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Yes! I Want Light Updates on the Planetary Ascension Light Grids

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Reshel grid meditations & channelling - Thoth meditation, Reshel channeling on the grid through Pat Crosby

--- On Wed, 1/14/09, joy zhel <> wrote:
From: joy zhel <>
Subject: Re: Meditation from Thoth through Maia Nartoomid
To: "Peter Allen" <>
Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 9:49 PM

Peter....The file would not open...really would like to have this picture as we were guided to put it on the altar after we did the meditation as an energetic link...we had a great meeting and channelings this evening...Pat Crosby will be posting some on her site and I have a Astar channel on that will be posted this week...since it is still fresh in my mind as we just closed the session here is a brief report for the Afton group.

Afton group session January 14, 2009

The evening was started by reading the meditation from Thoth that was send from Bill...

7 souls were present ...4 male and 3 female...the men linked together to form the pyramid - octahedron and the women linked to form a star tetra...they were then unified to create the star tetra inside the octahedron...we then toned together to spin the fields and activate the group merkabah...the reporting started soon after with a vision of each of us having the rose quartz pyramid in our hearts as well as sitting within one...there was a diamond cap stone which sent out fibers or grid lines of gold blue and pink infusing the multi level nesting grid systems with our unified field of love....we traveled in time to the inaugration ceremony...setting a peaceful loving heart felt space...visioning how it might be in a perfect world...a rose quartz pyramid was placed around the whole of Washington with a diamond capstone that radiated ..peace, love, hope and compassion...we saw it feeding the nesting inter plantary and inter stellar grids....through these light frequency threads or living grid lines...some saw it going directly to Isreal and Palestine....Pat reported mushroom type shapes coming up from the earth anchoring and nourishing all present at the event and also energies coming down from the heavens to assist...I saw an eye looking up from the capstone over Washington with golden rays of light eminating and being projected into the grid lighting up the earth and the heavens....then I channeled Ashtar which will be on my website this week and pat channeled Reshel and some of the reporting I believe will be on Pat Crosby's site....we don't have anyone who is thrilled at the prospect of taking notes so we record most everything....thanks for passing the word...lightfilledsound joy

Pat Crosby's chanelling of The Reshel Group here:

--- On
Wed, 1/14/09, Peter Allen <> wrote:
From: Peter Allen <>
Subject: Re: Meditation from Thoth through Maia Nartoomid
Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 4:44 PM

Dearf Joy,
See if you can open this file. Good luck!
Much love, Peter

--- On
 1/14/09, joy zhel <> wrote:

> From: joy zhel <>
> Subject: Re: Meditation from Thoth through Maia Nartoomid
> To:
> Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 11:21 AM
> Peter...would like to do this tonight for the group but
> tried to get the picture from the link of thothhorra at
> and had no luck...too many choices and
> wondered if you have any advice on getting it
> --- On Wed, 1/14/09, Peter Allen
> <> wrote:
> From: Peter Allen <>
> Subject: Meditation from Thoth through Maia Nartoomid
> To: 
> Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 7:10 AM
> Attunement to the New Earth Star Grids, Initiations and
> Energy
> ThothHorRa
> I am providing a means
here for
 everyone to participate in
> the work we are
> doing with the New Earth Star (NES) consciousness through
> our focus within
> Second Life. Thus even those of you without the ability or
> guidance to engage
> Second Life (SL) can now join us in this work all the same.
> What we are doing in Second Life with the New Earth Star
> Island Estate (NESIE)
> is in fact working with the NES consciousness in various
> ways to help anchor and
> integrate it with our current reality system, thereby
> providing a further
> "boost" to the collective ascension process.
> ThothHorRa is facilitating some high-level Metatronic
> dynamics through what we
> are creating in SL on NESIE. Therefore, in order that our
> non-SL folks can join
> us in this work, we will now be making ThothHorRa's
> speaking and initiation
available to
 everyone online. The link to previous full the
> transcripts of the
> gatherings are found below.
> You may then go into meditation with ThothHorRa on your
> own, or with your own
> group, and attune yourself to that specific initiation,
> repeating it aloud if
> possible. It is suggested that you print off a color copy
> of the ThothHorRa
> image (see at to use as a transmission
> portal for the process.
> ThothHorRa to our NESIE Gathering in the Tachyon 11th
> Heaven Sky Pyramid on
> 1/10/09:
> ThothHorRa Khandr: Let us all come together now in a
> peaceful state, filled
> with the love and communion we share. See the PINK QUARTZ
> pyramid as the HEART
> center of our circle; feel the RADIANCE of that heart
> connecting to each of us,
> and through that contact so we are
connecting to
> another. It is the RING
> that binds with LOVE and not chains.
> You will notice that we have some new dynamics present
> here. The crystals and
> their configurations above and the Sephirothic Tree of Life
> for us here
> represents the New Earth harmonic of the DNA as it
> re-arranges into a new
> pattern of Sephiroth - a new Tree of Life rooted in the New
> Earth. The sphere
> draws IN the Breath of the HEART and the energy bodies and
> transforms it into
> new ether: an etheric current of passage from one frequency
> and wave-length to
> another.
> The diamond spiraling above is the PURE GEM BODY ... also
> can be seen as the
> Living Form of the In La'kech Being ... the Pure Gem
> Being. It is the PILLAR
> or PATH of that Pure Gem actualization as it reaches UP and
> sustains the
> of NEW
> The core beam of the Taychon being sent up and through the
> pyramid from the
> crystal in the cavern on NESIE and through the Gaia Egg,
> moves up through this
> crystalline dynamic above into the small chamber at the top
> of the pyramid where
> the energy is COLLECTED and re-charged as a concentration,
> being re-directed
> like a current running on the surface of a conductive
> metal; this
> "surface" here in the top chamber is the outer
> edge or template, of
> the whole conducting ELEMENT - the field of NESIE itself;
> AND those who are
> connecting through Her.
> SHE is the body ... becoming In La'kech, and so are you
> -- as members of
> her Body.
> So now my Brother Stars and Sistars, let us focus the
> connected heart energy we
> have accumulated together here
... not just from today,
> since NESIE began.
> UP and through this passage and collecting in the chamber
> above, then being sent
> beyond -- through my Abode of the Crown Chakra; and BEYOND
> still, out into the
> world beyond the virtual. It is the PILLAR OF In
> La'kech LIGHT BODY out into
> the WORLD. The New Age now TRULY has begun at the end of
> 2008, and is now
> entering a massive re-programming of this planet that has
> not occurred for many
> eons. It is indeed unique of its kind on this world.
> Take some time now ... BE the Flame, the Crystal, the Pure
> Body. Allow your
> veins to open like rivers of LIGHT and POUR this elixer
> into the World! See HER
> ... the Divine Feminine In La'kech stretches herself
> out like a Tree of Life
> pattern upon the Earth. See her ... YOU are part of her
> Being and so
is ALL of
> humanity
 ... Her Children. She delivers Her Son/SUN in the
> midst of the NEW
> EARTH. This New Earth is NOW. HE is among you all ... the
> Him, know Him ... for as HE said, "I AM WITH YOU
> Before I depart is there anything from among you that is to
> be spoken in this
> sacred space?
> Drucilla Karu: I want to say how happy I am to be back with
> all of you my
> kindred.
> CorianderShea Swansong: May all of YOU depart holding this
> Sacred Flame in your
> Hearts for the Love that you have shown today. I am blessed
> to be a part of
> this. :)
> ThothHorRa Khandr: We indeed welcome you back,
> Drucilla...and welcome YOU
> CorianderShea to the Fold.
> CorianderShea Swansong: As are the rest of you, never
> forget that. I thank
> Drucilla
 Karu: TY
> Yara Ragu: THANK YOU.
> Starheart Erdhein: This has been a special time for me.
> ThothHorRa Khandr: May I say that all of you have a great
> opportunity to move
> past the OLD frameworks of your life at this time, and in
> doing so, forge a path
> for others. However, do not see this as your
> "mission" for
> "missions" have ceased to be. They imply the use
> of direct WILL on a
> matter or goal. This is not "wrong," it is simply
> passing away. The
> New Ether does not require that type of engagement. It is
> one of simply BEING in
> the state of LOVE and knowing that it will carry you
> through. Staying ENGAGED at
> ALL times to the LOVE and the KNOWING. TRUSTING that all
> will proceed forward IF
Surrendering to the potential
> and
 not to limitation.
> You are all PREGNANT now ... yes the men as well -- with
> inside you. It need not be a long labor or painful one, IF
> the process of birthing, the rhythm, the cycle, the season
> ... all things in
> their place and time. Yet now this "place" and
> "time" will
> come upon you in mid-step when you would say ... "well
> not NOW for I am too
> busy" ... or "I must take care of this or
> that" ... or "my
> life is not in order for it yet" ... OR "I am
> above that sort of
> process." WORK does not cease in the NEW EARTH, it
> simply is realized as
> Divine and therefore becomes effortless. It is still a
> process ... that is what
> humans now call "work."
> You may turn the "lights" on again as I wish
> to see me clearly as
> I say this ...
> THE NEXT ... NONE. it
> us but a dream ... not an illusion, for illusions are too
> fanciful. It is a
> DREAM, which can be far more real for it expresses the
> inner feelings of the
> incarnation; yet in truth DREAMS are born on the winds of
> CHANGE. They shift
> with the currents of the tides. They are sweet or bitter,
> but they endure.
> Dreams are the pallet that TASTES life as it seems in the
> many different
> expressing visions of being. Don't discard the DREAM,
> for you cannot; BUT
> ALLOW IT TO CHANGE ... for it will! Always.
> And so I leave you for now ... with PEACE to you.
> ThothHorRa Khandr: ANU KA ~|~ I extend to you the Ring of
> Soul Friendship
> ********
> ThothHorRa's
Second Life Gathering Transcripts
> September
 14th, 2008 Gathering at Mar'Lhanka (blessings
> of the sea) on
> August 31, 2008 AUUM Coordination and NES Initiation on
> August 10th, 2008 Gathering on Angel

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