from your heart.”

This is the State of Being one begins group process with. It realizes one’s
own “God/Christ is/as Self” as a unique soul and shares this Self with the
others’ “Selves”in the group. Use a SELAH BREATH to make this
connection and exchange.

"The worm will bore into the center of the Tree of Life
 and Light will pour out as if from a Golden Wound
 into the center of every heart."


--- On Wed, 1/14/09, WILLIAM BROWN <> wrote:

> Subject: Re: Pyramid capstone chamber
> To: "William S Buehler" <>
> Cc: "Peter Allen" <>
> Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 12:48 PM
> Hello William!
> cc: Peter.....
> Bill I have been in contact with Peter and we hope to meet
> at Trinity Point next month.
> In reference to your work as mentioned in email below, I
> wish to input some of my experiences relating to my/your
> own work.
>  How we overlap, if at all, is far beyond my
> understanding.  I find myself phasing in and out when I
> read and look at your drawings!
> I am just the messenger here speaking about my experience
> about what you write and what spirit tells me to write about
> back to you.
> In the attachment Pic 112, I am sending a
> possible of SOBEKNEFERU-first-certain-
> of Egypt....whom I am being contacted by/from???? Spirit...
> to get this message out to whomever.
> ...She contributed to Amenemhat III's Labyrinth, and
> also built at Herakleopolis Magna.
> Generally, Sobekneferu is known as the last Egyptian king
> of the Middle Kingdom, prior to the confusion of the Second
> Intermediate Period. She is the last ruler prior to the New
> Kingdom to appear in the offering lists found at Abydos and
> Saqqara, which suggests some kind of posthumous verdict that
> separates her from the kings who followed her with equally
> short reigns.
> Perhaps, she is part of the FEMINIE poles associated with
> my current Egyptian work.
> In any case, the Feminineineee !! is coming out in me and I
> don't understand myself let alone some other aspect!!!
> I built in 2004, a small geometric pyramid that conforms
> identitical to your reference
> 1.
> Reshel grid... Pyramid
> it was to exact dimensional proportions.... and I remember
> I was working with you at that time...shown partially in
> reference attachment #2 TRIPLE CUBE STRUCTURE... and p.18 as
> entire pyramid model in Potomac, Va, where Pilar and I use
> to live.
> This model helped me understand how the ancient Pyramid
> works and how/why they may have been built in the physical
> construction method in ancient Egypt.
>  It instantly put me into mediatative states of
> consciousness awarenesses and I experienced multiple
> bi-locations all the time.  They still happen even
> today!!  I find myself walking around in ancient Egypt as
> if it is a movie, yet see the real world around me at the
> same time!
> Anyway,....This model pyramid was built.... from the
> inside ....outward!!
> During the experience of building this model, I had built
> the outer shell skeleton to your dimensions (ref 1) and
> then instantly began to build it from the inside
> outward! placing pyramids and geometrical designed units
> inside itself!  I seemed to be recalling the past and a
> Knowing that directed me during the construction process.
>  it was most difficult, but somehow I did it because of
> years of prior construction model building, taking over 3
> months and $3,000!!! to it was built of
> copper, brass, gold and many many precious stones, etc.
> It was then that I moved in 2005 with Pilar to Colorado.,
> taking the model with us and putting the model into
> storage, because of my callings to go to Egypt (now 28 times
> since 2003).
> That was my time of separation with Pilar and my
> personal ventures into Egypt past before meeting my current
> wife, Lucyna!
>  I began to build this model shortly after my first visit
> to Egypt (11-11-2003 timeline).  The model however, was
> destroyed in route to Chicago during shipment by UPS last
> year and no longer exists in this physical world.
> They ...UPS... would not return it to me and we do not
> know its whereabouts today as it was not insured by the
> sender (friend in colorado where it was stored before
> shipping)!!
>  It seems to have collapsed (in shipment) under its own
> weight, as the foundation was built of 100's of
> Atlantian crystals in a sand bed, that was very
> very heavy!
> It appears now to have been modeled exactly.... the
> original Amenehat III pyramid built in Dashur (Black
> Pyramid), that in itself, collapsed under its own weight and
> sank into the mud surroundings!  That is why (supposedly
> according to historical records) the  Pharoah (Amenehat
> III) built the 2nd pyramid at Hawara, home of the ancient
> Labyrinth, which has now become my current job of employment
> to re~discover this year!!!
> However, I am finding somehow.... it reappearing
> Energetically while doing my work at Hawara pyramid site in
> Fayoum, Egypt.  It seems to be about the original pyramid
> built by Amenemhat III and again reappearing in my research
> about the Labyrinth project at Hawara.  I am now finding
> myself designing (on paper) 3 tombs inside the current
> pyramid as if memories about the 3 inner cubes???  We have
> now found GPR scans to begin to show this possibility.  I
> seem to see things before they happen???
> Peter writes about you and mentions something to do
> with.... HORUS removing the worm ordeal.... ????  I do not
> understand any of it????  My current book now defines the
> HEART of the DRAGON STAR, as the exact location of the
> underground tomb of the Pharoah of Giza, verified by GPR
> scans at Giza in Feb 2006.
> During my last visit to Hawara last month, while doing
> Engineering Survey stake out work for physical survey of the
> site, a very large (5 ft wing span) HAWK appeared at the
> south side of the pyramid.  It landed on the pyramid in
> direct centerline (upper south) and I and others saw it
> remove something from the "mud" brick (sloping
> side material of pyramid).. and I thought it a small snake,
> but now shown (etherically) it was a .... large worm!
> It had to do with some kind of wounding for / about
> me/us????  When I read Peter's email about it, I went
> into never never land for several minutes!!! and instantly
> the memory of the Hawk at Hawara reappeared to me!
> But the real point of this email is that during the
> construction of the model that I built, I was directed to
> It was most difficult, as I had already completed the
> model.  The 3 cubes interlinked within themselves..... each
> fitting 2/3 into each other from 3 directions, all three
> doing this simultaneously, such that the Final structure
> created a smaller (1/16 size of original cube) in the middle
> of the 3 cubes.
>  I don't know what this has to do with anything, I am
> just the messenger.!
> your last email sent me into never never land and I am
> trying to come back!!!
> regards
> bill brown... Earth 101
> ....The center or Neutra Universe area would use the Sar
> Hanok (Shar Chen-owk) format. Ref 6, combines with the:
> Ptah Hold (Sky Lotus Pyriethum Labyrinth at Lake
> Moeris).
> ....well, how then does this apply to my work at Hawara???
> --- On Tue, 1/13/09, William S Buehler
> <> wrote:
> From: William S Buehler <>
> Subject: Pyramid capstone chamber
> To: "Maia" <>
> Cc: "Carol Mann"
> <>, "Peter Allen"
> <>, "Jasmine Williams"
> <>, "Bill Brown"
> <>, "Tipton, James"
> <>,,
> "Adam Gainsburg" <>,
> "Valerie Kiraly" <>
> Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009, 5:39 PM
> Refs:
> 1.
> Reshel grid... Pyramid
> 2.
> Theramid: Middin Chamber
> 3.
> Seraphi program
> 4.
> Alikar grid, resonant with the crop formation pattern: all
> Central Suns, Mazuriel... needs a name/description but for
> now I assume that the Alikar system is its best functional
> description in our continuum.
> 5.
> Dendera Ceiling
> 6.
> Sar Hanok temple; combine with the Sky Lotus Pyriethum
> Labyrinth at Lake Moeris
> ------------------------
> Maia
> Ideas regarding the small chamber under the apex in the
> capstone.
> (This may take some time so put it on the bill if it does.)
> There seems to be 4 things going on in that area (ref 1):
> (1) the Middin Chamber linking with the two Sacred Vaults
> of the Sun. I think this is the "Pool of Stars"
> the Noach-Ayne (Noahcain) use. (ref 2: center of the Pool
> of Stars(?) )... Theramid locates here.
> (2) Center of the Reshel penta-Star (Dovine Mercaba)
> (3) Shiyn pole of the smaller penta-star formed around the
> Capstone (Glory/Tsadey pole) created by the two golden ratio
> spirals.
> (4) Seraphi program fired by the capstone. (ref 3)
> ------------------
> My present view is that the "small chamber" is
> just above the Middin Chamber but has a strong connection
> linking it. They may even be the same chamber with all four
> functions in it.
> Regarding the "Pool of Stars":  I believe that
> there are 3 levels of it in a teleplane situation. The upper
> plane is the ALIKAR Central Sun dynamic which effectively
> represents ALL the stars in all Universes. The Alikar would
> be the Christic core or Sacred Heart of God (Manifest) of
> the Helio-Mar.
> The lower plane, our continuum, would be the DENDERA
> CEILING format. (Ref 5)
> The center or Neutra Universe area would use the Sar Hanok
> (Shar Chen-owk) format. Ref 6, combines with the: Ptah
> Hold (Sky Lotus Pyriethum Labyrinth at Lake Moeris).
> Bill

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